Da Ma Cai 1+3D Review

The 1+3D lottery game is one of the games offered by Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd. This company was incorporated on July 4, 1998 in Malaysia with its principal business being the conduct as well as management of number focused games. Apart from the lottery, the company is also engaged in socially beneficial initiatives such as education.

How to Play Da Ma Cai 1+3D

To play this game, you have to choose 4-digit numbers from a range of 0000 to 9999. Thereafter, you decide the type of bet you want to play. There are the big bet and the small bet. Alternatively, you can play both of them.

The big bet has the advantage of increasing your chances of winning because you have a total of 23 winning numbers to match. You can win the first prize, second prize, third prize, 10 starter prizes, and up to 10 consolation prizes.

On the other end, the small bet gives you higher prizes, but the numbers you can match to win are only 3. You can win the first, second, or third prize.

After your decision on the type of bet, you should also decide on the amount that you want to bet. To play Da Ma Cai 1+3D lottery, the minimum bet amount is Rm1.

Straight Bet

This is a simple bet where you select your 1+3D number starting from 0000 to 9999. Instead of struggling with the selection, if you have your favorite numbers, you can simply play them.

Lucky Pick

This is similar to Straight Bet only that you select your numbers through the computer terminal. This works best if you do not have a favorite number. The computer terminal will help you spread your bet. The minimum amount of bet for a Lucky Pick is Rm 1 just like in a Straight Bet. On your ticket, the numbers selected through Lucky Pick are labeled LP.

Box Bet

This is a mode of play that allows you to cover different combinations of your favorite 4-digit number. Assume you play 1991 through Box Bet, you can cover up to 6 permutations as follows: 1991, 1199, 9119, 9191, 9911, 1919. For a six permutation, the minimum per bet is Rm 6.

Below is a categorization of the different possible permutations.

  • If all the 4 digits of your number are different, for instance 2981, the maximum number of permutations is 24 and the minimum bet is Rm 24.
  • If two of the 4 digits are similar, for instance 2811, the maximum number of permutations is 12 and the bet amount is Rm 12.
  • Where two pairs of your 4-digit number are the same such as 9911, the possible number of permutations is 6 giving you a minimum bet of Rm 6.
  • If three of your 4 digits are similar such as 7666, you get 4 permutations and the minimum bet is Rm 4.

The Roll Bet

This type of bet allows you to roll a digit of your favorite number. Whichever number you choose to roll, you will end up with up to 10 4-digit numbers. For instance, if you roll the front digit in R965, you will end up with 0965, 1965, 2965, 3965, 4965, 5965, 6965, 7965, 8965, 9965. You can choose to roll any digit and the results in terms of numbers will follow the same path. The minimum bet in this play mode are Rm 10 because of the 10 individual numbers that will be generated.


With this mode of play, you can cover all permutations of your chosen 4-digit number. The minimum bet is Rm 1. With IBox, you enjoy the fun of playing Da Ma Cai 1+3D while at the same time you do not feel the pinch in terms of cost.

Your chances of winning Da Ma Cai 1+3D is enhanced by IBox. For instance, playing 1991 through IBox gives you 6 combinations. The notation is IB6 and the same will appear on your ticket. The categorization of the possible permutations is similar to the Box Bet. The only difference is that in all combinations, the minimum bet remains constant at Rm 1.

You can place your bets at any authorized Da Ma Cai outlet. The outlets operate throughout the week from Monday to Sunday with operating hours ranging from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday is a rest day and outlets are closed. However, you may find some open.

Apart from visiting the physical Da Ma Cai outlet, you can place your bet over the phone. This is possible through the dmcGO, a revolutionary mobile betting platform. You can play anywhere and it is fast and easy. The app can be downloaded for both Android and Apple devices.

Da Ma Cai 1+3D Ticket

Once you choose your numbers and pay the appropriate amounts, you will be given a ticket which is the evidence that indeed you are participating in this game. The ticket has a number of features including:

  • The game type which is in this case is Da Ma Cai 1+3D
  • The number purchased or generated in case of Lucky Pick
  • The bet type
  • The bet amount
  • The draw number
  • The draw date
  • Ticket barcode
  • Marketing message
  • Date and time the ticket was printed

Ensure you keep your ticket safe because you cannot claim a prize without it.

Da Ma Cai 1+3D Prize Breakdown

Da Ma Cai draws are conducted 3 times in a week on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting 7 p.m. Occasionally, the Ministry of Finance grants Pan Malaysian Pools Sdn. Bhd the authority and approval to conduct special draws. When this happens, the draws are slotted for Tuesdays starting 7 p.m.

The company determines where the draws are to be conducted, but the following locations have been used from time to time.

  • Penang Turf Club in Pulao Penang
  • Selangor Turf Club in Selangor
  • Perak Turf Club
  • Off Course Centers

The draws are usually conducted by the officials of the company together with guest officials, public witnesses, and public auditors. The winning numbers are determined through horse races. Before the draw is held, the company designates the particular horse race they will use which is afterward certified by the external auditors and made public. The horse race determines the first, second, and third prizes.

The draws are done using transparent electromechanical drums. The first drum which is also referred to as the horse drum is usually marked H and contains balls that correspond to the number of horses in the race. Each of the balls is marked with numbers starting from 1 to 13. The remaining 6 drums known as number drums are marked 1 to 6 and contains 10 balls starting from 0 to 9. The numbers drawn from the drums constitute the winning numbers of Da Ma Cai 1+3D.

  • A total of 10 6-digit numbers from the number drums give you the consolation winning numbers.
  • The next lot is a total of 13 6-digit numbers, four of which come from 4-number drums and the rest from the horse drum. This gives you three main winning numbers (first, second, and third prize) while the remaining 10 numbers constitute the starter winning numbers.
  • The three main winning numbers are determined solely by the horse race.

Depending on whether you have won a bonus prize or jackpot, there are various places you can claim your prize. Winnings of up to Rm 75,000 can be claimed from any outlet. Any other amount above this save for the jackpot or bonus prize is to be claimed from any of the regional offices. The jackpot prize is to be claimed from the head office in Kuala Lumpur. You have up to 3 months to claim your prize.

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