Loto 7 Review

Loto 7 is a number selection lottery that is offered nationwide in Japan. It is a daily game that costs 300 yen per play. There is no restriction on the number of plays you can participate in as long as it is within the responsible play framework.

The reason it is called Loto 7 is that players pick 7 favorite numbers from a pool of 1 to 37 and the winning prizes depend on the 7 numbers drawn on the draw date. The draws are done on a weekly basis from 6.45 p.m. local time on Fridays.

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How to Play Loto 7

The methodology of playing is pretty much the same as other global lotto games. There is a playslip that has 5 panels from A to E that you fill by selecting your 7 favorite numbers. All applications are done on the sales floor.

When marking the playslip, only target the numbers and cross them vertically between the top and bottom lines. Any other markings other than those involving numbers will result in a reading error. It is therefore important that you exercise caution at this stage of the process.

In case you make a mistake when marking your numbers, there is a void checkbox at the bottom of each panel. Checking this box voids the entire panel and therefore not considered in the final count. Each panel consists of a play means on one playslip, you can participate in 5 plays.

At the center-right of each panel, there is a Quick Pick option for those players who may not prefer choosing the numbers manually. With this option, the terminal will help you choose 7 numbers at random that constitute a play.

When buying in bulk, you can mark the second last column on the right. Bulk purchase is allowed up to 10 plays all at once. The playslip also allows you to state the number of times you want to participate in the draws. According to the regulations, you can participate up to 5 continuous draws in advance. If you want to participate in advance draws, there is a column on the far right where you can mark your numbers.

The performance of Loto 7 compared to that of Loto 6 is higher in terms of income. When a carryover occurs, you get 1 billion yen but in normal winnings where there is no carryover, you get up to 600 million yen.

The point of departure between Loto 7 and many other lottos out there is that there is no application type such as Box or Straight. This is because irrespective of the order in which you pick the numbers, as long as they constitute the 7 numbers drawn, you win a prize. Bonus numbers are used for the second prize going downwards.

When selecting your numbers, it may help to look at previous trends in the distribution of winning numbers. Being a draw game, there is no predictability, but you never know your luck. It is possible for a previous pattern to repeat itself.

Since Loto 7 is a nationwide lottery, you can take part from wherever you are as long as you can access a store also known as the sales floor to buy Loto 7 tickets. Be careful of where you buy because other people may take advantage of your ignorance to sell you fake tickets. Check the authorized stores and buy from there.

Loto 7 Ticket

Once you hand in your playslip and the respective amount based on the number of plays that you want to participate in, the attendant at the store will process the slip and issue you with a ticket. The playslip is only an avenue to enable you to participate but it is not evidence of participation. Only the ticket guarantees you a valid claim in the event you win a prize.

It is therefore important that you take good care of the ticket until the draw date. Any tickets that are defaced make it very difficult and at times impossible for the Loto officials to determine if indeed you are a winner.

Another element of the ticket is that it is a bearer document. This means whoever has the ticket, has the right to claim the prize. Bearing this in mind, once you get your ticket, ensure you sign it at the back and keep it safe.

The Loto ticket you are issued is an original document that has a number of features that make it truly unique.

  • The ticket has the name of the game you are participating in which in this case is Loto 7.
  • It also has the numbers you have chosen and the plays you are participating in. Ensure that the numbers imprinted on the ticket match what you chose on the playslip.
  • The ticket has a unique serial number that can be traced only to it.
  • Where the numbers were picked through Quick Pick, the notation QP will appear on the side of those specific numbers.
  • The ticket also has the date of purchase and the date of the draw. In this way, it reminds you when to check out for the draw results.

Loto 7 Prize Breakdown

The draw is conducted every Friday starting at 6.45 local time and is conducted through a drawing machine. The machine is authenticated and verified before the process begins by a team of betting control officials. The public is invited to witness the drawing session for fairness and transparency.

Immediately the draw is conducted, the results are published online and broadcasted through TV and radio. The following day’s newspapers also bear the results. If you are near a store, you can go and check the pinned results if your ticket won a prize.

The prize matrix for Loto 7 consists of 6 prize categories.

  • The first prize requires you to match all the 7 numbers drawn. The prize is 600 million yen and the probability of winning is 1:10,295,472. In case there is a carryover from the previous draw, the prize amount rises to 1 billion yen.
  • The second prize category requires that you match 6 of the drawn numbers and one of the two bonus numbers. The prize is 7,280,000 yen and the probability of winning is 1: 735,390.86.
  • The third prize category requires you to match 6 of the drawn numbers. The prize for this is 727,900 yen and the probability of winning is 1: 52,529.92.
  • The fourth category requires you to match just 5 of the 7 drawn numbers. At a probability of 1: 1,127.04, you win 9100 yen.
  • The fifth prize category requires you to match 4 numbers. The probability of winning in this category is 1: 72.45 and the prize is 1,400 yen.
  • The last prize category requires you to match only 3 of the 7 drawn numbers plus one or two bonus numbers. The prize amount is 1,000 yen and the probability of winning is 1: 42.45.

Where there is no winner in a particular category, there is a roll over to the next game. In case of more than one winner, the prizes are distributed equally.

To claim your prize, visit any Loto 7 store anywhere in the country. For larger prizes such as the first, second, and third, you will have to visit the regional office or the headquarters as directed. You can also make a call to inquire on how to go about the prize claim.

You have up to 1 year from the draw date to claim your prize before it expires. Remember to carry your identification documents together with the winning ticket when claiming the prize.

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