Israel Double Lotto Review

The Israel Double Lotto provides lottery enthusiasts twice the prize, and the Internet gives lottery players twice the simplicity to play this prestigious lottery game!  You heard correctly; you can now buy Israel Double Lotto tickets and take shots at their doubly rich jackpots online. Double Lotto plays twice weekly at 22.55 every Tuesday and Saturday and is twice the fun for twice the money!

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Israel Double Lotto Rules

Set up an account with, and you're minutes away from playing the Israel Double Lotto game. Choose six numbers between one and thirty-one, as well as a number between one and seven. If you match all seven, you're the double jackpot winner!

Israel Double Lotto Payment Options

Pay for your Israel Double Lotto tickets using any of the variety of payment options that include Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diner's Club, AmEx, Skrill (former Moneybookers), GiroPay, JCB, cheques, and bank transfers.

Israel Double Lotto Biggest Jackpot

Having paid an enormous 74 million NIS, the Israel Double Lotto is twice as rich as any other lottery game in Israel. Don't forget to check the Israel Double Lotto's latest results.

Israel Double Lotto Rules

The Israel Double Lotto uses the twin matrix of 6 out of 31 (1 to 37) numbers and 1 out 7 numbers (1 to 7). The latter is a bonus number. The Israel Double Lotto takes place twice every week. The draw is scheduled for Tuesday and Saturday at 10.55 pm Jerusalem Time. The jackpot depends on the sales made. The player must be of legal age, 18, to play.

The Odds of Winning Israel Double Lotto

The odds of winning the Israel Lotto are better than most lotto games. The chances of all six numbers matching are 1 in 18.59 million. The second prize can be won at an odd of 1 in 2.65 million. The third prize is odd of 1 in 99991. The overall odds for winning the cash prize of the Israel Double Lotto are 1 in 18.8. These odds are still difficult, but doable.

Divisions Matches Odds to win
1 Prize 6+1 1:18,598,272
2 Prize 6 1:2,656,896
3 Prize 5+1 1:99,991
4 Prize 5 1:14,284
5 Prize 4+1 1:2,666
6 Prize 4 1:381
7 Prize 3+1 1:207
8 Prize 3 1:30

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