Big Sweep Super 7 Review

Big Sweep Super 7 is a lottery game offered by Pan Malaysian Sweeps Sdn Bhd. This company was incorporated on July 4, 1988, in Malaysia. Its principal business activity is the promotion and distribution of sweepstakes tickets under the leading brand of Big Sweep.

The operations of Big Sweep are governed by the Public Sweepstakes Act that came into effect in 1965. Proceeds from Big Sweep are donated to Yu Cai Foundation. This is a charitable organization that is dedicated to nurturing talent through education.

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Highlights for Big Sweep

Big Sweep offers preprinted tickets to the public via appointed agents. The first draw of this game was held on March 18, 1989, and to this day, more than 400 draws have been conducted. The number of tickets sold is 2.8 billion and above.

In each draw, about 7 million tickets are printed. The cost per ticket is Rm 3 and this includes gaming tax and goods and services tax.

Playing Big Sweep Super 7

As a brand-new chance game, Big Sweep Super 7 comes with a number of variations of plays comprising the main draw and Scratch3Win games. In this game, you can win the first prize with more than 7 chances.

Each ticket that you buy comes with a 7-digit number ranging from 1xxxxxx to 7xxxxxx. This gives a total of 7 series of tickets. To win in this game, you have to match the last 6 digits to the numbers drawn. In this way, irrespective of the series of your ticket, you can be a winner.

With each winning ticket, you can have more than one prize depending on the combination of your numbers.

On the face of your ticket, you will find the imprinted draw number and the draw date for the specific series of tickets. The ticket has two sections; the main draw section and the Scratch3Win section. The Scratch3Win section has the main scratch area and the bonus scratch area.

Big Sweep Super 7 allows you to scratch the designated area so as to reveal the result. When it comes to bonus scratch, you have another chance of winning a prize. In each draw, a total of 1769189 instant prizes are available for winning.

In the main draw, each ticket has a unique set of 7-digit numbers preprinted. The total number of prizes to be won in each draw under the main draw is 56189.

Big Sweep Super 7 Prize Breakdown

Draws are held once every 3 weeks. During the drawing session, the winning tickets are drawn publicly at a Turf Club designated for the activity in Selangor, Perak, and Penang in Malaysia. The draws are then relayed to all the major dailies so that they can be published the following day.

Matching the front 4 digits of the winning number wins you a prize in this category. When you match the last 3 digits, you also win a prize. If you happen to match the last 3 digits of the winning number together with another last 3 digits of a winning number, you can win more than one prize.

Under the main draw, there are two categories of prizes, the major prize, and the other prizes. The major prizes are the first prize, the second prize, and the bonus prize. The first prize category has a total of 7 prizes and the prize amount is Rm 1,000,000. The second prize category also has a total of 7 prizes and the prize amount is Rm 100,000. The bonus prize is a Myvi Perodua that is valued at Rm 50,000.

The other prizes start from the third to the eighth prize. The third prize category has 7 prizes valued at Rm 10,000. The fourth prize category has 28 prizes valued at Rm 3,000. The fifth prize category has a total of 42 prizes and the prize amount is Rm 2,000. The sixth prize category has a total of 91 prizes and the prize amount is Rm 1,000.

The seventh prize requires you to match the front 4 digits and the amount is Rm 10. The last prize category requires you to match the last 3 digits and the prize amount is Rm 10.

The Scratch3Win category has 3 types of prizes which are major prizes, other prizes, and bonus prizes. Under the major prizes, if you match the 9 numbers revealed you win a Mercedes Benz GLA 200. If you match 8 numbers, you win a Honda Civic 1.5 TC. If you match 7 numbers, you win a prize amount valued at Rm 10,000.

The second category is the other prizes. Here, matching 6 numbers gives you Rm 1,000. Matching 5 numbers gives you Rm 50, matching 4 numbers gives you Rm 20, matching 3 numbers gives you Rm 10. Matching 2 numbers gives you Rm 8, matching 1 number gives you Rm 5.

There are 5 bonus prizes. The first bonus prize is worth Rm 500. The second bonus prize is valued at Rm 100, the third bonus prize is Rm 10, the fourth bonus prize is Rm 5, and the last bonus prize is Rm 2.

Claiming Big Sweep Super 7 Prizes

You can find out when results are out whether your ticket has won a prize or not. You can do this by visiting your local outlet or checking from the dailies. Once you have established that indeed you are a winner, you can claim your prize either from the main office or the branch offices. You can also present your claim from the authorized agents. The determining factor is the prize amount you have won.

The main office is in Kuala Lumpur. There are three branch offices one in Perak, the other in Penang, and the last one in Johor. The authorized agents are spread all over and you can easily reach out to one for your claim. However, you should remember to carry your identification documents to verify that indeed you are the winner of the prize.

Authorized agents may not pay beyond a given amount and always are restricted by a float. They may refer you to another agent who is in a position to give you the cash you are claiming.

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