Lottery Affiliate Programs

What are lottery affiliate programs, you may ask? They’re fun and exciting opportunities that bring together two favorite things – lotteries and a chance to win some money.

By becoming an affiliate, you will be promoting a certain program or platform within the lottery world. When someone uses your content to sign up for the respective opportunity, you’ll be rewarded in the form of a commission.

So, what does it take to choose the best lottery affiliate program? Legitimacy is important, and so is the size of the commission. The rest is really up to you.

To make a choice a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of some reliable, enjoyable, and really profitable lottery affiliate programs. Together, we’ll take a deeper look at each to determine exactly what makes it desirable.

Rank #1 – 24Monetize Affiliate Program

24Monetize Affiliate Program
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24 Monetize is one of the best lottery affiliate programs, especially if you want to target the African market. It’s part of the 24Lottos program, and it gives you a chance to win serious commissions for related sales.

Highlights of 24Monetize

24Lottos is an online lottery agent that sells tickets for some of the world’s biggest lotteries – Mega Millions, Powerball, Australia Lotto, EuroJackpot, EuroMillions, La Primitiva, Mega Sena from Brazil, SuperEnalotto, and many others.

As an affiliate, your job would be to promote these opportunities and help 24Lottos score new customers. Whenever this happens, you’ll win some commission.

Affiliates can benefit from a couple of important perks that make the program great. There’s a digital dashboard that each affiliate gains access to after signing up. The dashboard ensures access to analytics tools, reports, and other important provisions to make tasks much easier to handle.

24Monetize Commissions

Let’s talk about the most important aspect of becoming a lottery affiliate. That’s right; we mean the commission. How much can you earn by becoming a 24Monetize affiliate?

According to the official presentation, affiliates can earn up to 30 percent commission on each referral.  The commissions are structured in three tiers. For purchases of up to 1,000 dollars, the commission is 25 percent of the revenue. In the 1,001 to 2000-dollar bracket, the commission is 30 percent. For sales exceeding 2,001 dollars, the commission percentage goes up to 35 percent.

Affiliates have lifetime rights over each new person that signs up for 24Lottos services. That means that whenever someone signs up via your affiliate link and continues buying tickets in the future, you will be earning money.

24 Monetize Affiliate Tools

Affiliates of 24Monetize, as already mentioned, get access to a dashboard that simplifies their account management.

For a start, the platform gives affiliates access to marketing tools that are meant to simplify generating new leads. There are also traffic and sales reports for better performance tracking. The payment methods that the platform supports include PayPal, Skrill, and wire transfers to ensure a bit of convenience.

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Rank #2 – TheLotter Affiliate Program

TheLotter Affiliates Program
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When it comes to online lottery affiliate programs, The Lotter is a pioneer and a trendsetter. One of the oldest online lottery agencies has a lucrative affiliate program that’s definitely worth looking into. TheLotter Affiliates is the only official program linked to the site, and once again, it provides financial stimuli for the acquisition of new ticket-buying clients.

Highlights of TheLotter Affiliates

If you’re looking for legitimacy and reputation, this is the lottery affiliate program to test out. TheLotter Affiliate Program is linked to one of the best-established digital ticket-selling agencies. Clients can acquire tickets for some of the world’s biggest games – Powerball, Mega Millions, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, big European games, and many others. You name it; the chances are that a ticket-buying option for the game is available through The Lotter.

Just like in the previous affiliate program we mentioned, this one encourages affiliates to market The Lotter services and acquire new clients for the platform. Each time a referral buys a lottery ticket through The Lotter, the affiliate will make some money.

TheLotter Affiliates Commissions

TheLotter Affiliates agree to a commission plan that has several important components. There are revenue share, CPA, and hybrid payment options. Although The Lottery doesn’t make it clear right off the bat what the percentages are, we did some digging to give potential affiliates some practical info.

The Lotter offers a 15-percent lifetime revenue share per acquired customer. The CPA commission plan is available at 40 to 50 dollars, and there are additional commissions for bringing new affiliates to the program (in the three to five percent range).

