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La Libanaise des Jeux sal (LLDJ) is the sole operator of lottery games offered by the Lebanon lottery to the Lebanese territory. It was only in September of 2002 that the Lebanon lottery received a green light to operate the lottery and this decision was met with overwhelming success from lottery players in Lebanon. In order to satisfy the ever evolving needs and demands of the lottery players, the Lebanon lottery strives to remain at the forefront of technology and aims to introduce a wide range of lottery products to its avid lottery players.

The Lebanon Lottery Games


The Lebanon lottery provides two kinds of lottery games to its avid lottery players and they are Draw games and Scratch games. We’re going to read a brief about these games now:

Draw Games

Now I might have mentioned that the Lebanon lottery started re-operating in 2002, but what is astonishing is that Lebanon lottery games have been available since 1986! Although up until 2001 the Lebanon lottery games were operational, but they were not fully exploited. It was only through the La Libanaise des Jeux sal (LLDJ) that the games became popular, which in turn improved market standing and development. Draw games offered Lebanon lottery include Loto, Yanassib, Zeed. In the beginning, the draws are held once a week, but after its success and since February 2003, Draw Games are held twice a week.

Lebanon Lottery Game – The Loto

The Lebanon lottery Loto game draw takes place every Monday and Thursday in the evening. From a field of 42 balls a lottery player has to select 6 numbers and one complementary number.

Lebanon Lottery Game – Zeed

Zeed draws are held twice a week every Monday and Thursday in the evening. While buying your Loto ticket, you have to ask for Zeed and 5 numbers, that are randomly chosen by the machine, will appear on your Loto receipt.

Lebanon Lottery Game - Yanassib

This lottery game consists of a simple draw. Each Yanassib ticket consists of 5 digits and a letter and the draws take place every Thursday in the evening.

Scratch Games

Scratch games are just that – quick winnings! Scratch games offered by the Lebanon lottery include Malayeen, Jnoun, Torra Na'che, Malak El Falak, Cash, Bingo, 7 1/2, Casino, Poker Texas Hold'em and Deshash.

Commitments Offered By the Lebanon Lottery


The La Libanaise des Jeux sal (LLDJ) is very committed to all the principles that govern its activities and makes sure that its process is completely transparent, timely and feature proper conduct of the games. The Lebanon lottery strives to ensure maximum game safety for all its lottery players. As for the tax, a prize that is 5 times bigger than the initial price is subject to 10% taxation. For the Scratch cards, 10% tax is applicable when:

  • A prize is equal or superior to 10,000 LBP; for any 1,000 LBP card game.
  • A prize is equal or superior to 20,000 LBP; for any 2,000 LBP card game.
  • A prize is equal or superior to 50,000 LBP; for any 5,000 LBP card game.

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