Japan Lottery Review

The Japan Lottery became an official way before anyone of us was born, i.e., back in the 1630s. Still, when you talk about the modern Japan lottery, well, that began in October 1945, a month after the devastating World War II. The Japanese government began selling lottery tickets under the name Takarakuji, which means “fortune lottery” or “treasure lottery.” Once the Japanese government was allowed to regularize the lottery, in 1954, they gained full control over all Japanese lottery games.

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When it comes to approvals, the Japan Lottery is fully approved by the Minister of Home Affairs and the local assembly. However, the operations of the Japan Lottery are being taken care of by a bank. When it comes to the Japan lottery tickets, they’re either traditional or conventional, which means that either the tickets are pre-printed with numbers or the players get the ability and chance to choose their own numbers before the ticket is printed.

The Japan Lottery Games – The Japan Jumbo Draw

We’ll focus on Japan Lottery’s most popular game – the Japan Jumbo Draw, also known as The Richest Asian Lottery Draw! This Japan Lottery takes place 4 times a year, and players get to take home massive prizes! For each draw, the Japan Jumbo Draw lottery tickets are exclusively sold by the Mizuho Bank. Unfortunately, the tickets are always limited, so players have to be quick to grab one for themselves.

The Japan Jumbo Draws are known as The Richest Asian Lottery Draw because of all the Japan Lottery; there’s not a single game that’s as high paying as the Jumbo draw. Moreover, it is believed to be the 2nd largest paying lottery globally, following the massive and popular Spanish El Gordo! Until 2003, only Japanese citizens could play the Jumbo Draw, and after that, people from all over the world could participate in this popular Japan Lottery game.

The odds of winning the Japan Jumbo Draw are just 1 in 9, and the total payout amounts to over a whopping $2 billion! Yes, you heard that right, which is why it is called The Richest Asian Lottery Draw! The best part is that if you win the Japan Jumbo Draw, the prize you win is paid out as a lump sum cash; in fact, all Japanese lottery prizes are paid out the same way. Even better, they’re tax-free, so you don’t have to worry about paying taxes on your winnings!

The Japan Lottery Proceeds

When the Japan Lottery games were introduced, the main aim was to generate income for Japanese local and national governments. Today, the proceeds from the Japan Lottery are diverted not only to the governments but also to various Japanese charities, public works, medical schools, and welfare societies.

So next time you’re in Japan, don’t only stick to Sushi and video games; look out for the Japan Lottery, specifically the Japan Jumbo Draw, and who knows, you might come home with a massive Japanese souvenir! So say your prayers and praise Lady Luck and play the Japan Lottery!

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