Japan Jumbo Draw Review

The lottery is a game that has attracted lots of individuals across the world with each one looking forward to the lucky day they will hit the jackpot. One of the lottery games that have attracted a lot of interest is the Japan Jumbo Draw.

Japan's lottery games began in the 1630s, but modern lottery games can be traced back to October 1945 when the Japanese National Government commenced selling lottery game tickets using the name Takara-kuji (宝くじ) which means treasure lottery or fortune lottery. In 1946, the National Government allowed the Local Japanese Governments to run Takara-kuji and in 1954, it relinquished control of the games which meant that the Local Governments were to administer Japanese lotteries exclusively.

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All lottery games in Japan, including the Japan Jumbo Draw, are fully approved and accredited by the Minster of Home Affairs.

Having looked at the background of lottery games in Japan, we can now delve into the biggest and the most exciting lottery game in Japan and the whole of Asia, the Japan Jumbo Draw.

What is Japan Jumbo Draw?

Japan Jumbo Draw also known as The Richest Asian Lottery Draw is a very exciting lottery game that gives players from across the world an opportunity to walk away with massive prizes. It is the most popular lottery game in Japan's Lottery industry and takes place four times in a year; March, June, August, and December.

Playing Japan Jumbo Draw

For you to participate in the Japan Jumbo Draw, you must have a ticket because it is the gateway to winning. This simply means that the credibility of the ticket is very crucial because if it’s not authentic, then you cannot be part of the context, as a matter of fact, you have kicked out automatically. So, when purchasing your ticket, you should take time to review the credibility of the retailer to ensure you are not conned with your hard-earned money.

For the Japan Jumbo Draw, the lottery tickets are only sold by the Mizuho Bank. This means any other vendor claiming to sell Japan Jumbo Draw is a scrupulous dealer. It is worth noting that the tickets for this lottery game are usually limited and sold for a limited period of time for each draw, and as such you need to be swift in order to buy the tickets. Japan Jumbo Draw is so popular in Japan, Asia, and indeed the whole world and the tickets on sale are never enough for everyone. This means the first mover advantage applies. Foreigners usually have fewer chances because the largest percentage is usually allocated to people living in Japan.

After you purchase your ticket, always ensure that the ticket number and the group number are correct. This is important because for you to win the First Prize, the ticket number and the group number must be correct. A ticket is a 6-digit number and there are 100 groups in each draw.

What Makes Japan Jumbo Draw Unique?

The most outstanding thing about Japan Jumbo Draw is that of all the games offered by the Japan Lottery, it is the most paying. In addition, it is the second largest paying lottery game in the entire world after Spanish El Gordo. Unlike most lottery games in the world where the prizes are paid in a piecemeal basis, the prize you win in Japan Jumbo Draw is paid out as a lump sum and in cash. Yes, you heard it right, cash in a lump sum! The best part about this lottery game is that the prizes you win are tax-free, so the winnings you scope from this lottery game are all yours to enjoy.

Initially, the game was only open to the Japanese, but in 2003, it was opened to all interested players from all over the world.

The Odds of Winning Japan Jumbo Draw

There are four draws per year; Green which takes place in March, Dream which is played in June, Summer which happens in August, and Year-End which is scheduled for December. You can take part in one of the draws or all of them if you are lucky to purchase the ticket before they run out.

The winning odds for Japan Jumbo Draw are 1:9 and a total over $2 billion cash payout happens every year. This makes this game undoubtedly one-of-its-kind in the entire world!

Once you buy a ticket for Japan Jumbo Draw, you should check the results in their official website japanjumbodraw.com to find out whether you have become a lucky winner. Please note that you must be 18 years of age and above to participate in Japan Jumbo Draw lottery game.

Japan Jumbo Draw Prize Breakdown

For you to win in this lottery game, you must have a valid ticket. There are different prize levels, which you stand a chance of winning.

  • The first prize level is won by players who match the winning ticket number and the group number.
  • The second prize level goes to players who match the winning ticket number for the 2nd prize
  • The third prize category is a preserve of players who match the winning ticket number for the 3rd prize.
  • The fourth prize category is for players who match the winning ticket number for the 4th prize
  • The fifth prize level is won by players who match the winning ticket number for the 5th
  • The first prize category goes to players who match the winning ticket number for the 6th
  • Other prizes go to players who get one digit lower or higher than the first prize ticket number and those who match the winning ticket number, but fail to match the group number for the first prize.

If you are one of the lucky winners of Japan Jumbo Draw, you will be paid in the form of cash lump sum. All Japanese lottery games prizes are paid this way.

You won’t have to pay taxes on your winnings because all Japanese Lottery winnings are free of government taxes.

Where Japan Jumbo Draw Money Goes to?

The profits generated from the sale of Japan Jumbo Draw tickets are usually used in public works projects like construction of public housing and welfare facilities. In addition, the money is used to fund various charities.

So if you are looking to make some big bucks, lookout for the next Japan Jumbo Draw ticket sell out and who knows you might be the next lucky winner and you walk away with millions of money that will change your life for good. You just need to believe in yourself and take the risk! Playing Japan Jumbo Lotto doesn’t cost a fortune, but you can get a fortune from it, hence a worthwhile venture to try your luck.

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