Bodoland Lottery Review

If you’re looking for information about Bodoland Lottery, tough luck! Even its official website is empty – our favorite kind of resource when we are researching international games.

This isn’t an uncommon thing when it comes to Indian lotteries. Most of them have no official rules, no official information, and nothing to guide you. This is an especially big problem for those who aren’t in India or who have never given such games a try before.

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Still, digging online and going through tens of resources, we have managed to come up with at least the basic facts about the Bodoland Lottery. While the following Bodo Lottery review isn’t the most comprehensive text we have ever worked on, it will still shed some light on the most important aspects of playing the game.

How to Play Bodoland Lottery

Are you wondering how to buy Bodoland Lottery? Before moving on to this question, let’s provide a bit more information on the basics first.

For a start, Bodoland is an autonomous territorial region in India, and as such, it has its local lottery. It is operated by the Bodoland Territorial Council Secretariat, which means that regulations and a legal framework are both applied to how the game is being played and to the distribution of prizes.

Bodoland is one of the only 13 states and territories in India that have a legal lottery. The Bodoland Lottery is quite popular because of the gameplay method and the very, very affordable cost of a single ticket.

A Bodoland Lottery draw takes place every single day at 3 p.m. local time. Once the drawing has been completed, you can check the Bodoland Lottery result today in several ways (some of the most prominent opportunities will be mentioned at the end of this guide).

The only exception from this general rule is Friday. On Friday, Bodoland Lottery offers numerous distinct drawings. Each one of them is color-coded to ensure easier recognition. There is an Orange, a Gold, a Diamond, a Charm, and a Storm Friday drawing. When buying tickets for Friday drawings, players will need to specify which particular version of the game they’re interested in.

The price of one ticket is Rs.2, which makes the game incredibly affordable even for those who have a fairly modest income.

Tickets can be acquired through multiple retail agencies throughout the territory of Bodoland. Regardless of the drawing and the day that the player is interested in, the cost of the ticket remains unchanged.

Bodoland Lottery Prizes and Payouts

The government of Bodoland has decided on a pretty unique lottery structure, which is also determining how prizes are being distributed among the players.

There are sub-categories and divisions within each drawing. As a result, one can anticipate having multiple first-prize winners for each of the drawings.

Those who are lucky enough to win the first prize in one of the Bodoland Lottery divisions will receive an award of Rs.50,000. The second prize is Rs.7,000, and the third prize is Rs.3,500. The lower the prize tier, the bigger the number of winners is going to be.

A fourth prize tier results in rewards of Rs.200 per winner. There is also a fifth and sixth tier of rewards. These will make players Rs.100 and Rs.50 richer, respectively.

Once the respective drawing has taken place, all participants can check out the results to see if they’ve won anything. It’s a good idea to complete the check as quickly as possible because Bodoland Lottery comes with a relatively limited amount of time for making a prize claim.

All winners, regardless of the size of the reward they have acquired, are entitled to a 30-day claim period from the date of the drawing. The Bodoland Territorial Council processes the prizes in Kokrajhar.

When visiting to make a prize claim, winners will need to bring along a valid form of ID and the winning ticket. After their identity has been verified, the respective award payment will be issued on behalf of the winner.

As you can see, the specifics are pretty simple and straightforward. Bodoland Lottery does not offer anything special in terms of individual rewards, bonuses, and add-ons (these are generally not typical for lotteries in India). Still, the game is legal and pretty accessible. It comes with relatively good odds of winning a prize, which makes Bodo Lottery such a favorite for people across the territory.

Checking the Bodoland Lottery Result Today

Now that you know how to win Bodoland Lottery, it’s essential also to discuss reliable sources of information about the latest Bodoland Lottery result.

The official website of the game isn’t the best choice for information. It’s pretty static, and there doesn’t seem to be a commitment to frequent updates. Luckily, the results can be checked out in a couple of alternative and very reliable ways.

For a start, you can visit the local council to check the results and directly make a prize claim in the event of winning any sum.

Luckily, there are numerous mobile apps dedicated to various lottery games in India. Such apps provide information about daily drawings, and some of them cover the Bodoland Lottery. Go to the respective app store for your kind of phone, and you’ll discover at least a couple of nice apps.

Local media also publish Bodoland Lottery results daily, both in their print copies and in their online portals.

Finally, you can also discover the results information here. We’re committed to maintaining an extensive results database for all kinds of international lotteries, including the Bodoland Lotto. All that you have to do is visit the respective website section for access to the information that you want.

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