Dear Lottery Review

Sikkim lotteries are the organizer of various games in the state. Several versions of the Dear Lottery happen to be quite popular there.

The umbrella brings together several gaming opportunities – the Dear 1000 Monthly Lottery, Dear Super Monthly Lottery, Dear 20 Fortnightly Lottery, Dear Holi Bumper Lottery, and several others. That’s a lot to take in and a lot of opportunities to win prizes.

If you’ve never played the Dear Lottery in the past, you have no reason to be concerned. Sikkim State Lottery has been around for quite some time already. It’s an official entity that’s legally recognized, and that adheres to all national and local requirements for the organization of games of luck.

Since we have many variations of the lottery to examine, let’s get started right now.

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How to Play Dear Lottery

There are multiple Dear Lottery games, some of them organized weekly, some of them taking place less frequently.

Dear 1000 and Dear Super are monthly lotteries. The cost of a Dear Super ticket is 50 rupees, and the Dear 1000, as the name suggests, has a ticket costing 1,000 rupees.

In both cases, players do not choose their numbers. Instead, they select a pre-printed ticket out of the entire lot for the respective drawing. You can discover a bit more information about the scheduling for the monthly games on the Sikkim State Lottery website.

The Dear 20 Fortnightly Lottery is more affordable, and a single ticket costs 20 rupees. The Dear Holi Bumper lottery will have its second drawing of the year taking place on March 10, 2020. The cost of a single ticket is 500 rupees.

Dear Day and Dear Morning are weekly lotteries and the ones that will appeal the most to people who like playing more often. The ticket cost is 10 and six rupees, respectively. Once again, the tickets are pre-printed, and the players do not get to select their numbers.

You may be wondering what the differences between the games are.

There are two primary distinctions – the frequency of the drawings and the eventual prizes that players can win. The games that are scheduled to take place more frequently are the ones that will produce smaller rewards for the players.

You can buy Sikkim Dear Lottery tickets from all of the organizer’s retail venues. You need to get one of the pre-printed tickets, which means that no opportunities exist for playing any of the Dear Lottery games online.

All lottery operations in Sikkim occur under the Lotteries Regulation Act of 1998 and the Lotteries Regulation Rules of 2010. If you want to learn a bit more about your rights and obligations, as these are defined by law, you should check out these legal documents.

Dear Lottery Prizes and Payouts

Checking out the Dear Lottery results immediately after the respective drawing occurs will be essential to see if you’ve won anything and to trigger the price claim procedure.

Let’s examine the awards in the monthly games first.

Dear Super has one top prize of 16 million rupees. You have to check out which numerical combination has been selected for that award, and you’ll have to see if it matches your number. If it does in its entirety, you are the big winner. There are 40-second prizes of 9,000 rupees and 40 third prizes of 5,000 rupees on top of the smaller awards.

Sikkim Dear 1000 is the game in the portfolio known for the largest rewards. There are two top prizes of 24.9 million rupees, the one-second prize of 9.9 million rupees, and the third prize of 1.95 million rupees on top of smaller rewards. As you can see, spending more on the Dear 1000 tickets is worth it.

Dear 20 comes with one top prize of one million rupees and several smaller rewards. The weekly and daily games produce specific rewards, as well. You can get more information about every single game on the Sikkim State Lottery website. Information about the prize tiers and the number of awards per each can also be accessed at the Sikkim State Lottery-authorized retail venues.

Prizes of up to 10,000 rupees can be claimed at all of the Sikkim State Lottery venues. The payout is immediate after the ticket, and the identity of its owner gets verified.

Those who win a more substantial sum will need to fill out a claim form that’s available via the Sikkim State Lottery website. The form also provides information about the additional documents that will be required to receive a more significant sum.

Checking the Dear Lottery Results Today

Do you need the latest Dear Lottery result? Have you played the Dear Lottery today? If you’re looking for the Dear Lottery result morning or information about any of the other drawings, you have come to the right place.

Dear Lottery results today will be published on the Sikkim lottery website as soon as the respective drawing takes place. There are also dozens of mobile apps that you can use to receive updated information about your favorite Indian lotteries and their latest drawings.

Sikkim State Lottery’s website also has some information about past drawings you can use for reference purposes.

LotteryPros can also provide you with essential information about Dear Lottery Results today. Just switch to the respective tab, and you’ll see what the latest lucky ticket numbers in all of the game variations are.

We also maintain a results archive for Indian lotteries and other international lotteries. If you’d like to become better at picking your lucky numbers, that archive could prove to be quite beneficial.

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