Mahajana Sampatha Winning Numbers

Mahajana Sampatha is a 6 + 1 number lottery game. To win Rs23 Million Mahajana Sampatha jackpot, you have to match 6 main numbers and 1 bonus number.

Mahajana Sampatha Past Results and Winning Numbers

The Mahajana Sampatha result archive contains the results from 25-03-2008 8:00pm IST up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Wednesday 6th December 2023, 9:30pm 05 03 09 03 03 07 L
Tuesday 5th December 2023, 9:30pm 02 02 05 03 06 03 G
Monday 4th December 2023, 9:30pm 07 05 06 05 05 03 J
Sunday 3rd December 2023, 9:30pm 00 03 06 06 00 00 X
Saturday 2nd December 2023, 9:30pm 01 07 09 03 04 00 M
Friday 1st December 2023, 9:30pm 06 01 09 07 04 03 Y
Thursday 30th November 2023, 9:30pm 03 07 09 01 09 04 M
Wednesday 29th November 2023, 9:30pm 00 09 07 06 09 03 H
Tuesday 28th November 2023, 9:30pm 09 03 01 09 05 02 S
Monday 27th November 2023, 9:30pm 07 01 00 08 09 08 X

Mahajana Sampatha Prizes

The Mahajana Sampatha features 12 prize divisions. To win any prize in Mahajana Sampatha, you have to match 1 number. Chances to hit the Mahajana Sampatha jackpot are -. To see all the Mahajana Sampatha odds, go to the REVIEW tab.

Divisions Match Payout per Winner
1 Prize 6 + Letter Rs23,106,240
2 Prize 6 Rs2,500,000
3 Prize Last 5 Numbers Rs100,000
4 Prize Last 4 Numbers Rs15,000
5 Prize Last 3 Numbers Rs2,000
6 Prize Last 2 Numbers Rs200
7 Prize Last 1 Number Rs40
8 Prize First 5 Numbers Rs100,000
9 Prize First 4 Numbers Rs2,000
10 Prize First 3 Numbers Rs200
11 Prize First 2 Numbers Rs80
12 Prize Letter Rs40

Mahajana Sampatha Hot and Cold Numbers

Mahajana Sampatha hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Mahajana Sampatha cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Mahajana Sampatha results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

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Mahajana Sampatha Jackpot History

The jackpot history tool will enable you to see the changes in the biggest Mahajana Sampatha jackpots over time. Use the data to carry out analysis, comparisons and predictions for the next Mahajana Sampatha jackpot.

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Mahajana Sampatha Review

In 1963, Sri Lanka established the National Lotteries Board through a Finance Act. Later in 1997 and 1998, the Act was amended to introduce new provisions and expunge others to make the lotteries platform much more fair, participatory, and attractive to the millions of Sri Lanka nationals.

The National Lotteries Board has the vision to lead the creation of state investment through the contribution of all communities so as to spur the social economic development of the entire country. It aims at achieving this through social responsibility, good customer care, and innovation.

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What Is Mahajana Sampatha?

Mahajana Sampatha is a lottery game offered by the National Lotteries Board. It was established decades ago as Jathika Sampatha and in 1970, it was given another name which is Mahajana Sampatha.

Before the change of name, the price per ticket to participate in the game was 2 rupees. After the change, the price was halved to 1 rupee. Later on, the lottery was developed even further to enable it to conduct draws by way of electronic media.

On May 10, 1988, Mahajana Sampatha achieved a key milestone when its weekly draw was televised live for the first time. Following the success of the weekly draws, the management saw the opportunity to increase the participation of Sri Lankans by introducing a daily lottery draw on an experimental basis. This lottery was given the name Chance to separate it from the weekly draw. In terms of prices, there were thousands of rupees up for grabs to the participants.

Today, Mahajana Sampatha is still in existence as a lottery game under the National Lotteries Board, but largely passive. It is the oldest on the Island nation and it has been the pioneer that has created a good image for the National Lotteries Board among the general public.

