Taiwan Receipt Lottery Review

Have you ever heard about the Uniform Invoice Lottery in Taiwan? Also called the Taiwan Receipt Lottery, this opportunity is very easy to get into, and it's not similar to other games of luck.

You can qualify for participation in this national lottery through the purchase of numerous items. Many goods and products in Taiwan guarantee you a ticket for single participation in the Uniform Invoice Lottery. The receipts all have the same value, no matter how small your purchase has been.

But before getting into the gameplay specifics, let's establish whether the Taiwan Receipt Lottery is legitimate.

The short answer is yes.

The Ministry of Finance organizes the Taiwan Receipt Lottery. You can find a ton of additional information about the game via the ministry's eTax Portal. While it doesn't do an outstanding job when it comes to explaining what the Taiwan Receipt Lottery is, the governmental portal does deliver the legitimacy needed to rest assured about the safety of this opportunity.

So, what exactly does it take to participate in the Taiwan receipt lottery? Let's check out some of the essential rules.

Taiwan Receipt Lottery Rules

The Uniform Invoice Lottery aims to boost tax revenues through legitimate trade. It was first introduced back in 1951 and ever since the lottery has turned into a popular Taiwanese tradition.

There is one drawing each odd-numbered month. The drawing takes place on the 25th of the month, starting with January, March, May, etc.

Receipts that qualify for participation in the game feature an eight-digit number printed across the top of the paper slip. You can also participate in the lottery when you pay for purchases with a digital means. In that case, you'll have an e-receipt linked to the transaction, and that e-receipt will also give you an eight-digit number.

Once again – the size of the purchase does not matter. Each receipt gives you one entry into the monthly drawing. The fact that you've spent a ton of money on one purchase does not indicate you have better odds of winning a prize.

Lucky receipt numbers are selected monthly during a televised ceremony. Hand-turned lottery machines are used to come up with the numerous digits required to produce the eight-digit numbers. Each ceremony sees the announcement of six prizes. To determine if you've won anything, you'll have to see whether your receipt number matches any of the numbers drawn for the particular monthly event.

There are no limitations when it comes to the nationality of the people who can play the Taiwan Receipt Lottery. Even if you're not Taiwanese, you can still participate by being there and making a qualifying purchase.

Taiwan Receipt Lottery Prizes and Payouts

The top two prizes make the collection of receipts from your monthly purchases a worthy cause.

In 2011, Taiwan celebrated the 60th anniversary of the lottery. To mark the occasion, the Ministry of Finance increased all prize tiers by 33 percent, and the change has remained effective ever since. The total prize value per month is now set at NT$ seven million or approximately 0.23 million US dollars.

If you match all eight digits of the monthly special prize winning number, you will receive an award of NT$10 million. Matching the eight grand prize numbers will give you a reward of NT$ two million.

The additional prizes in NT$ are as follows: 200,000, 40,000 for matching seven digits of any first prize number, 10,000 for matching six digits, 4,000 for matching five digits, 1,000 for matching four digits, and 200 for matching three digits for any of the first prize numbers.

Luckily, there is a well-established and straightforward prize claim procedure. The back of every receipt features a couple of fields that have to be filled out. The receipt should then be taken alongside a valid form of ID to a local post office.

The small prizes of NT$200 can be claimed immediately. These are also payable at convenience stores and major retail outlets (you can find out more about these venues on the Ministry of Finance official website). Very often, people can use their NT$200 receipts to buy products at a retail store instead of cashing out. That's a fun little opportunity to go on a shopping spree without breaking your monthly budget!

Those who have e-receipts leading to a prize can use self-service machines in numerous commercial venues to make their prize claim.

Regardless of the prize's value, players have three months from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a claim.

Keep in mind that more massive prizes are taxable in Taiwan. A tax tier of 20 percent will be applied to all of the awards of NT$4,000 or more. The sum that you'll receive will be the advertised one with the tax amount deducted from it.

Checking the Latest Taiwan Receipt Lottery Results

You have a couple of readily accessible opportunities to check out Taiwan's receipt lottery results. The sooner you do so, the faster you'll get to redeem a winning invoice.

You can watch the live televised broadcast to see the lucky digits being selected. If you miss that opportunity, the latest results will be made available via the Ministry of Finance official website. A Taiwan Receipt Lottery app exists, as well, giving you a chance to check your invoice and determine if you've won anything.

Our website is also committed to providing players with information about the latest lottery results for games from across the world. All that you have to do is visit the respective section via the navigation bar, and you'll be provided with the latest available result for the game that you've just played.

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