Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold Review

This is a 6-digit jackpot game with a unique golden component that is added to give you terrific golden prizes. The extra digits, which are two of them are added onto the 6 digits also known as the trifecta component. There are two jackpots in this game: Jackpot Gold 1 and Jackpot Gold 2. The draws for 4D Jackpot Gold are held three times a week on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On select weeks, the company holds a special draw on Tuesdays.

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Playing 4D Jackpot Gold

Playing this game is straightforward and the steps to follow are so much easy. In order to play 4D Jackpot Gold, you should first identify an accredited retail outlet. The company insists that you buy your tickets from these retailers because any other ticket may expose you to fraudsters.

At the outlet, let the clerk know that you want to play 4D Jackpot Gold and they will give you the play slip. On the slip, you will be expected a 6-digit number per play in addition to a 2-digit number, also known as the golden number which ranges from 00 to 19.

If you are not sure of which numbers to pick or you do not have an outright favorite, the best option is to go for Lucky Pick. Here, the machine at the terminal picks the numbers for you. There is no special advantage, whether you go for manual picking or Lucky Pick. 4D Jackpot Gold is purely a chance game and your winning is coincidental, not premeditated.

The play slip has the Magnum logo as well as the game's logo, in this case, 4D Jackpot Gold. In the space provided on the slip, you are required to write your chosen numbers per play. The two additional gold numbers are separated from the main 6-digit number using the plus sign. For instance, you may decide to choose the following numbers: 847903+02. When it comes to Lucky Pick, you simply indicate LP-Jackpot Gold for that specific play.

4D Jackpot Gold Ticket

The cost per play for the 4D Jackpot Gold is Rm 2. When you hand over your play slip to the clerk, you should also hand over the appropriate payment based on the number of plays. After this, you will be given your ticket which is the evidence of your participation in 4D Jackpot Gold. Without the ticket, you cannot claim a prize upon winning.

Since the ticket doesn’t have your name, you should be careful in how you handle it so that you do not lose it. Anyone picking the ticket can present it to claim a prize in case it wins. The recommended procedure is to sign at the back of the ticket so as to authenticate it.

Defaced or torn tickets may also deny you a prize. As such, you need to properly store your ticket and not fold it. The ticket comes with a number of features which include:

  • The logo for the game you are playing which is the 4D Jackpot Gold
  • The draw number and date
  • The number of plays and the specific digits you have chosen per play whether through manual or Lucky Pick. If it is through Lucky Pick, there will be the notion LP after the chosen number.
  • The total cost of the ticket is basically the sum total of the individual plays you are participating in. The price is tax inclusive which means you won’t have to pay any additional amount to that printed on the face of the ticket.
  • The ticket purchase date is also printed on the ticket plus a unique serial number at the bottom.

Before you leave the outlet, ensure that the ticket captures your numbers in the order you have chosen them per play. Also, verify all the other details for correctness.

Roll Play

In Roll Play, you can choose to roll any of the trifecta component digits. This will in turn generate for you 10 different numbers making up 10 individual buys. Since the cost per play is Rm 2, the 10 buys will cost you Rm 20.

Permutation Play

For the trifecta component, you can choose all the possible permutations. The effect this has is to increase your chances of winning. Below are the different combinations:

  • For 6 unique digits e.g. 654987, you get 720 permutations and this will cost you Rm 1,440.
  • For 5 unique digits e.g. 369855, you get 360 permutations and the minimum cost is Rm 720.
  • For 4 unique digits e.g. 369555, you get 180 permutations at a cost of Rm 360.
  • For 3 unique digits with each digit appearing twice e.g. 396655, you get 90 permutations costing Rm 180.
  • For 3 unique digits with a single digit appearing 3 times and two digits appearing twice e.g. 366555, you get 60 permutations and the minimum bet is Rm 120.
  • For 3 unique digits with a single digit appearing 4 times e.g. 365555, you get 30 permutations and the minimum buy is Rm 60.
  • For 2 unique digits with each digit appearing 3 times e.g. 333555, you get 20 permutations and the minimum cost is Rm 40.
  • If you have 2 unique digits and a single digit appears 4 units and the other digit appears 2 times such as 335555, you have 15 permutations and the minimum cost per play is Rm 30.
  • The last combination structure is when you have 2 digits and one of the digits appears 5 times e.g. 355555, you have 6 permutations and the minimum cost is Rm 12.

The ticket will have a notification depending on the number of permutations. For instance, in 720 permutations, the ticket will indicate P720 against the chosen digits. For 6 permutations, it will have P6 against the chosen digits.

ALL20 Play

This is another method you can use to play the golden component only. The purpose of ALL20 play is to enhance your chances of winning with the golden number. The golden component which ranges from 00 to 19 has only 20 possible numbers. ALL20 play covers all these numbers. If you choose this mode of play, you will generate 20 individual buys making the total cost to be Rm 40.

Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold Prize Breakdown

There are 7 possible ways of winning in 4D Jackpot Gold.

If you have an exact match for the golden and trifecta numbers, you win Jackpot 1 prize, whose minimum is Rm 2 million. You also win Jackpot 1 snowball, which is equivalent to 19.80% of all the sales for all the draws starting from when the last Jackpot 1 was won. In case of multiple winners, the Jackpot 1 prize is divided equally amongst all of them.

If you have an exact match for the golden numbers and either the first 5-digit match or the last 5-digit match for trifecta, you win Jackpot 2 prize, which is equal to the Jackpot 2 snowball or alternatively a guaranteed minimum of Rm 100,000. The Jackpot 2 snowball is calculated by taking the total gross sales for all the draws starting from the last time Jackpot 2 was won and then multiplying by 7.0125%.

If you have an exact match, for the trifecta only, you win Rm 100,000.

The fourth prize is when you match the first 5 or last 5 digits for the trifecta. This wins you Rm 3,388.

The fifth prize is when you match the first 4 or last 4 digits of the trifecta number and this wins you Rm 338.

The sixth prize is when you match the first 3 or last 3 for the trifecta and this wins you Rm 38.

The last prize category is when you match the first 2, middle 2, or last 2 digits for the trifecta and this gives you Rm 4.

Claiming 4D Jackpot Gold Prize

Once the draw is concluded, you can check the official Magnum website, visit the Wisma Magnum display board, check out your local dailies, or if you have registered for the mail service, your results will be delivered direct to your mail. Alternatively, you can get your results through SMS, Magnum App, or through your retail outlet. You have up to 6 months less a day to claim your prize. To do so, you should bring your original winning ticket together with your passport and identity card.

All prizes up to Rm 2,000 will be paid in cash while those exceeding Rm 2,000 will be paid via check. The prizes are not subject to personal income tax.

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