Playing Mahajana Sampatha

Following major changes to improve the organizational structure of this lottery game, the ticket price was pushed up on September 2, 2008, from 10 rupees to 20 rupees. At the same time, a new prize structure was also unveiled.

The players choose 6 numbers and a letter with which they participate in the draw. There are two ways of choosing the numbers: manual picking and Quick Pick.

In manual picking, you will be given a playslip that has an array of numbers from which to choose only 6 and a letter. You are required to cross out the numbers without extending the lines to the other brackets. In case you make a mistake during marking, you can void the respective panel by checking the void box at the bottom. Only the panels which have not been voided will be considered.

There are other boxes for advance draws which you can also check if you want to purchase some games in advance. This is particularly useful if you have favorite numbers which you play regularly or you are a newbie and you would want to maintain your numbers to assess the level of chance.

The second way of playing Mahajana Sampatha is through Quick Pick. This is where you allow the computer terminal to do the picking for you. This is recommended if you want to spread your bet and you do not have favorite numbers.  Instead of crossing out your lucky numbers, you will be required to check the Quick Pick box on the respective panels.

Mahajana Sampatha Ticket

Once you are done with picking your numbers, you should give the slip to the clerk and the equivalent in money terms for the tickets. You will then be issued a ticket that shows the numbers you have selected, the serial number of the ticket, the date of the draw, and the ticket purchase. Your ticket is the only proof that you are a participant in the Mahajana Sampatha lottery game. Without this, you cannot claim a prize.

Just like any other lottery ticket, you must safely guard your ticket against loss, defacing, or damage. Tickets that are not easily recognizable will have to be taken through a special examination process for determination. If luck is not on your side, defaced tickets may even deny you a prize.

Once you get your ticket, sign it at the back as a way of authenticating it. Lottery tickets are bearer documents and if not signed, anyone picking them can sign and present them during prize claiming.

Mahajana Sampatha Prize Breakdown

Mahajana Sampatha draws are conducted on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. This means the only days of the week without a draw are Wednesdays and Saturdays. The board made the decision to have a draw on Sunday following the exemplary performance of the lottery game.

The prize structure is very attractive and for this reason, Mahajana Sampatha enjoys a huge followership and participation. The top super prize is 10 million rupees and the first prize is 2 million rupees. This is together with other attractive prizes offered by the lottery. Proceeds from the sales of tickets (16.5%) is contributed directly to the Consolidated Fund, which finances several government functions and projects.

There are two main categories of prizes: those starting from right to left and starting from left to right.

Below is the prize structure starting from right to left:

  • If you match all the 6 numbers, plus the letter, you get the super prize which is 10 million rupees.
  • The first prize is 2 million rupees and goes to the player who matches correctly all the 6 numbers.
  • The second prize is 100,000 rupees and goes to the player who matches the last 5 numbers correctly.
  • If you match the last 4 numbers correctly, you win the third prize which is 10,000 rupees.
  • The fourth prize is 1,000 rupees and to win this, you must match the last 3 numbers.
  • Matching the last 2 numbers wins you the fifth prize, which is 100 rupees.
  • If you match only the last number, you get a prize equal to the money you spent for your entry ticket which is 20 rupees.

The prize structure starting from left to right:

  • Matching the first 5 numbers drawn, you win 10,000 rupees.
  • If you match the first 4 numbers correctly, you win 1,000 rupees.
  • If you match the first 3 numbers correctly, you win 100 rupees.
  • If you match the first 2 numbers correctly, you win 50 rupees.
  • The last prize category is where you match only the letter correctly. Here, you win 20 rupees.

Following the draw, the results will be made public and published both in the dailies and the official National Lotteries Board website. You can confirm whether you are a winner from the nearest retail outlet or even call. There are dealers and agents all over grouped according to the district starting from Colombo to Vavuniya. Depending on how much you have won, you can collect your prize from the outlet or from the National Lotteries Board headquarters.

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