Manipur Lottery Review

India has had a problem with legal lotteries for a long, long time. Many states, including Manipur, made lotteries illegal some time ago. This move, however, did very little to address the problem. Scams and illegal lotteries (both online and offline) proliferated. And while operators were making a ton of money out of running such opportunities, the government didn’t receive anything in taxes.

Eventually, the state of Manipur determined its approach toward managing illegal activities was not the correct one.

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What Is Manipur Lottery?

In 2001, the government of Manipur signed an agreement with a Delhi-based company for the authorization of a lottery opportunity on behalf of the government. As it is completely regulated, the Manipur Lottery is legal, and it allows residents to win some cash by playing a game of luck.

While it took some time for the lottery to be conceptualized and developed, it’s already here. Manipur State Lotteries occur every single day of the week, and if you’re interested in learning a bit more about these possibilities, keep on reading this review.

How Does Manipur State Lottery Work?

This is an example of one of the few government lotteries in India. Since its introduction, the Manipur State Lottery has quickly gathered a lot of fame among the local community, and reports today suggest that the majority of Manipur’s population partakes.

Under the governmental plan, three drawings of the Manipur State Lottery take place every single day. Tickets are readily available for purchase throughout the state and can be acquired from one of the many authorized lottery vendors.

Manipur State Lottery is more like a raffle and less like a traditional draw-style game. Players do not select their numbers, and there are no add-ons that can be activated. And while this lottery is not the most exciting game of luck on the face of the planet, it provides a nice alternative to all of the illegal betting options out there.

To buy a ticket for one of the daily Manipur Lottery drawings, you’ll need to spend INR 6. When purchasing, make sure that the ticket you’re getting is issued by the Director of the Manipur State Lotteries. Your ticket should feature a stamp (a deer shape) of the Manipur government and a five-digit number in the range from 00000 to 99999.

There are several conditions for buying a lottery ticket and testing your luck.

For a start, the state-run lottery is only available in the state of Manipur. Initially, there were some plans to extend the opportunity beyond the borders of the state. The Manipur government and other regional official entities, however, could not agree to such an arrangement. As a result, Indians who are not in Manipur cannot acquire lucky tickets.

It’s also only possible to buy tickets from authorized local vendors.

At the time being, government-approved online lottery playing is not available in Manipur. The tickets themselves are pre-printed; hence a digital version of the lucky papers cannot be generated.

There are no limitations as to the nationality of people who can buy Manipur lottery tickets when they are in the state. Even foreigners who are residing legally in the territory of India can test their luck and claim prizes in the event of winning.

Prizes, Payouts, and Results at Manipur Lottery

While this government lottery in India has multiple drawings per day, the prize structure is always the same.

After the official daily drawing takes place, the player will need to check the number that’s chosen for each of the prize tiers. If the number on their ticket (or a part of it) matches the winning number for the respective category, that’s the amount the player is going to claim.

The first prize for each of the drawings is Rs. 10,000. Since lucky numbers are chosen from an available pool and tickets are pre-printed, there will always be one big winner per drawing.

There’s a second prize tier of Rs.5,000, and it’s available for 10 lucky players. The third prize is Rs.1,000, and there will be 10 such awards per drawing. The fourth prize of Rs.700 is also handed out to 10 players, and finally, there’s the fifth prize of Rs.500 that’s available for 100 lucky individuals.

It’s a pretty nice prize pool, and the fact that the Manipur State Lottery offers three drawings per day makes the whole ordeal even more lucrative to try out.

Anyone who has won money from Manipur Lottery can head over to the official website of the Manipur government for additional details and information about making a claim. Generally speaking, the prize claim process involves visiting the respective Manipur government department directly, filling out an application, and providing all of the necessary information to validate your identity and the validity of the ticket that you bought.

There’s one final question we need to answer before letting you go, and that’s how you check the Manipur State Lottery results.

The daily Manipur State Lottery result is uploaded to the government’s official website as soon as the drawing takes place. You can also find such information when you go to one of the numerous Manipur vendors to buy your next ticket.

Various app developers have also focused on the task of providing Manipur residents with information about the latest lottery drawings. Just go to the App Store or Google Play, and you’ll find many apps dedicated to Manipur State Lottery results.

We’re also here to help you out and meet all of your lottery needs. Please check out the respective section of this page for the latest Manipur State Lottery result, as well as for an archive that could come in handy for reference purposes.

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