Sandakan 4D Review

Sandakan 4D is a game of luck just like any other lottery game. You place a bet on a 4-digit number you have chosen and wait to see if your number is drawn among the 23 winning numbers. For Rm 1 bet, you can collect winnings of up to Rm 3,500.

How to Play Sandakan 4D

Playing Sandakan 4D is easy and fun. There are three main ways you can participate in this game as explained below.

Roll Front or Roll Back

Here, you decide whether to roll the front or back digit of your 4-digit number. Doing so generates 10 numbers with the back or front digits of each of the numbers starting from 0 to 9. The choice is totally yours with regards to the digits you want to roll.

Permutation Bets

If you have a favorite 4-digit number, you can generate permutations for it. The frequency of permutation depends on the particular number you have chosen and how often the digits in it occur. Take a case where all the 4 digits are different such as 1234. In this particular case, you will end up with 24 permutations.

Where two digits are the same such as in 4423, you will end up with 12 permutations. In a case where two pairs of digits are similar, for instance, 1122, you will have a total of 6 permutations. Lastly, in the event you have 3 digits in your 4-digit number that are the same, for example, 5553, you will have 4 permutations.

The main aim of permutations is to help you maximize on the possible outcomes. In this way, it becomes almost assured that you will win a prize somehow. Permutation bets are also known as box bets.

Easy-Pick Bets

This mode of playing is rather simple. All that you need to do is to request for a lucky number from the clerk at the outlet you are betting from. The clerk then generates the number for you through the gaming computer system. This is purely a random process and therefore no predictions as to the numbers to be generated can be made.

Sandakan 4D Tickets

The ticket you receive when you pay up the respective amount based on your betting structure is your proof of purchase. You will be given a Sandakan 4D ticket that shows the bets you have placed. Ensure that the ticket you receive has the following features:

  • The draw number
  • The date when the draw will be held
  • The type of forecast whether big or small
  • The list of 4D numbers that you have purchased
  • The total amount of your purchase
  • The serial number of the ticket
  • The barcode of your ticket
  • The day, time, and date of purchase

Big and Small Forecast

The minimum investment in Sandakan 4D is Rm 1 for a 4-digit number. The prizes you win depend on the amount you invest in and the 4 digits number you match in each draw. You are free to bet on any 4 digits ranging from 0000 to 9999.

There is the option for big or small forecasts. The big forecast gives you a much higher chance of winning. Where the 4 digits number that you purchase matches any of the 23 sets of 4 digits numbers drawn, you win a prize. On the big forecast, a bet of Rm 1 can give you a chance of winning up to 23 cash prizes.

The first prize on the big forecast is Rm 2,500. The second prize is Rm 1,000 while the third prize is Rm 500. The special prize and consolation prize under the big forecast is Rm 180 and Rm 60 respectively.

For the small forecast, you also have a chance to win higher cash prizes. However, the 4 digits number that you choose should exactly match either the first, second, or third prize for you to win a cash prize. A Rm 1 bet can win you up to 3 top prizes which are the first, second, and third prize. The first prize is Rm 3,500, the second prize is Rm 2,000 while the third prize is Rm 1,000.

Sandakan Turf Club has a total of 40 outlets or agencies located in different places in East Malaysia. You can visit any of these agencies during normal business hours to place your bets. There are physical forms available at the outlets where you can input your choice numbers.

Sandakan 4D Draws

There are two types of draws for this game: regular draws and special draws. Regular draws are held 3 days every week starting from Wednesday, then Saturday and on Sunday. Special draws are held with special approval from the Ministry of Finance. Normally, these draws take place on Tuesdays.

The venue for the draw is in Sabah and everyone is invited. The starting time for the draw process is 7 p.m. Immediately the draw is concluded, results are made public through different channels. On the results board at the draw venue, the results are displayed. The second place is the official STC website. Leading newspapers in Sabah also publish the results. There are hotline numbers for Sandakan, Tawau, Keningau, and Kota Kinabalu which you can use to inquire about the results.

As long as you are a non-Muslim and aged 21 years and above, you are free to witness the draw. Participants in the draws are usually given a token sum for their participation.

Sandakan 4D Prize Breakdown

The earliest you can start the prize claiming process is the next business day following the draw. For your claim to be honored, you have to bring along with you the winning ticket and identification document which could be a passport or an identity card. Prizes are collected in person and the company will not be responsible for any fraud or loss arising from appointed representatives.

Prizes of up to Rm 2,200 are paid in cash at the outlet. All other prizes above Rm 2,200 are paid through check. That said, any cash payments made from the outlet are subject to the availability of cash. No outlet is under obligation to pay even if it doesn’t have a float. You have up to 6 months from the date of the draw to claim your prizes.

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