Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Privacy

Your privacy is important to us, which is why the LotteryPros team works hard to protect it.

Please take a look at the following policy list because it pertains to the matter in which information is collected and used. We know that few people take the time to read a privacy policy, which is why we will keep ours brief, informative and easy to read.

Our Commitment to Guaranteeing Minor Privacy

Our website doesn’t keep information that’s personally identifiable, especially when it comes to underage individuals.

On top of the privacy concern, we also want to point out that no component of the website is created to entice individuals under the age of 18. We believe this is an important part of responsible lottery playing, especially with the anonymity that the online realm provides.

Personal Data Collection

Please keep in mind that when you visit LitteryPros, IP data and other information pertaining to your website access will be preserved.

The IP address information isn’t connected to personally-identifiable data about our website visitors.

This information is kept solely for the purposes of audience tracking and website development. Our web support and marketing teams rely on such data but it will not be shared with third parties or used for alternative purposes.

As already mentioned, we are committed to ensuring the ultimate user experience. This ultimate user experience entails privacy protection. While we do collect some data for the purpose of enhancing LotteryPros, such data is not utilized for marketing purposes and it’s not shared with any entity outside the team.

In the future, we may collect some additional information for the purpose of improving LotteryPros. Information about eventual changes will be listed on this website, giving you due diligence about the types of data we track. Transparency is very important to us, thus we will inform you about other types of data we may eventually start collecting.

Security and Information Sharing

The website adheres to all technical standards that guarantee the privacy of data you share with us and of the information that’s collected automatically.

We employ security controls that prevent the risk of website attacks or information being “leaked.” You can rest assured that all of our technology is up to par.

Also, we are not obliged to share information about our users with third parties. LotteryPros finds such practices unethical and we don’t condone them. In the event of a potential change, we will first inform you and get your consent for the purpose.

Links to Third-Party Websites

We now have integrated hyperlinks on this website for the purpose of accurate referencing.

Please keep in mind that the LotteryPros team cannot be held accountable for the privacy policies of other websites that we’ve provided links to. If you have some concerns, please take a look at their privacy policies before exploring content or giving a specific service a try.

Updating the Privacy Terms and Conditions

LotteryPros reserves the right to modify the content of the Privacy Terms and Conditions page from time to time and at our discretion.

Please review the page periodically to make sure that the policy is in line with your privacy preferences. If you have any concerns about it, do not hesitate to contact our team with questions and inquiries.

Information Collected When You Communicate with Us

When you contact the LotteryPros team, you will be sharing some personally-identifiable information with us. Our obligation is to protect this data, just like we’re responsible for your privacy when you are using the website.

None of the information collected through this website, email, or alternative means of communication will ever be disclosed. We may record some of the data that you share with us for the purpose of enhancing our services. This is the only reason for the collection of such data and for its entry in our database.