Taiwan Super Lotto Review

Taiwan Super Lotto, also known as Power Lotto, or Lotto 6/38, is one of Taiwan's richest lotteries. The other is Lotto 6/49. This game is straightforward and much easier to play compared to the other games in the lottery world.

There are several wagering options, which means you can win so much in a round of play, and this explains why the Super Lotto has attracted lots of players from different corners of the world. Defined, a single Super Lotto wager consists of 6 numbers randomly picked from a pool of 1 to 38 and another extra number or the 7th number chosen from a range of 1 to 8. The price per play is NT$ 100.

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How to Play Super Lotto

To take part in the Super Lotto, you first need to get your ticket. You can do this from any authorized dealer. When you get to the dealer premises, you will be given a playslip with the numbers you should pick.

The playslip has a selection area that has 38 numbers. Select your winning numbers according to your preferences. You can decide to go for self-selection, where you manually pick the numbers from the selection area.

There is also the Quick Pick option, where you allow the betting machine to generate numbers for you at random. It is important to note that the generation of numbers through the Quick Pick system does not guarantee you a winning ticket.

Another unique way to pick your winning numbers in the Taiwan Super Lotto is through the partial Quick selection. In this option, you select some of the numbers yourself, and then for the rest, you go for the Quick selection.

System Combinations

If you want the system to make combinations for you, you choose all the possible numbers from 7 to 16 and then allow the machine to sort them into possible combinations of 6 numbers each. The total bet amount will vary depending on the number of combinations you have.

If you want to play in advance, you can choose anything from 2 to 10 consecutive bets. Once you pay the amount due to the advance play, you cannot request a refund.

Oral Betting

This option is not present in many lottery games, but it is available in the Taiwan Super Lotto. What you do is inform the lottery dealer of your intention to choose lottery numbers or the betting period in the case of advance plays. The dealer will then operate the betting machine and direct your bets. The third and last betting option is through the QR code. If you are having a smartphone running on the Android or iOS operating system, download an app called the TOS mobile app. You can participate in the Taiwan Supper Lotto through this app.

Round Robin

There is a possibility to over-select numbers in Super Lotto. For instance, selecting 7 numbers will cause the system to play 7 combinations of 6 numbers at the cost of NT$ 100. When you select 8 numbers, it plays 28 combinations at the cost of NT$ 2,800. This can go on and on.

It is also possible to leave a number blank. For instance, instead of picking 6 numbers, you pick 5 numbers. In this case, the 6th number will be played in all 38 ways, and the cost for this will be NT$ 3,800. On a single ticket, you can play up to 4 games.

Frequency of Draws

The Taiwan Super Lotto gives players two chances each week to win prizes. This game's draws are held on Mondays and Thursdays, with the other days of the week reserved for the other games in the Taiwan Lottery.

For every ticket worth NT$ 100 sold, 45% goes to the lottery body, while 55% is plowed back to the progressive jackpot. There are no winners in a certain draw; the jackpot is rolled over into the next week, which means it continues growing. On the other hand, in the case of multiple winners, the jackpot is split equally.

The largest jackpot in the Taiwan Super Lotto totaled NT$ 1.1 billion, and this was on April 19, 2012. The largest single top winner in the Taiwan Super Lotto walked away with NT$ 947.5 million.

The Odds of Winning Taiwan Super Lotto

For you to win the progressive jackpot, you should match 6 correct numbers plus the bonus number. If you satisfy these requirements, you are given 89% of the jackpot.

Matching 6 correct numbers, but with no bonus number wins you 11% of the progressive jackpot. The third category of prizes requires you to match 5 correct numbers with a bonus number. The prize amount is NT$ 150,000.

The fourth category prize amount is NT$ 20,000. It goes to the player or players who match 5 correct numbers, but with no bonus number.

Matching 4 correct numbers with a bonus number wins you NT$ 4,000 while matching 4 correct numbers with no bonus number wins you NT$ 800.

In case you only manage to match three correct numbers with a bonus number, you will win NT$ 400. To make the winning even more feasible for lots of players, Super Lotto goes low to the level of 2 correct numbers plus a bonus number whose prize is NT$ 200.

The last two categories of prizes have the same prize amount of NT$ 100, but require you to match numbers in different combinations. The first combination that can win you the NT$ 100 prize is 3 correct numbers with no bonus. The second combination is just one correct number, but with a bonus number.

Taiwan Super Lotto Prize Breakdown

When the draw is held, the results are published online, on the official Taiwan Lottery website. You can also check the local dailies results the following day or visit your dealer, and he will run your ticket through to establish how much it has won.

Depending on the amounts you have won, you will be required to submit your winning ticket together with your identification to claim the respective prizes. Jackpots can only be claimed from the headquarters.

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