Da Ma Cai Super 1+3D Review

The Super 1+3D lottery game is designed to match the invested composition against the drawn numbers and the respective price categories for the 1+3D game. Da Ma Cai has the discretion to change some aspects of the game without any reason whatsoever. However, until that happens, the results of the winning composition for this game shall always refer to the results of the 1+3D game according to the stipulated terms and conditions.

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Playing Super 1+3D

Playing this game is simple. You choose your favorite 4-digit numbers from an array starting from 0000 to 9999. Super 1+3D has a total of 7 prize categories. These comprise first, second, third, Starter, Consolation, Top3 (TP3), and ALL.

When you bet on your 4-digit number, there is a prize category that is selected up front and attached to your chosen number. There is only a single pool type available for Super 1+3D hence you won’t see notations such as A or ABC pools.

Ultimately, the decision on how much to bet is totally up to you. The minimum bet for Super 1+3D is Rm 1 and you can bet in multiples of Rm 1 to any amount you wish. You can play Super 1+3D in 5 different ways as described below.

Straight Bet

This is the ordinary way you can play Super 1+3D numbers. You select your 4 digits from 0000 to 9999. In case you have your favorite numbers, this process can be much quicker. After you are done selecting your numbers, pick the prize category to be attached to your number and then proceed to play the Straight Bet.

Lucky Pick

If you are a newbie and you do not have any favorite number or you simply want to spread your bet, you can go for the Lucky Pick. The minimum bet amount for the Lucky Pick is Rm 1. The Lucky Pick numbers are randomly generated by the system and on the ticket, the numbers generated through Lucky Pick have the LP notation beside them. You just never know; your Lucky Pick number may as well be your winning number.

Box Bet

This mode of play covers all the possible permutations of the 4-digit number you have chosen. For instance, you may decide to play Box Bet on a number such as 1991. In this case, you will be covered for 6 permutations which are 1991, 9191, 9119, 9911, 1199, and 1919. Because each number costs you Rm 1, you will pay Rm 6 for the total 6 permutations. How many permutations will be generated totally depends on the composition of your 4-digit number.

  • If all the 4 digits of your number are unique such as in 1928, the number of permutations will be 24 denoted as B24. For this, you will pay Rm 24.
  • If 2 of your digits are similar such as in 1128, you will get a total of 12 permutations indicated as B12. The minimum bet amount for this is Rm 12.
  • If your number has two pairs of similar digits such as in 1991, the number of permutations will be 6 denoted as B6. The minimum bet amount for this is Rm 6.
  • Lastly, if 3 of the digits are similar like in 1999, the number of permutations you can get from this is 4 and denoted as B4. For this, you will pay a minimum bet amount of Rm 4.

The Roll Bet

This is a unique play mode for Super 1+3D which allows you to roll any of the 4 digits of your number. For instance, you may decide to roll the front digit. This is represented by the following notation Rnumber. The R indicates Roll while the number is the remaining 3 digits. A good example will be a number such as 1332. If you decide to roll the front digit, you end up with R332. The rolling gives you a total of 10 4-digit numbers which in this case will be 0332, 1332, 2332, 3332, 4332, 5332, 6332, 7332, 8332, 9332.

The rolling is not limited to the front digit but you can roll any of the digits up to the last one. Since one set of a Roll Bet consists of 10 4-digit numbers, you will pay Rm 10 as your minimum bet. On the ticket, the number will be indicated with the words Roll beside it and an indication of which digit is being rolled.


This is the last method through which you can play Super 1+3D. Here, you get the iBox feature which allows you to cover all the possible permutations of your 4-digit number with a minimum bet of Rm1. iBox play is both inexpensive and fun while on the other hand enhancing your chances of winning. For instance, if you decide to play iBox on a number such as 1991, the possible permutations will be 6 denoted as IB6, the notation IB being a contracted form of iBox.

Just as it is in Box Bet, the number of permutations will totally depend on your chosen 4-digit number. The only difference is that the minimum bet for any of the permutations is Rm 1.

Da Ma Cai Super 1+3D Prize Breakdown

As mentioned earlier on, the winning prizes for Super 1+3D are based on the 1+3D drawn numbers. To win a prize in this game, the 4-digit number and the related permutation must be in the exact order as the numbers drawn in the particular prize category. The prize categories are as follows:

Individual Prize Category

This category comprises all the prize categories in the 1+3D game which include first, second, third, starter, and consolation. Here, the player selects one of the prize categories for every combination of 4-digit number.

Permissible Prize Category Combination

This category consists of:

  • TP3 – This is a scheme that allows you to pair with any of the top 3 prizes which are first, second, and third prize.
  • ALL – This is a scheme that allows you to pair with any of the 1+3D prize categories starting from the first prize to the consolation prize.

iBox Prize Categories

The categories here are similar to those in permissible prize categories and individual prize categories only that the payable amounts are reduced based on the variable combinations.

Where to Claim Your Super 1+3D Prize

There are various prize claiming points and it depends entirely on the prize amount you have won and whether it is a bonus or jackpot prize.

  • If you win any amount up to Rm 75,000, you can claim it at any Da Ma Cai outlet. The claim period is usually 3 months from the draw date.
  • If you win any prize amount above Rm 75,000, you can claim from any Da Ma Cai regional office in Perak, Penang, Johor, Melaka, or Kuala Lumpur.
  • Jackpot and bonus prizes exceeding Rm 200,000 should be claimed from the head office which is at Wisma Genting in Kuala Lumpur.

To claim your prize, you need the winning ticket together with your passport or identity card. Super 1+3D pays you by cash or cheque depending on your winning prize amount.

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