Niyatha Jaya Review

This is a lottery game offered by the Development Lotteries Board (DLB), a public entity dedicated to conducting innovative and attractive lotteries across Sri Lanka. The technology the game uses can best be described as state-of-the-art. What makes Niyatha Jaya and the rest of the lottery games more appealing to the public, is the honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness with which the operations are conducted.

The Development Lotteries Board was founded in 1983 and to date, it has made tremendous contributions to the public through prizes to participants and direct support via the President’s Fund.

Quick Overview of Niyatha Jaya

Being a game of chance, Niyatha Jaya involves picking lucky numbers from a pool of numbers and letters. There are 65 numbers for participants to choose from and a total of 26 letters of the alphabet.

From the 65 numbers, players choose only 4 numbers and one letter from the 26 letters. These are going to determine whether the participants are going to win a prize or not.

How to Play Niyatha Jaya

The Development Lotteries Board has laid such an excellent infrastructure to allow players to participate in this lottery game. As the first step, you are required to visit a lottery agent approved and licensed by the Development Lotteries Board. There are more than 2,000 agents operating under DLB across the Island. These agents are supplied with lottery materials by 74 lottery distributors also licensed by DLB.

On the official DLB site, they’ve listed names, addresses and email details of all agents in the network. This makes it easy for you to choose a dealer closer to where you are.

Once you get there, let the clerk know that you want to play Niyatha Jaya lottery game. This is important because they have other DLB games they sell as well. The clerk will give you a play slip on which you are to mark the numbers you want to play.

Remember, the play slip is not evidence of participation, rather an instrument for you to take part in the game. If you decide to walk away with the play slip, you won’t stand a chance of winning anything when the Niyatha Jaya draw is held.

The play slip has the following features:

  1. The name of the game, in this case, Niyatha Jaya and the organization offering it that is DLB
  2. The array of numbers to choose organized into panels
  3. The alphabet letters also in panels
  4. A box for advance draws just in case you want to play upcoming games, but you don’t want to come back to the agent to buy a ticket.
  5. A void box for canceling a panel if you mark it wrong.

There are two main ways of filling in the play slip: Lucky pick and manual pick. The lucky pick is pretty much straightforward. All you do is to inform the clerk that you need to select your numbers via lucky pick. The clerk will then help you choose your lucky numbers through the computer terminal. This is an automated process.

The manual pick is the ordinary way of selecting your lucky numbers. If you have favorite numbers or some lucky trends you want to try out, this is the opportunity to do it. You could try your birthday, graduation day, admission numbers and so forth. One thing you should understand is that neither the lucky pick or manual picking gives you an upper hand. This is a game of chance and it can go either way.

After you hand in the marked slip and the payment according to the number of games you have played, you will be given a ticket. This is the evidence that indeed you have participated in Niyatha Jaya. The ticket has:

  1. The name of the game that is Niyatha Jaya
  2. The serial number of the ticket
  3. The draw number for which the ticket is issued
  4. The lucky numbers chosen
  5. The date of purchase and the date of the draw

Since your ticket is basically the currency of the game, you need to take care of it. Immediately the Niyatha Jaya agent gives it to you, confirm that all the details are correct and keep it safe. Lottery tickets are bearer documents and so when they are lost, any person picking them becomes the new owner. If the ticket wins a prize, they can claim as if they were the original owner.

The second bit with tickets is that when it is folded and as a result becomes defaced, it may take quite a long time for authorities to verify the numbers. This may deny you a prize you have genuinely won.

Niyatha Jaya Draw

Draws for Niyatha Jaya are held twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. The draws are color-coded. The orange color is used for Tuesday draws while the blue color for Friday draws. All the draws are televised live on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Channel-1. This is to ensure transparency in the process.

The drawing machines are vetted before being used, to eliminate any instances of bias. Among the people present during any one draw are the officials of DLB, betting and control officials, auditors and members of the public. The process is conducted in the full glare of everyone, using transparent electronic drums.

The balls are mixed in the drums and then pop out one by one until they form the winning number. There are two machines; one for the letters and the other one for the numbers. Once the process is concluded, the results are immediately posted online on the official DLB page for participants and other interested parties to see.

Thereafter, they are sent to the agents countrywide for them to posts on their boards. Members of the press are also given official copies of the results for them to either broadcast through radio or publish in their dailies for the following day.

Niyatha Jaya Prize Breakdown

The following is the prize structure your participation is subjected to. There are basically 9 prize categories in Niyatha Jaya. This expands the possibilities of you winning a prize out of this game. Below is the itemized prize schedule:

  • If you match any single letter, you win Rs 20. In short, you get back the amount you put in for one game.
  • Similarly, if you match one number our of the 4 drawn, you win Rs. 20. This gives you the opportunity to try again without feeling any financial loss.
  • If you match any 2 numbers out of the 4 drawn, you win yourself Rs. 60
  • If three of the numbers you pick match those drawn, you walk away with Rs 1,000
  • Matching all the four numbers wins you the second largest prize of Rs. 1,000,000
  • Matching any single letter and any single number wins you Rs. 40
  • If you match 2 numbers and any letter, you win Rs. 1,000
  • Matching any 3 numbers with an English letter gives you Rs. 50,000
  • If you match all four numbers together with the English letter, you win the jackpot which is Rs. 10,000,000

Immediately you find out that you are a winner in Niyatha Jaya, you should start the prize claiming process. The jackpot is usually paid at the headquarters with full identification and the winning ticket.

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