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How Lottery Tickets Are Made

The Curious Story of How Lottery Tickets Are Made

Where does the story of the lottery begin? Are there specific regulations and requirements for the making and printing of lottery... Read more
Will the United States Ban Lottery Advertising?

Does Lottery Advertising Sell False Hopes and Misleading Odds to People?

Lottery advertising has long played a role in ensuring the popularity of games throughout the US. There’s a simple reason why states... Read more
How Lottery Jackpots are Calculated?

Lottery Jackpot Considerations: How Is It Calculated?

The lottery world is so exciting and mesmerizing! If you’re anything like us, you’d want to know the ins and outs of just about every... Read more
Sia Pretended That She’d Won the Lottery

Here’s Why Sia Pretended That She’d Won the Lottery

It’s the season of giving, and many colorful examples of altruism can be shared from around the world. Apart from being quite touching,... Read more
Michael Carroll: Where Is the Lottery Millionaire Now?

Michael Carroll: Where Is the Lottery Millionaire Now?

What happens to lottery winners down the line? Five years after winning? Or maybe even 10 to 15? We’ve told numerous stories of people... Read more
Win the Lottery, Buy Bitcoins

Win the Lottery, Buy Bitcoins – Is That a Smart Idea?

People dream of buying so many things in the event of winning the lottery. Some would want a fast car. Some would wish to a medieval... Read more

Luck, Strategy or Both – Here’s How They’ve Managed to Win Big from the Lottery

Is winning the lottery strategic or based on pure luck? That is the question! So many mathematicians, statisticians, and everyday lotto... Read more

How Often Do Lottery Numbers Repeat?

Ah, the mystery of lottery drawings and lottery numbers! We all try to make sense of the situation; we work hard to improve our odds of... Read more

How Many Lottery Tickets Should I Buy? Does Luck Depend on Quantity?

How many lottery tickets do you need to improve your odds of winning a jackpot? 10? 100? In fact, how do you buy a lottery ticket, and... Read more

What Happens When a Lottery Winner Dies?

It’s a situation that most of us don’t want to think about, but eventually, our time on this planet is cut short. In such instances,... Read more