KTV Lottery Review

Cambodia’s known for so many lotteries – it seems this is the land of lotto bliss! KTV Lotto is yet another opportunity that fans of games of luck can test out.

According to the official game presentation, KTV Lotto is run and operated by Khmer Moha Somnang Khmer Ltd. – a registered entity that has passed all requirements for legal operations. Apart from being an operator, the company also runs app-based opportunities to partake in the lottery and have fun with games of luck.

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You can rest assured that the KTV lottery is legal and authorized. The necessary documentation is featured on the game’s official website, giving you some peace of mind. You can also discover information about the company’s management, as well as contact details.

Now that we have the legalities out of the way let’s move on to some more exciting aspects of playing the game. What exactly is KTV Lottery, and how much can you win?

How to Play KTV Lotto

KTV Lottery Khmer is a 5D lottery game. Just like the 3D and the 4D formats, this one is particularly prominent in Asian countries. It offers even more flexibility, both in terms of wager type and the amount that an individual player can decide to bet.

For a chance to win a prize, a player will have to submit a ticket with a five-digit entry on it. That means that the submission will come in the following format: 1-4-9-5-4. Some digits from zero to nine can be repeated in positions; you can have five identical digits or go for different numbers.

Keep in mind that both the set of digits and the order in which they appear are essential.

Players are free to decide how much money they’re going to place on the individual bet. That sum will be multiplied by a quotient that depends on the type of bet.

Apart from the main game, there are a few additional opportunities to win prizes.

Players who buy a ticket worth 1,000 riels or more will qualify for participation in an additional Lucky Draw. That draw provides a second chance for monetization, and its results are entirely independent of those of the main drawing.

The Lucky Draw has been offered consistently since 2017, and it gives players an additional chance to win $1,000.

Tickets can be bought in a couple of ways. The KTV Khmer Lottery entries are available via local distributors and national Cambodia lottery agents. More information on the rules and the possibilities can be discovered through the KTV Lottery official website and the game’s social media profiles (on Facebook and YouTube).

Remember that you need to be of legal age as per Cambodian regulations to play the game. There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of players. Anyone who’s staying legally on the territory of Cambodia can give such games a try.

KTV Lottery Khmer Prizes and Payouts

There is one main prize and two consolation prizes that depend on the number of digits you have matched.

For a chance to claim the top prize in KTV Lottery, you have to match all five digits in the exact order that they’ve been drawn. If that happens, you will win the amount you bet on your ticket multiplied by 60,000.

The KTV Lottery Facebook page provides a lot of information about the winners and the amounts they’ve claimed by playing the game. Recently, a reward of 80 million riels fell (approximately 20,000 USD). One fortunate individual from a small Cambodian village used this opportunity to turn their life around.

Previously, a prize of 20 million riels fell similarly. So, KTV Lottery does produce some pretty attractive rewards in comparison to Cambodian living standards.

Apart from the main reward, there are two additional consolation prizes. The first consolation prize is 70 points and the second consolation prize is 600 points.

Anyone who wins a reward can turn to a local agent or a national Cambodian lottery agent to make the prize claim. There isn’t an awful lot of additional information on how the process goes through the KTV Lottery website. Still, there are contact details that you can count on to make an inquiry and learn a bit more about the specifics.

KTV Lottery Results: Where to Check the Latest Numbers

KTV Lotto provides several very convenient and straightforward opportunities to check results.

For a start, KTV Lottery results are available via the official website of the game and Facebook.

You can also do a KTV lottery download. The game has an official app that’s free of charge and can be used to check results and get additional details about KTV. New results are provided as soon as the drawing takes place.

KTV Lottery also provides results information via radio. Each of the agents that sell tickets also has results boards. You can visit a local agency, see if you’ve won anything, and even get an immediate payout.

And if you’re not ok with these result-checking opportunities, you have an additional chance through Lottery Pros.

We do our best to create a comprehensive lottery encyclopedia that gives you the essentials and some more. KTV Lottery results information is available via the respective section of the website. Also, we maintain comprehensive and detailed results archive that you can check for reference purposes. Just click on the date of interest, and you’ll find out what the winning five-digit number for that specific drawing is.

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