The Secret World of Lottery Advisers: 7 Things about These Experts You Didn’t Know

The Secret World of Lottery Advisers

What’s the most unusual job that you’ve heard of? Chances are that you know of a few odd occupations like professional stand-in liners and train pushers in Japan. However, you probably haven’t heard about lottery advisers and we also assume you don’t really have much of an idea about their job.

Worry not, we’re here to enlighten you today.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about lottery advisers and the work that they do.

Working with the Super Wealthy

Imagine winning the lottery jackpot. Your life will change overnight. From a regular guy or gal, you’ll instantly become a millionaire. Many people are simply not equipped to handle such changes. Luckily, lottery winner financial advisers like Andy Carter of the National Lottery in the UK can offer some assistance.

The job of people like Andy Carter is to consult brand new millionaires and give them choices. You’ve probably heard stories of lottery millionaires blowing all of their money on parties, boats, and drugs. Advisers do their best to prevent such fiascos from happening.

A to Z Assistance

It’s not just about wealth management.

Lotto advisers are there every step of the way, making sure that the brand new millionaires receive their prize and are equipped to handle the massive changes stemming from the win.

People like Andy Carter deal with financial support, the legalities of getting paid and receiving the money. They can even arrange for a session with a life coach to take place.

There’s an awful lot of paperwork, verification, and confusion linked to transferring millions from the national lottery to somebody’s wallet. Most people don’t really know what the process entails. Advisers offer guidance and streamline all of the red tapes to make the payment available as quickly as possible.

So, if you ever come to win big from the lottery, you should view your adviser as a knowledgeable spirit guide. They’ll take you through all of the insanity in a way that makes sense and they’ll take care of you (no matter how crazy you feel because of the incredible thing that’s just happened).

The Best Tips Are Highly Personalized

By now, you may be thinking of lottery advisers as financial planners. You’re probably imagining charts and difficult terms about the investment that normal people wouldn’t understand in a million years.

With people like Andy Carter of Camelot, however, this isn’t necessarily the case.

In an interview, Carter said that the best tips given to lottery winners are very personalized and in line with their character.

Andy said that saving money for a rainy day isn’t a viable option for everyone. In fact, many people would like to celebrate, travel the world or go to lavish parties after winning the lottery. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with spending money on happiness.

According to Andy, lottery winners should use their money in a way that doesn’t leave any regrets. Looking at the situation in a few decades, these lucky people should feel really happy and blessed about what they decided to do with their brand new wealth.

A Network of Winners

Another exciting aspect of the lottery adviser’s job is putting brand new millionaires in touch with some of the other winners.

You probably didn’t know that such a social network existed, did you?

Dealing with lawyers, financial pros and life coaches is obviously great but lotto millionaires sometimes need to hear from people who have been in their shoes. That’s why networking is another important aspect of the adviser’s job.

Having a cup of tea with another winner can be an invaluable experience, Andy Carter told The Evening Standard. Another lottery millionaire is one of the few people who’d understand the chaotic nature of the situation. Hence, they can offer empathy and a bit of guidance that really makes sense.

Lotto Advisers Can’t Play the Lottery

Here’s the biggest shocker – the people who play such an important role in the life of brand new millionaires will never get to experience the same kind of rush.

As per lotto rules, the people employed by such organizations cannot partake in the lottery.

This is why Andy Carter and his colleagues will never know what it’s like to win millions firsthand.

In his 14 years of experience, however, Andy said that he’s seen all kinds of reactions. There are the people who haven’t told a single soul about the incredible news. And there are also the individuals who get so excited about the incredible turn of events that they’re literally sick from happiness.

What Would a Lottery Adviser Spend a Hypothetical Jackpot on

While he cannot win millions from the lottery, Andy has actually spent a bit of time dreaming about what he’d do if he were in the shoes of a jackpot winner.

Traveling the world to watch his favorite sports live and making sure his family is taken care of are two of the biggest priorities that Andy would focus on.

Andy has also told many of his “clients” to be careful about promising money to relatives. People quickly start comparing numbers, which is why offering loved one’s lump sums will very often turn out to be a big, big mistake.

Do I Really Need a Financial Adviser if I Win the Lottery?

The short answer to this question is “it depends” but the even shorter answer is “yes.”

Unless you’ve grown up into wealth, becoming an overnight millionaire can be a huge shock.

You wouldn’t be thinking straight for weeks to come and maybe even longer. This is the main reason why the “easy” money makes so many people do stupid things they’d regret later on.

A bit of financial and life advice from someone who knows what you’re going through will only be beneficial. And who knows, if you actually listen and follow-through, you could end up with a lot more money and an enviable lifestyle for yourself and at least for a few generations to come.

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