Grand Dragon Lottery Review

Grand Dragon Lottery (DGLotto) is a lottery game provider in Cambodia. Its commitment is to offering Live 4 Digit numbers. All the lottery activities are streamed live from lottery machines at their headquarters in Chreythom in Kandal Province.

DGLotto ensures that every lottery process is transparent and every person has an opportunity to participate. Over the years, DGLotto has been modernizing the lottery space thereby rising up to meet the demand of the ever-increasing number of players.

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How to Play Grand Dragon Lottery

The pillar that supports DGLotto is that of changing lives by giving everyone an opportunity to actualize their dreams. Their games are fun, exciting, and transparent. Player welfare is taken care of well and the values of honesty and integrity are upheld.

Grand Dragon Lottery is the first 4D lottery game whose origins can be traced way back to 1951. Its popularity has risen in both Malaysia and Singapore. The coming of this lottery game has made Cambodia one of the most prominent lottery destinations in Asia.

To play Grand Dragon Lottery, you have to choose your lucky numbers from 13 winning positions starting from A to M. There are 3 betting choices in this game as follows:

  • 4D Big – This is the big package betting option. It matches the 4D number with all 23 winning results. The price rate varies per category.
  • 4D Small – This is the small package betting choice where the winning 4D number is matched with the first, second, and third prize numbers. The winning prize rate in this option is higher than in the big package.
  • 4D A – Also known as the 4D Single A package, this matches all 4 digits for the first prize only.
  • 3D ABC Package – This is the fourth betting choice where the last 3 digits of the winning number are matched against the first, second, and third 4D prize number.
  • 3D A – This is the last betting option where the last 3 digits of the winning number are matched against the first 4D prize number.

To play, you should visit any of the designated lottery outlets where you will be given a betting slip to fill in your winning numbers. You have the option to select manually if you have favorites, but also you can select your numbers via the Quick Pick option. Here, the machine does the selection for you.

After you are done picking your numbers, you will pay for the games entered and you will be issued a ticket. The ticket is a bearer document and this means anyone coming across it can present it for a claim.

It is therefore important that you keep it safe and sign it at the back to authenticate it. Always ensure that your ticket is not folded because doing so can deface it thus making it difficult to claim your prize.

GDLotto Drawing Procedure

The drawing procedure has 3 steps.

First Step – To start the process, balls are drawn out with alphabet letters starting from A to W. These balls specifically determine the position of the upcoming number. For instance, if a ball B is drawn, this means the upcoming number set will be for the B position.

Second Step – There are 4 transparent lottery machines labeled D2, D3, D4, and D5. A ball is drawn from each of these machines at the same time and this forms a number combination. If for example number 8 is drawn from D2, number 6 from D3, number 7 from D4, and number 2 from D5, your number combination will be 8, 6, 7, 2.

Step 3 – A further 3 balls from a total of 13 balls will be drawn to determine who walks away with the first, second, and third prizes. These three balls are marked in letters ranging from A to M. Assuming that a ball G is drawn from machine D6, the number combination with G at the end will form the third prize.

Responsible Play

Grand Dragon Lottery emphasizes that playing lottery games in Cambodia should be strictly a fun event and not a source of income. As a gambler, you should know the level of risk you can comfortably take and set limits appropriately.

While people win in Grand Dragon Lottery, there are also losses. To be a responsible player, you should play the games with money set for entertainment and not for other uses. When this money is exhausted, stop playing until the next time.

You should know when to gamble. For instance, if gambling is going to interfere with your personal or work responsibilities, do not do it. It is also important that you do not gamble to solve family or personal problems.

To prevent irresponsible play, every product from the betting slip to the ticket that Grand Dragon Lottery issues, has a special play responsible message alongside a telephone number for support services that are available 24 hours.

Grand Dragon Lottery Prize Breakdown

There are 5 prize categories in the Grand Dragon Lottery. These are as follows:

  • First Prize – This amounts to $2,500.
  • Second Prize – This amounts to $1,000.
  • Third Prize – This totals $500.
  • Starter Prize – This is $200.
  • Consolation Prize – This gives you $60.

The prizes are highly lucrative bearing in mind that the cost per play is just $1. Together with the winning odds, you stand a very high chance of walking away with a prize.

Bonus Jackpot

This is among the most creative bonus system that gives each player a chance to win the next bonus. Before the draw comes to an end, position A is drawn from the 13 positions A to M and marked as the bonus position. There is the small bonus, a big bonus, and a super bonus.

  • A small bonus is when A is drawn into the third prize.
  • The big bonus is when A is drawn into the second prize.
  • Super bonus is when A is drawn into the first prize.

Super bonus gets 100% from the jackpot pool; big bonus gets 50% while small bonus gets 30%. The bonus is applicable to players who participate in a 4D bid and 4D small. For every $1 of play, you get one unit share of the bonus for each 4D number. If your bet exceeds $1.99, you get two units of bonus share.

To claim your prize, you can visit your local Grand Dragon Lottery outlet, regional office, or the headquarters depending on the prize. Immediately the draw is concluded, you can begin the prize claim process.

Zero Lottery Scam

The lottery scam is expensive for lotteries around the world as it damages the integrity of the whole lottery culture. To prevent this, Grand Dragon Lottery uses a secure and safe mechanism that encrypts financial transactions. As a player, you can, therefore, rest assured that all your financial information is safeguarded and there is no risk of compromise.

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