Azerbaijan Lottery Review

The Azerbaijan lottery was founded based on Decree #599 of the 23rd November 2001, officiated by the President of Azerbaijan Republic to regulate the lottery games in the country. The foundation was based provided that citizens' rights and legal interests are protected, and apart from that, the funds from the lottery games will benefit the state budget and help strengthen the state’s overall economy.

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Games Provided By the Azerbaijan Lottery

The Azerbaijan lottery provides avid lottery players with a range of exciting games and thrills! There are so many games that it’s literally a paradise for a lottery lover! Games include Loto 5/36, Loto 6/40, Bingo, Classical Loto, Super Loto, Successful Figure 3, Spring Joys, New Year Joys, Winter Wonders, and many, many more! Because there are so many games, we’re only going to focus on a few here, so you’re not overloaded with information!

Azerbaijan Lottery’s Loto 5/36

To play this game, avid lottery players are supposed to select 5 numbers from a field of 36 numbers. The lucky winner gets to take home a jackpot if all 5 numbers match the ones drawn.

Azerbaijan Lottery’s Loto 6/40

For this lottery game, a lottery player has to select 6 numbers from a pool of 40 numbers. The lucky winner(s) who match all 6 numbers get to take home the jackpot.

Azerbaijan Lottery’s Bingo

There are 6 households and 5 rows in one Bingo ticket, and there are a total of 25 numbered boxes. Each game has 5 rounds where a sequence of 56 numbers is drawn.

Azerbaijan Lottery’s Classical Loto

This game is slightly different from Bingo. In each board, a total of 27 numbered boxes are there in households. It has 3 horizontal laws and 9 vertical columns. Then 77 out of 90 numbers are drawn for players to check.

Azerbaijan Lottery’s Super Loto

From a pool of 90 numbers, 72 numbers are drawn so that players can check them against their tickets. Players have to cross as many numbers as are drawn to win a prize.

Playing Responsibly With the Azerbaijan Lottery

The Azerbaijan lottery aims to safeguard and promote responsible gaming to ensure corporate social responsibility. As for its mission, the Azerbaijan lottery wants to promote fair entertainment to its public, promote the values of social responsibility, and transparency, and continue to evolve to develop its business better and optimize the given resources to better the entire society.

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