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Have you ever heard about Sky Lottery from Bhutan? If you haven’t, you’re not alone. Even if you want to master this opportunity, there is still so very little information about it that you’ll be left scratching your head.

So, what is Bhutan Sky Lottery, and how does it work?

We put our investigator hats on to do the research on your behalf and give you some answers.

And let us tell you – this wasn’t an easy job. Even the official website of the game features nothing apart from Sky Lot lottery results.

Is Greece Lotto legit?

But we’ve been in the business of researching lotteries for a long, long time. Hence, a little empty website isn’t going to stand in our way. Using all possible information sources, we’ve come across some essentials that will give you a better idea of the game.

How to Play Bhutan Sky Lottery

The game is straightforward, and it follows a format known across the world and is particularly popular in certain areas.

Bhutan Sky Lottery follows the three-digit format but with a twist. This twist doesn’t affect how you play the game, but rather, it impacts the prize tiers and your chance of claiming an award (the top one or one of the lower prizes).

For a chance to win a prize, you have to select a three-digit number in the range from zero to nine and in the following format – 000 to 999. This format is valid for the Gold drawing that occurs daily.

If you want to, you can also play in the Diamond drawing. Unlike the Gold one, this drawing follows the two-digit or 2D format. This means that for a chance to win, you have to select a two-digit number in the range from 00 to 99.

In 2D and 3D games, both the digits and their order are important. Thus, if you select 369 and the winning number is 396, you are not going to claim a prize.

Bhutan Sky Lottery drawings take place every single day. Depending on the day of the week, however, there could be a slight variation in the time when the respective drawing takes place. To be informed about what time the daily drawing is scheduled, you’ll need to check the game’s official website.

Unfortunately, the Sky Lotto official website doesn’t provide information about the people who can play the game and whether any restrictions apply. If you are in Bhutan, you can easily find more information about that possibility and how to access it.

Currently, Bhutan Sky Lottery does not offer an online ticket-buying option. Thus, if you are in another country, you cannot benefit from an opportunity to get a ticket and test your luck.

As per laws and regulations, the sale of Bhutanese lottery tickets is legal in India. State and territorial regulations do apply, however, to the distribution and availability of tickets. If you’re currently in India and you’re interested in Bhutanese games like Sky Lottery, you will need to check out the local rules to determine if you’re eligible for participation.

Sky Lottery Prizes and Payouts

Because Bhutan Sky Lottery offers 2D and 3D drawings, the odds of winning a prize are relatively good, especially when the game is being considered to be some of the more significant national lotteries and famous international games.

Let’s check out the rewards for the Gold 3D drawing first.

If you match the three-digit number for the drawing correctly, you will win a prize of Rs. 27,000. There is a second prize for matching the last two digits and their order successfully. This means that you’ll win the second prize if the winning digit is 149, and you have selected 549. The reward in this instance is going to be Rs. 1,000.

Finally, there is a third prize for those who match the last digit in the 3-digit number correctly. In that instance, the reward is going to be Rs. 100.

The Diamond drawing comes with just one prize tier because it is a two-digit game, and the odds of winning are fairly good.

If you match the two-digit number correctly, you will win a reward of Rs. 1,000.

Unfortunately, we could not discover any information about the prize claim procedures that players have to follow in the event of winning from Bhutan Sky Lotto. If you are currently located in Bhutan or one of the Indian states that permit lottery playing, you will find it easier to seek more information locally.

The Bhutan Sky Lottery website does not provide any contact information, which is why you will have to inquire in person about the rules and specifics of prize claiming.

Ways to Check the Sky Lottery Result Today

Sky Lottery results can be obtained in several simple and reliable ways.

Even if it doesn’t have a ton of other information, the Sky Lotto website does provide the results from the latest drawings. There, you will find a Sky Lottery chart, as well as the Sky Lottery result today. Beware, however, an extensive results archive isn’t available. If you want to take a look at past winning numbers, this opportunity isn’t the right one for you.

LotteryPros publishes Sky Lot Lottery results, as well. Please check out the respective section to discover the latest digits selected in the Gold and Diamond drawings. We also maintain results archives for numerous international games, making it easier for you to check digits for reference purposes and improve your gameplay strategy.

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