Keep in mind that these are subject to change, so check out the terms and conditions to find out what the monetization options are. Affiliate Tools

Banners and other marketing tools are available for placement on an affiliate’s website or social media profiles. The Lotter also provides performance tracking and reporting through an intuitive online panel.

As per the official presentation, The Lotter gives affiliates access to 24/7 support, making it easier for someone new to get started or troubleshoot common problems.

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Rank #3 – LottoElite Affiliate Program

LottoElite Affiliate Program
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LottoElite is an affiliate program linked to several online agencies and ticket-selling websites. These include Trillonario, WinTrillions, and LottoKings. If you’re looking for an affiliate program that gives you a chance to represent more than one service, you’ll definitely like this one.

Highlights of LottoElite

The LottoElite affiliate lottery program is once again linked to ticket-buying opportunities. Since there are three separate websites in the program, these give potential customers access to a wide array of opportunities. There are also numerous monetization opportunities for each of the represented websites, allowing a potential affiliate to choose the format and the promotional opportunity that makes the most sense in the context of their online presence.

LottoElite Commissions

Let’s talk money. There are commissions to be earned for ticket sales, as well as for the registration of new members (the so-called cost per action or CPA model). Again, there are several commission tiers. The more new clients you bring to each of the websites, the bigger the payout will be.

For one to 10 monthly sales, you’ll earn a 10 percent commission. For 11 to 25, the bracket goes up to 12 percent, and the generation of more than 25 sales will give you access to a 15 percent payout.

WinTrillions and Trillonario also have a CPA program. For one to 10 new monthly subscribers, you’ll earn a fixed commission of 10 dollars. For 11 to 25 subscribers, the commission goes up to 40 dollars. If you bring more than 25 new subscribers to either website per month, your fixed commission will be 45 dollars.

LottoElite has a very detailed commission page where you can learn a bit more about the structure of the remuneration packages and the percentages.

LottoElite Affiliate Tools

Promotional tools are readily available to give affiliates usefulness and added value. These include banners and other graphic materials for direct placement on an affiliate website or a blog.

In terms of performance tracking, there are traffic, sales, and transaction report available through an online platform.

Supported payment methods include wire transfers, PayPal, Payoneer, Neteller, and Skrill.

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Rank #4 – LottaRewards Affiliate Program

LottaRewards Affiliate Program
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Last but not least comes LottaRewards. The program got a massive upgrade recently to increase convenience and practical appeal. According to the official presentation, LottaRewards has been around for over 20 years (2021). Several major lottery platforms are affiliated with this program – Lotto247,, GrandesLoterias, and PlayUSALotteries. Once again, this is a good choice for affiliates who want to access numerous options to promote to their audiences.

LottaRewards Highlights

Some of the platforms in the LottaRewards portfolio have been around for decades. Play Huge Lottos, for example, was established back in 1998. People who are interested in buying lottery tickets online already know such opportunities well. As a result, marketing the agencies participating in the platform is often a breeze. These characteristics make LottaRewards a great lottery affiliate program for those making their first steps into this world.

LottaRewards Commissions

Several commission brackets are once again available. These include CPA commissions, revenue share, and hybrid opportunities.

Affiliates earn a fixed amount for each successful first-time deposit as a part of the CPA program. For referrals, five brackets depend on the number of referrals made. Multiple sources cite commission ranges in the 15 to 25 percent range, but these can be verified once you sign up for the program. There’s also a commission for attracting new affiliates to the program.

LottaRewards Affiliate Tools

Marketing tools are readily available for the execution of multiple campaign types. These include banners, HTML custom-designed emails for newsletters, SMS campaigns, and push notifications, among others.

Affiliates also have access to their own campaign and tracking dashboard that allows for better examination of current and past performance.

So there you have it. We’ve listed some of the best and most diversified online lottery affiliate programs to test out. All of these can provide spectacular monetization opportunities if you’re willing to work on your online presence and build targeted traffic. Getting started with affiliate programs may take some time, but once you gain momentum, the rewards will definitely justify all efforts.

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