Yawmiyeh Review

Yawmiyeh (daily) lottery comes from Lebanon, and it has a pretty self-explanatory name. Regardless of that, we’ll dig a bit deeper to give you a better idea about the opportunity and what it has to offer. If you’re not familiar with Lebanese lotteries, you may be reluctant to give this one a try. The truth of the matter is, however, that lotteries are pretty popular in Lebanon. Draw-style games are held weekly, and a large portion of the population partakes in these opportunities.

Yawmiyeh Loto is one of the games in the portfolio of La Libanais des Jeux (LLDJ), the national lottery operator. Because it is a daily game, it comes with smaller prizes but with much better odds than some of the other opportunities in the LLDJ portfolio – Loto and Zeed.

Yawmiyeh is the newest game to become available in Lebanon. It was launched in January 2016, and ever since it’s gained a lot of popularity due to the flexible format and the pretty fun prizes.

Yawmiyeh Rules
Yawmiyeh Lebanon is relatively simple and straightforward to play. Here’s a summarized version of the Yawmiyeh rules.

To play, you’ll first have to decide which version of the game you want to try – Yawmiyeh 3, 4, or 5. These numbers suggest the set of digits you’ll be playing per a single line. If you choose Yawmiyeh 3, your entry will consist of three digits and so on.

Each ticket consists of multiple ones, each one featuring the numbers from zero to nine. If you choose Yawmiyeh 3, you will need to mark digits on three lines. Thus, your entry will consist of three numbers from zero to nine. You can repeat the numbers, and the importance of the order will depend on one of the next choices you’re going to make.

The next step would be to choose the bet amount you’re going to place. A bet can vary in the range from 500 to 3,000 Lebanese pounds (0.99 to 1.99 US dollars). Finally, you have to opt for one of two gameplay modes – 7Yalla and Beddor. In the case of Beddor, you will win only if your numbers match the ones drawn and they also come in the same order. While this is more difficult to achieve, the gameplay method produces bigger prizes.

The other option will give you a prize for matching the numbers drawn without matching the order. Since this is easier to accomplish, the awards will be lower.

You can get your Yawmiyeh tickets at all of the LLDJ authorized retail venues throughout Lebanon. The operator has an official website where you can get information about the exact addresses.

Is there a Yawmiyeh play online option? The short answer is yes. LLDJ has developed an online portal you’ll need to register for to access the national Lebanese lotteries. To start playing, you will have to add funds to your account. Bank wire transfers and personal checks can be used to enter money in your account. If you eventually win, you will get to withdraw the funds from your Yawmiyeh online account to your bank account.

International lottery agencies do not support Lebanese games at the time being. Thus, to play Yawmiyeh, you will need to be on the territory of Lebanon at the time being. LLDJ does not impose limitations on the nationality of the people who can play its games.

Yawmiyeh Prize Breakdown

Yawmiyeh results are announced as soon as the daily drawing takes place. You can find the information on the official Lebanese lottery website, as well as at the points of sale. Use this information to determine if you’ve won anything from the daily drawing.

The Yawmiyeh prizes are six. Their size depends on the amount you decide d to bet and on the type of bet. Take a look at the table below to get a better idea about the Yawmiyeh prize tiers:

Digits Chosen Gameplay Option Prize
3 Beddor Bet x 400
3 7yalla Bet x 70
4 Beddor Bet x 4,000
4 7yalla Bet x 150
5 Beddor Bet x 40,000
5 7yalla Bet x 350

Beddor 5 is the most difficult combination to get right. This is why it’s also the most rewarding. Let’s say you play 1,000 Lebanese pounds on this combination. Your payout is going to be 40 million Lebanese pounds (26,494 US dollars). The sum is a pretty impressive one for a daily game, and if you opt for a larger bet, the amount is going to be even bigger.

Because the maximum bet in Yawmiyeh Loto is 5,000 Lebanese pounds, the ultimate amount you can win from the game is 200 million Lebanese pounds).

To claim a prize if you’ve bought your ticket offline, you will need to visit an LLDJ point of sale. Those who have won the biggest prize will need to visit the organization’s headquarters to request a payout.

Winners have four months from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

Players who choose the online Yawmiyeh option can withdraw the funds directly from their account. There are no limitations based on the sum – even more significant awards will be credited to the player’s account.

All of the prizes that exceed 10,000 Lebanese pounds will be subjected to a 20 percent income tax. Those who play Yawmiyeh online will get their prize credited to their account after the respective tax sum is deducted.

Apart from checking the official Yawmiyeh website for results information, you can also find the latest winning numbers here. Go to the Yawmiyeh results tab to check out the newest winning digits, as well as an extensive results archive you can use for reference purposes.

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