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Welcome to your guide about Ontario’s Pick 3 lottery. Have a seat, get comfortable, and let’s begin.

Pick 3 OLG is a small daily lottery, and if you’ve been into games of luck for some time already, you know what this means. While local daily lotteries don’t produce the biggest jackpots on the face of the planet, they have reasonable odds and frequent drawings.

You may also be familiar with the format because it’s also very prominent across the globe. The format ensures a ton of flexibility that players seem to like and go with. Pick 3 also allows control over the wager amount – a nice added bonus.

The game was introduced way back in 1989 and ever since it’s quickly climbed to popularity. It has also produced a significant number of happy winners. To be one of them, you’ll need to show and choose the right set of Pick 3 numbers.

How to Play Pick 3 OLG

Pick 3 follows the same format as all of the other international three-digit lotteries.

For a chance to claim a prize, you will have to select a three-digit number in the range from 000 to 999. Some or all of the digits can be identical to each other. Each ticket allows you to input up to five three-digit combinations. You can buy more tickets if you wish to enter additional combinations.

If you don’t have a set of lucky Pick 3 numbers that you play each time, you can choose the Quick Pick option at the venue.

Pick 3 winning numbers are selected two times per day – at the Pick 3 midday drawing and the Pick 3 evening drawing.

These are the basics. We will now need to take a look at a couple of additional specifics.

You decide how much money you’re going to bet per line. The smallest amount is one dollar, and the biggest one is 10 dollars. Apart from setting your bet amount, you will also have to choose one of the two gameplay options available.

Straight play is the first one. You have to match all three of the digits drawn in the exact order that they appear. Thus, a winning combination of 394 will not give you a prize if your straight play entry is 349.

Box play allows more flexibility (but it does impact the potential payout – more about that in the next section of the guide). To win, you have to match the three numbers drawn solely, and the order is not essential.

These are the essentials you need to learn how to play Pick 3.

In Canada, you have to be aged at least 18 to buy lottery tickets. There are no restrictions in terms of the nationality of players. If you are a legal resident or a citizen of Canada (regardless of your origin), you have the right to buy Pick 3 tickets from local OLG venues.

OLG lottery tickets are not sold outside of the Ontario boundaries. Hence, you need to physically be in the province to play.

Pick 3 OLG Prize Tiers and Odds

You already know how to win Pick 3, but what factors impact the size of the reward? There are two major variables – the amount you bet and the type of game you chose.

The odds of claiming a prize are pretty favorable. For straight play, you have a one in 1,000 chance of matching the three digits in the exact order. Box play comes with the much better odds of one in 333.

If you win with straight play, you will receive the amount of the prize pool divided by the number of winners. Hence, you don’t get a fixed amount. A smaller number of winners for the respective drawing will mean a bigger payout for you.

The calculation is a bit more difficult for box play, and you can see a detailed table on the Pick 3 Lotto official website.

Pick 3 winners emerge pretty often, and some of the top prizes are great for this game caliber. Recently, a man from Oakville won 25,000 dollars from Pick 3. The lottery frequently hands out prizes in the 10,000 to the 15,000-dollar range.

There are several simple options for claiming a prize in the event of scoring some Pick 3 cash.

Sums of up to 1,000 dollars can be requested at a Pick 3 OLG retail venue, by mail or in the OLG prize center. Amounts in the range from 1,001 to 10,000 dollars can be claimed by mail, at select OLG casinos, and in the prize claim center. For a more substantial amount, the player will need to visit an OLG casino or the prize payment center.

Smaller sums of up to 1,000 dollars will be cashed out immediately. Two pieces of ID and the winning ticket will be required, and for the larger sums, you will also have to fill out a specific form (available on the OLG website).

Where to Check the Latest Pick 3 Result

The Pick 3 latest result is made available two times per day, seven days of the week.

You can watch the drawing, you can visit the OLG website, or you can visit one of the OLG retail venues to find out if you’ve gotten lucky.

The OLG official website also features a results archive and an opportunity to check your ticket for winnings.

We’re also committed to giving accurate and updated information about international lotteries, including Ontario’s Pick 3. Here, you will find the latest Pick 3 result, as well as older Pick 3 numbers. Use this information for reference purposes or out of curiosity – who knows, this analysis may boost your odds of winning!

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