Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus Review

Ever since it was set up, Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd has been at the forefront of the development of lotto games aimed at giving Malaysians the opportunity to have fun and win big. Apart from that, they also focus on education and community empowerment by sponsoring development initiatives in the country.

One of the games that has given Da Ma Cai so much fame in the country is 3 + 3D Bonus. This is a game that is easy to play and has layers of prizes you can win right from the comfort of your home.

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How to Play Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus

If you have been participating in the other games by Da Ma Cai, you will find it a breeze to play this game. It is an extension of the 3D game thanks to the bonus element.

To play this game, select two sets of 3D numbers. The numbers are confined from 000 to 999. Since each set has 3 numbers, the total digits in the two sets will be 6. In addition to the two sets of numbers, you are required to proceed and select a bonus from the Chinese Zodiac which is an array of 12 signs.

Once you are done with this, the last step is to place your bet. The amount you bet in Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus must be in multiples of Rm 1.

Understanding the Chinese Zodiac Bonus

As earlier stated, the bonus element of this game comprises 12 Chinese zodiacs. Each Chinese zodiac bonus, is a unique symbol attached to it. For a bet to be valid, it is supposed to have two sets of 3D numbers and a Chinese zodiac bonus. The following are the symbols:

  • Rat - Rat
  • Ox - Ox
  • Tiger - Ti
  • Rabbit - Rb
  • Dragon - Dr
  • Snake - Sn
  • Horse – Hs
  • Goat – Gt
  • Monkey – Mk
  • Rooster – Rs
  • Dog – Dog
  • Boar - Bo

The Betting Slip

This is the authorized instrument through which you are supposed to place your Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus bet. The bet slip has two main sections; the number section and the bonus symbol section. The number section is where you write down the numbers you have selected or alternatively choose the Lucky Pick. There are also options for Box 3D and Box all.

On the bonus column on the far right before the RM column, you indicate the signs as shown on the chart. You use the acronyms instead of the full name. For instance, for goat you indicate Gt and for rooster you indicate Rs.

There are different ways you can play Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus game. All these ways are designed to increase the chances of walking away with even bigger prizes.

Straight Bet

This is the simplest way to play. You simply select two sets of 3D numbers from a range of 000 to 999 and thereafter pick a Chinese zodiac bonus. One set of numbers is called the front 3D and the other set is known as the back 3D. The ticket indicates both of those numbers and the symbol you have chosen.

Lucky Pick

Unlike the straight bet where you choose your numbers manually, in Lucky Pick numbers are randomly generated by the Da Ma Cai system. Any numbers appearing on the ticket generated through Lucky Pick will have the notation LP beside them.

You have an option when playing Lucky Pick. You may decide to allow the system to pick all 6 digits or two sets of numbers through Lucky Pick or allow either the front 3D or back 3D. The Chinese zodiac bonus can also be picked through Lucky Pick.

Box Bet

This is a clever way of covering either in part or in total all the permutations for the numbers you have selected. You can have the box bet for the front 3D numbers or back 3D numbers or both. With a box bet, you actually maximize all the possible winnings by entering different combinations.

For instance, where there are no repeated digits in your chosen numbers, the number of permutations equals 720 and the minimum bet for this is Rm 720.

Roll Bet

When you roll a digit, you are essentially covering all numbers starting from 0 to 9 for the specific rolled digit. The remaining digits are unchanged and this results in a total of 10 different numbers. The maximum you can roll is up to 2 digits.

Z and iZ Bet

The Z bet option is unique in that it allows you to cover all symbols in the Chinese zodiac bonus if the 3 + 3D number is drawn for the top 3 prizes, you win a bonus prize. On the other hand, you can go for the iZ bet option which cost just Rm 1. This puts you in a position to win the fixed odd prize in addition to the bonus prize entitlement which is 1/12 for each Rm 1 bet.

Combination Bet

This combines the different bet options for roll bet, box bet, and Z/iZ bet. You could have the front 3D numbers and a box bet and the back 3D numbers being rolled. The combinations are up to you, but they can maximize your returns.

System Bet

Ordinarily, Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus allows you to only select two sets. However, in the system bet, Da Ma Cai opens up to allow you to select anything from 3 sets of 3D numbers to a maximum of 25 sets. With system bet, you can bet on a maximum of 360 3D numbers.

Da Ma Cai 3 + 3D Bonus Prize Breakdown

Draws are held on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays as from 7 p.m. The Ministry of Finance also from time to time grants Da Ma Cai the approval to hold special draws on Tuesdays. The company determines where to hold the draws, but most of the time they are held in the following places.

  • Selangor Turf Club
  • Penang Turf Club
  • Perak Turf Club
  • Off Course Centers

The first prize requires you to match all the 6 digits in the exact order. The prize is Rm 120,000.

The second prize also requires you to match all the 6 digits as drawn in the second prize. The amount to be won is Rm 15,000.

The third prize requires you to match the 6 digits as drawn in the third prize. The order should be the same. You win Rm 10,000.

The starter prize requires you to match all the 6 digits as drawn in the same order. The prize is Rm 2,500.

The consolation prize is at Rm 1,000.

There are additional prizes for instance for matching the front or back 3 digits for the first, second, or third prize. This is Rm 5.

If you match the front or back 3 D digits for the consolation or starter prize, you win Rm 2.

On the side of bonuses, we have the first, second, and third prize bonus. The prizes are Rm 50,000 for the seeding bonus and Rm 30,000 for the weekly bonus for all the categories.

Depending on your winning prize, you can claim either at a Da Ma Cai outlet, the regional office, or the head office. Any prize up to Rm 75,000 can be claimed from the Da Ma Cai outlet. The rest of the prizes as long as it is not a jackpot or bonus exceeding Rm 200,000, you can claim for the regional office. Ensure you carry your ticket and identification documents.

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