What the Lottery (Millions) Can Do to Your Marriage

What Happens in a Marriage When Lottery and its Jackpot Are Involved?

Who’s the one person that knows everything about you, the one you’d share everything with? Your spouse, right? Or at least that’s the theory.

What happens in a marriage, however, when something as big as the lottery and its jackpot are involved? Well, we’ve witnessed numerous stories of people playing together and winning together.

Some made headlines with their altruistic decisions to donate lots of the money, others reached the news for the exact opposite reason.

And there are also the families that seem to be leading separate lives. These stories are so difficult to believe that we definitely had to put an entire compilation of weird family affairs when it comes to playing and winning the lottery.

Hush, Don’t Tell My Spouse!

Now, this one seems to be a common trend. In fact, it’s so common that we’ve come across several such stories.

A lady from Australia got popular recently after winning the lottery back in 2014.

After taxes, the sum totaled 480,000 dollars – a pretty nice amount that anyone would love sharing with their significant other. The lady who managed to make an anonymous claim, however, decided to keep completely silent about it. The reason for the decision was simple. According to the winner, her husband had a tendency to over-spending and she didn’t want the money to disappear right in front of her eyes.

So she chose a financial adviser and did the wise thing – she invested in the lottery prize in order to make it grow through the years.

Fast-forward to 2022, our lucky lady was busy when her phone rang and a text was received. She asked her hubby to check what was going on. Imagine his surprise about a text saying that his wife’s investment had reached one million dollars.

After the initial shock, the husband got really mad (wouldn’t we all?) about his wife hiding something so tremendously big over the course of numerous years. It took him some time to process the news but eventually, the couple got over the big secret to continue their lives without hiding anything else… hopefully!

Also in 2014, a husband from the UK kept the news about winning one million pounds from the lottery from his wife. The reason, however, was quite different this time around. He was so stunned by the news that he feared it was a hoax.

Mike Fiske entered the EuroMillions Lucky Dip online. The next day, he got an email about winning. mike’s hopes of early retirement were quickly coming true but like most of us, he worried the entire situation was too good to be true.

So, instead of opening the champagne, Mike decided to remain silent about it. Once he went through the motions to make sure that it wasn’t a prank or a scam attempt, Mike shared the amazing news with his wife of 28 years. Next, the couple went ahead to make and finally enjoy those early retirement plans.

And here’s our last very sweet story in the category “don’t tell my wife.”

In 2016, Robert Bowlin from Missouri found out that he’d won two million dollars from the four-million-dollar Powerball jackpot. That happened in December so Mike decided to keep the news from his wife over the course of the coming three weeks. The only person to learn the amazing news was a financial adviser.

Why did Mike keep it all a secret? You’ve probably guessed it already – he wanted to give his wife the most amazing Christmas surprise. The father of three and grandfather of two executed the plan on Christmas morning. We believe that the surprise was as spectacular as he intended it to be, regardless of the fact that no additional details have been revealed to the press.

Playing the Lottery When Your Wife Says No

Here’s another interesting situation. What would you do if your wife told you not to partake in a favorite activity? Would you quit it to ensure marital bliss or keep on going one way or the other?

That question was a no-brainer for a guy from India who kept on playing the lottery for the staggering 34 years, regardless of the fact that his wife said no more than once.

Well, at the end of the day he proved her wrong. Bathinda’s Roshan Singh was incredibly surprised to find out that he’d won Rs 2.5 crore (about 327,000 US dollars) from the Punjab State Lottery. Obviously, his wife happened to be even more incredulous.

The owner of a clothes shop had been buying lottery tickets religiously ever since 1988. Eventually, he’d win a small prize but nothing impressive or life-changing. His wife attempted to keep from him playing more than once. After buying his shop, Roshan couldn’t really set any money aside. That’s why she got worried about family finances and money being thrown out the window on “needless” lottery tickets.

Now the lucky couple is happy that they’d ensured future opportunities for their three children. Roshan’s also thinking about starting yet another business and everything seems to be bright and shiny on the marriage front.

The Husband Jokester

And now we have the stories of people winning the lottery, telling their spouses, and not getting the reactions they’d hoped for.

Like this South Carolina husband who won the lottery in February 2022.

On that cold day, a husband stopped by a local shop to get a few scratchcard tickets. When he got home, the couple split the tickets and got to business.

After some time of scratching, the wife found out that one of the tickets in her batch was actually worth 30,000 dollars. Instead of screaming from joy, however, she got truly convinced that her husband had pranked her.

It took the lady some time to accept the news that the ticket was as real as they get.

The odds of winning that particular instant lottery game are one in 528,000. Hence, it’s fairly easy to understand why the wife had such a difficult time believing the news.

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