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Big Sweep is a lottery game offered by Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd which was incorporated on July 4, 1988. It is a subsidiary owned 100% by Usaha Tegas Sdn Bhd. This organization uses surpluses from Big Sweep to support and finance charitable initiatives. One of the greatest beneficiaries is Ukai Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to nurturing talent through education.

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How to Play Big Sweep

Big Sweep is the only lottery game that gives you two ways to win. The first one is scratch and match while the second one is the main draw.

In the main draw, every ticket has a unique set of 7-digit numbers pre-printed on it. The numbers range from 1,000,000 to 7,999,999. In addition, there is a jackpot number that starts from 0 to 9. In each draw, Big Sweep gives players an opportunity to win lots of prizes.

There is a jackpot prize of Rm 500,000 that is allocated per draw. If the jackpot amount is not won, it is rolled over to the next draw and the cycle continues until it is finally won.

In the scratch and match, you are supposed to match the outcome of the scratch against a combination of 3-digit numbers together with the image of a car that is predetermined. In each draw, there are 1, 195, 477 prizes to be won. All the prizes are instant and cash based. In each draw, you can win a new Honda HR-V 1.8L E.

The ticket has two sections; the main draw section and the scratch and match section. On the main draw section, there are two sets of numbers, the 7-digit number, and the jackpot number. There is also the draw date indicated as well as the draw number. On the scratch and match section, there is only the scratch area that reveals the numbers and the car and determines whether you have won a prize or not.

Main Draw

As pointed out above, each ticket has a 7-digit number which ranges from 1 to 7. To win, players must match the last 6 digits on their tickets with the numbers that are drawn.

Each of the 7-digit winning tickets has the opportunity to win in more than one prize category if it is matched with another 7-digit or another front 4-digit or last 3-digit numbers. If you match the front 4 digits, you win a prize in that category.

Scratch and Win

In this space, you are supposed to scratch the area indicated in the ticket so that you can reveal the result. After that, you match the ticket results with the winning number stated. Each of the main scratches has 9 numbers and the vehicle that awaits the lucky winner. If you match all 9 numbers against the designated winning number, you get the vehicle.

However, it is also important to emphasize that you can win a prize in the scratch-and-win category if you can match even one number against the predetermined winning number. For the bonus scratch, you are supposed to scratch the designated area on the ticket in order to reveal the prize. Usually, the prize on offer in the bonus scratch ranges from Rm 2 to Rm 500. The prize structure can be found on the reverse side of the ticket.

Big Sweep Prize Breakdown

Just in the same way that we have two ways of playing Big Sweep, there are also two broad categories of prizes. The first set of prizes is the main draw prizes. In this category, we have the major prizes which include the jackpot prize, first, second, and third prize as shown below:

  • In the jackpot prize, the amount is Rm 500,000.
  • The first prize is Rm 3 million.
  • The second prize is Rm 1 million.
  • The third prize is Rm 100,000.

On the other prizes category, we have 6 sets as shown below:

  • Blissful prizes – These are Rm 5,000 each.
  • Sweet prizes which are Rm 2,000 each
  • Glee prizes which are Rm 1,000 each
  • Happy prizes are awarded based on the 1st 4 digits of the first, second, and third prize. The prize here is Rm 1,000 each.
  • Lucky prizes which are based on the first 4 digits of blissful prizes.
  • The last is the bonus prize which is based on the front 4 digits of the sweet prizes. The prize is Rm 20.

Scratch and Match

The type of prizes here includes major prizes and other prizes. On the major prizes, you have the following:

  • Bonus prize – This is the topmost prize which is a new Honda HR-V car that comes with one-year road tax and insurance.
  • The second prize goes to the player who matches 3 digits number of Pertama prizes. The prize amount is m 50,000.
  • The third prize goes to the players who match 3 digits number of Kedua prizes. The prize amount is Rm 10,000.
  • To win the fourth prize, match 3 digits number of Ketiga prizes. The prize amount is Rm 1,000.

Apart from the major prizes, there are other prizes as illustrated below:

  • When you match the last 2 digits of Pertama prizes, you win Rm 100.
  • When you match the last 2 digits of Kedua prizes, you win Rm 30.
  • When you match the last 2 digits of Ketiga prizes, you win Rm 10.
  • When you match the last digit of Pertama prizes, you win Rm 9.
  • When you match the last one digit of Kedua prizes, you win Rm 6.
  • When you match the last digit of Ketiga prizes, you win Rm 3.

Claiming Your Big Sweep Prize

Depending on the amount you have won, you can claim your prize from any of the following locations:

Prizes of up to Rm 100,000 should be claimed from any branch office or an authorized agent of Big Sweep in Malaysia. Prizes above Rm 100,000 can be claimed from the main office which is on the third floor of Wisma Low Siew Eng Building. There are also offices in Perak, Penang, and Johor.

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