Saturday Fortune Review

Saturday Fortune is an enjoyable and exciting lottery game. It is one of the lottery games offered by the Development Lotteries Board (DLB) in Sri Lanka. DLB has been offering lottery games since 1983 and this has helped to improve people's lives.

How to Play Saturday Fortune

Saturday Fortune is a straightforward lottery game that gives you a number of ways to win prizes. It gives players across Sri Lanka a chance to win up to 30 million rupees as the jackpot prize.

DLB has over 2,000 agents distributed across Sri Lanka to ensure everyone willing to participate in this lottery game does so conveniently. However, for you to participate in Saturday Fortune or any other lottery game offered by Development Lotteries Board, you must have attained the legal age.

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When you get to the agent, you will be given a play slip to mark your favorite numbers. You should choose 4 numbers from a pool of 75 balls and a bonus number from the remaining 71 balls. These are all in one machine. In addition, you should choose one English Letter out of the 26 alphabets from a different machine.

Once you fill out and make the payment of 20 rupees per ticket, you are good to go. However, ensure you confirm that the information captured in the play slip is correct.

  • The drawn numbers
  • The draw day and date
  • The list of numbers and the English Letter that you have chosen
  • The total amount of your purchase
  • The serial number of the ticket (s)
  • The day, time, and date of purchase

The tickets have different colors depending on the day of the draw. Blue color tickets are drawn on Mondays, purple colors tickets on Wednesdays, and green color tickets on Saturdays.

Any error should be rectified immediately before you leave the agent's premises. This is crucial because you cannot claim a prize if there are any discrepancies in your ticket. It is also paramount that you sign the ticket at the back since it is a bearer document and the person having it is the one claiming the prize. This ensures that there is no one else who can claim the prize apart from you.

Saturday Fortune Draws

Saturday Fortune has 3 draws per week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. For transparency purposes, the draws are televised live on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Channel-1 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at 9.40 p.m. In addition, the above draws are again televised on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays on Channel-Eye at 7.30 a.m. respectively. This ensures that the information reaches as many people as possible.

The four winning numbers are generated randomly by a machine as people watch. This is to ensure that there is total transparency to determine the winning numbers. Auditors and representatives from the government are also present during the draw.

This means you have three opportunities per week to win one of the 12 prizes offered by this lottery game. Ensure you play responsibly and only the money you can afford to lose.

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays the sale of tickets stops at 9.30 p.m. to give room for the draw. However, after the draw is concluded, you are free to buy tickets for the following draws.

Saturday Fortune Prize Breakdown

There are 12 prize categories in Saturday Fortune lottery game as follows:

  • The first prize category entails matching any English Letter. This earns you 20 rupees.
  • The second prize category goes to any player who matches any single number. The winner gets a prize worth 20 rupees.
  • The third prize category is won by the player(s) who matches any two numbers out of the four drawn numbers. The winner will get a prize of 100 rupees.
  • The fourth prize category entails matching any three numbers out of the four drawn numbers. The player who matches this correctly will earn 1,000 rupees.
  • The next prize category entails matching all the four drawn numbers. This gives you 1,000,000 rupees.
  • The sixth prize category requires matching any number and an English Letter. The player who gets this correctly will earn 40 rupees.
  • The seventh prize category is won when you match any two numbers from the four drawn numbers and an English Letter. The player will get a prize of 1,000 rupees.
  • The next prize category earns you 10,000 rupees. To win this, you have to match any three numbers and an English Letter.
  • This is the ninth prize category which is the jackpot prize. You get this prize when you match all the drawn numbers and the English Letter. The prize for the jackpot is 30,000,000 rupees which is the highest prize amount for Saturday Fortune.
  • The other prize category requires players to match any number and the bonus number to win 100 rupees.
  • This is the eleventh prize category and is won by matching any two numbers and the bonus number. This earns you 500 rupees.
  • The last prize category of 100,000 rupees requires players to match any three numbers out of the four drawn numbers and the bonus number.

It is therefore clear from the above prize categories that Saturday Fortune gives you numerous opportunities to win a prize. Just like in any other lottery game they offer, Development Lotteries Board calls people to play Saturday Fortune responsibly.

If there is more than one jackpot winner, the prize is divided equally among the players. However, if there is no winner at any particular draw, the prize is rolled over to the next draw.

Claiming Your Saturday Fortune Prize

Once you ascertain that you have won a prize in any of the 12 categories, you should start claiming your prize as soon as possible. Small prizes below 100,000 rupees are claimed from the dealers countrywide. All you need is your identification documents and your winning ticket. It is worth noting that the dealer is not obligated to give you the prize if he doesn’t have an adequate float.

Prizes starting from 100,000 and above including the jackpot prize are to be claimed from the headquarters in No 356, Dr. Colvin R de Silva Mawatha, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka.

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