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How to Play the Lottery Online

How to Play the Lottery Online: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s digital age, playing the lottery has become more convenient and accessible than ever. You can now participate in... Read more
Can You Really Win Using Lottery Strategy?

The Deal with Having a Lottery Strategy: Can You Really Win That Way?

If you google the term lottery strategy, you’ll get about 70.8 million results. Yep, that’s how popular the search term is. Some of... Read more
The Lottery Winner Turned Murderer

Michael Todd Hill: The Lottery Winner Turned Murderer

The curse of the lottery winner – is that even a real thing? If you’ve done some research and you’ve followed the stories of... Read more
Covid-19 Vax Lottery Winners

Covid-19 Vax Lottery Winners: What Happened to Them?

A number of countries made headlines some time ago by announcing Covid-19 vaccination lotteries. The attempt to stimulate people to get... Read more
How to Scan a Lottery Ticket without Scratching It

How to Scan a Lottery Ticket without Scratching It

You saw the title! And that’s probably why you clicked through to this article. Now you’re asking yourself if that’s even possible... Read more
What Happens in a Marriage When Lottery and its Jackpot Are Involved?

What the Lottery (Millions) Can Do to Your Marriage

Who’s the one person that knows everything about you, the one you’d share everything with? Your spouse, right? Or at least that’s... Read more
The Story of a EuroMillions Lottery Winner Who Saved a Planet

Winning EuroMillions, Saving the Planet: Who’s That Boy?

What would you do if you won the lottery? Will you travel the world? Pay all your debt? Start a business? Buy a yacht and marry a... Read more
When Winning Lottery Tickets Get Thrown Away

Trashing the Treasure: When Winning Lottery Tickets Get Thrown Away

Stories about careless lottery winners are easy to find. Some, however, surpass expectations and almost entirely defy common sense.... Read more
The Secret World of Lottery Advisers

The Secret World of Lottery Advisers: 7 Things about These Experts You Didn’t Know

What’s the most unusual job that you’ve heard of? Chances are that you know of a few odd occupations like professional stand-in... Read more
Where Does the Lottery Prize Money Come from

Where Does Lottery Money Come from?

Every day, people spend millions of dollars across the globe to test their luck and possibly become millionaires. Lotteries make massive... Read more