Galaxy Star Review

Galaxy Star is an exciting lottery game in Sri Lanka offered by government-approved lottery company, Development Lotteries Board (DLB). It gives amazing prizes to the lucky winners. Galaxy Star is available to everyone if they have attained the legal age and have the money to play.

How to Play Galaxy Star

To participate in Galaxy Star and win fabulous prizes, you need to visit a Development Lotteries Board agent in your area. You have to physically visit an agent because DLB doesn’t offer the online option but have over 2,000 agents across Sri Lanka. This means irrespective of the area you are in Sri Lanka, you will get an agent easily.

Once you visit your local DLB dealer, you will be given a playslip to fill your favorite numbers. This could be your year of birth or any other special day in your life. On the other hand, if you have a set of special lucky numbers, this is the time to put them down.

Select four numbers from 60 balls and one Star Sign from 12 numbers. These sets are selected from different machines. Once you select your favorite numbers and Star Sign and fill in the playslip, you will give it to the agent the playslip together with the money. In return, you will be given a ticket. Remember, your lottery ticket is the pass that authenticates your participation in the game.

Depending on the value of your bet, you will have to pay an equivalent amount to the clerk for you to be given your lottery ticket. The cost per ticket is Rs 20. All the tickets should have the logo of DLB and Galaxy Star game printed on their face.

Every bet placement gives you a chance to win the 9 prizes if any of your numbers or Star Signs is drawn among the winning numbers.  Draws for this game are held every Sunday. If you want to participate in an upcoming draw, ensure you buy your ticket well in advance before the draw time. This is to pave way for the drawing process to kick on.

When you get the ticket, ensure that it has the following features before leaving the agent premises:

  • The name of the game, that is, Galaxy Star
  • The numbers and the Star Sign you have chosen
  • The date of the ticket purchase
  • The draw date
  • The ticket serial number

Once you ascertain that everything is fine, it is important to sign the ticket at the back. This is because a lottery ticket is a bearer document meaning anyone with it can claim for the prize in case the ticket wins. You should also keep your ticket well so that it doesn’t get defaced, torn, or damaged. A defaced, torn, or damaged ticket will make it hard to claim your prize in case you win any prize.

Galaxy Star Draw

Galaxy Star draws are held every Sunday. This gives you weekly opportunity to win amazing prizes up to Rs 2 million. You can decide to play every week to increase your chances of winning, however, make sure you play responsibly. Only spend what you are willing to lose. Remember, Galaxy Star is a lottery game and just like any other lottery games, it is a chance game, and no one is guaranteed of winning any prize. It is thus of paramount importance that you use money that you are willing to lose without destabilizing your life.

The draws are conducted at 9.30 p.m. and televised live on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Channel-1. This is done for transparency purposes.

Galaxy Star Prize Breakdown

There are 9 prize categories in Galaxy Star lottery game. You stand a chance to win a prize even by matching a single number or Star Sign. The prize categories are detailed below:

  • The first category entails a player(s) matching any one number from the four winning numbers. The prize for this category is Rs 20.
  • The second prize category is where a player(s) matches any single Star Sign. The prize for this is Rs 20.
  • In the third category, it requires a player(s) to match one number and a Star Sign wins you Rs 60.
  • In the fourth category, a player(s) who matches any two numbers from the four chosen numbers walks away with Rs 40.
  • The fifth category requires a player(s) to match any two numbers and a Star Sign. Here, you will win Rs 200.
  • In the sixth prize category, you should match three out of the four drawn numbers. Matching the three numbers wins you Rs 1,000.
  • In the seventh category, matching any three numbers and a Star Sign wins you Rs 10,000.
  • In the eighth category, matching all four numbers wins you Rs 500,000.
  • The ninth prize level is the jackpot prize, where matching all four numbers and the Star Signs wins you Rs 2 million.

Claiming Your Galaxy Star Prize

In the case that the jackpot prize is won by more than one player, the prize is divided equally among the players. However, if there is no winner in any particular game, the prize is rolled over to the next game.

If you are watching the Galaxy Star lottery draw live on Sri Lanka Rupavahini Channel-1, you will ascertain whether you are the lucky winner. Alternatively, you can watch the repeat of the draw on Monday at 7.30 a.m. at Channel-Eye. You can also check the results on the official Development Lotteries Board website.

Another way you can use to know whether you have won any of the 9 prizes in Galaxy Star game is visiting your local DLB agent with your ticket.

Once you establish that you are one of the winners, you can immediately start the process of claiming your prize. If your prize is less than Rs 100,000, you can get it from your local dealer. On the other hand, prizes of Rs 100,000 and above are claimed from Development Lotteries Board headquarters in No 356, Dr. Colvin R de Silva Mawatha, Colombo 02, Sri Lanka. Ensure you carry your identification documents.

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