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India is one of the countries that has restrictive gambling laws with some states not allowed to participate in the lottery. This outstanding, the people of India love lottery and to them it is purely for fun and for a chance to win big. There are those who play through authorized dealers while others take part in a lottery through online platforms. Whichever the case, for you to take part in any of these games, you must be 18 years of age and above.

One of the national lottery brands that runs a number of lottery games in India is Playwin. It is owned by Pan India Network Ltd., a company that deals with communication, data, marketing support, infrastructure and other services.

India Thunderball is a draw game that is held once a week on Tuesdays and has a jackpot value that goes up to 10 million rupees. This game enjoys a widespread fan base all across India and this is hugely important because of the wealth of attractive cash prizes that come along with it. Several people have changed their lives after winning the jackpot that is usually rolled over until a winner is found.

Playing India Thunderball

There are several ways in which you can play this attractive and highly rewarding game. You could do so through an authorized lottery retailer in the state you are in. Simply visit the retailer and request to play India Thunderball. You will be given a playslip that has different play areas and numbers to go along with it.

In each play area, you are supposed to select 5 numbers from a total of 42. There is also an additional number that you are to choose which is the famous India Thunderball. The second number is usually chosen from a pool of 1 to 15. The number you choose is totally up to you because against these lucky numbers, the draw will be held and determine if you are a winner.

If you do not want to go through the trouble of picking the numbers yourself, you can decide to use the Lucky Pick facility. This is where the computer terminal chooses the numbers for you which are the set of 5 and the additional number. There is absolutely no relationship between you picking the numbers and the machine picking up for you. It is all a matter of luck and chance.

One of the precautions you have to take is to ensure that you play from an authorized dealer. There are many people who may pose as India Thunderball dealers only for them to turn out to be fraudsters. When marking your play area, you may make an error. If this happens, do not cancel or erase the affected panel. All you need to do is to void the play area by checking the void box located at the bottom of the number series.

India Thunderball also gives you an opportunity to take part in advance draws. This means you can participate in future draws today, thereby saving yourself the time of having to visit a dealer. The only disadvantage with this is that the lottery system doesn’t allow you to pick different numbers for each of the draws. You will have to enter all the subsequent draws with a single set of numbers.

Once you finish marking the playslip, hand it over to the cashier who will then process it and give you a ticket. The ticket is the proof of purchase. Without it, no one can ascertain that you participated in the India Thunderball draw and therefore you cannot be enlisted for a prize. This is why it is always insisted that you keep your ticket safe and sign it at the back to authenticate it.

Playing India Thunderball Online

Apart from the retail purchase of tickets, you can take part in India Thunderball through the online platform. To do this, you must login through the Playwin lotto website. Here you can select your numbers easily and buy your tickets. Just like when playing through a retailer, there is a Lucky Pick box through which you can request for a random generation of your winning numbers through the system.

You can enter up to a maximum of 6 subsequent draws. To qualify to play online, you must first get the card. This card is available in different denominations include 200, 500, 1000, and 5000 rupees. Anyone can take part in India Thunderball; however, the tickets can only be bought in India and the prizes will come in Indian rupees.  The card will enable you to pay for your ticket.

Playing online has a number of advantages, including the fact that your ticket is automatically stored online, you do not have to spend time queueing only to buy tickets because everything is virtual.

India Thunderball Prize Breakdown

The draws are held every Tuesday at 10.30 p.m. and broadcasted live on TV channel Zee Zing. To ensure the process is without doubt and transparent, the authorities and lottery regulations in India require that the draws were publicly conducted. Among the people who attend these draws are appointed government officials, lottery officials, invited members of the public, and the press. The machines are also vetted in advance and any bias identified and dealt with before the draw is conducted.

During the draw, the following prize categories apply:

  • In the first prize category, it is mandatory that you match the 5 selected numbers plus the Thunderball. From experience, the odds for this are 1: 12,760,020. The prize is 1 crore.
  • The second prize category requires that you match only the 5 drawn numbers without the Thunderball. The odds for this are 1:911,430 and the prize attached to it is 40,000.
  • The third prize category requires you to match 4 out of the 5 drawn numbers plus the Thunderball. The odds for this are 1:68,973. The prize allocated to this category is 25,000.
  • The fourth prize category requires you to match only 4 of the 5 drawn numbers. From previous participation, the odds for winning this are 1: 4,927 and the prize amount is 2,500.
  • The fifth category requires you to match 3 of the 5 drawn numbers plus the Thunderball. The prize amount in this category is 1,000 and the odds for winning are in 1: 1,916.
  • The sixth prize category wins you 50 in prize amount and requires you to match just 3 of the 5 drawn numbers at odds of 1:137.
  • The second last prize category requires you to match 2 of the 5 drawn numbers plus the Thunderball and this also wins you 50 in prize amount. The odds here are 1:164.
  • The last prize category has a prize amount of 20 and to win here, you have to match one of the 5 drawn numbers plus the Thunderball. The odds are 1:39.

The general odds of winning any prize in the India Thunderball are 1:25. This means anyone participating stands a greater chance of walking away with a prize. This explains why this lottery game is one of the favorites all across India.

Claiming Your Prize

As soon as the draw is done, you are strongly advised to confirm the tickets you have if they have won any prize. You can confirm in several places. One of the recommended place is on the official Playwin lottery website or Lotto India website. These are reliable platforms that are updated on real time basis. You can also check from your retailer if your ticket has won a prize. Usually, at the authorized dealer outlet, a list is pinned showing the tickets that have won prizes and the prizes won.

If you have played through online or mobile, your winnings will be automatically credited to your card. You can then go ahead and cash at the nearest Playwin outlet. On the other hand, if you play through the outlet, you can go ahead and cash your winnings. Players who win more than 10,000 Indian rupees in prizes, they must first fill a claim form which they can easily download through the website and afterwards submit it together with the documents required. The winnings are usually taxed because they are considered part of your income. The government uses these funds to finance its projects, including primary education and infrastructure.

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