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Lottery in Sri Lanka is operated by the National Lotteries Board (NLB). This was established under the Finance Act of 1963 which also abolished the Hospital Lotteries that preceded the NLB. The Act was later amended and some sections repealed in 1997 and 1998. Headquartered in Colombo, the NLB has 5 directors one of whom is an observer and a representative of the treasury. The establishment of the lottery culture in Sri Lanka arose out of the need to tap into the public finances to fund projects for the common good. For this reason, almost every lottery is attached to a certain cause that directly benefits vulnerable members of the public.

Airport Super Draw Introduction

Airport Super Draw also known as Colombo Airport Super Draw is a lottery game that was introduced by the NLB in 1992. The main aim behind the introduction was to generate funds to finance several projects under the Airport Aviation Authority. The cost per ticket is $30 or its equivalent if you want to convert from Sri Lankan rupees. The prize at stake in the Airport Super Draw is a luxury car whose duty-free cost, insurance, and freight value shouldn’t exceed 47% of the Lotteries gross proceeds. Because of the unique nature of the Airport Super Draw, the rules governing it are slightly different from the ordinary lotteries. For instance, the draw for this lottery is held when the number of tickets designated is sold.

Playing Airport Super Draw

Just like any other lottery, Airport Super Draw is relatively easy to play. Once you decide that you want to take part in this lottery, you first need to visit a dealer near you. The National Lotteries Board has ensured that dealers are spread all over from the Northern town of Jafna to Galle in the South. The area around Colombo including Colombo itself has lots of dealers you can walk to and play Airport Super Draw. When you get to the dealer, request for the Airport Super Draw playslip so that you can pick your numbers. There are two ways of playing this game: manual picking and Quick Pick.

Manual Picking

In manual picking, you select the numbers you feel are the winning combination. This could be due to past experience or a general preference in some lucky numbers. On the playslip, you will see several panels with letters and digits. On any one panel, you are allowed to mark a single letter and 4 numbers. This combination is what will determine whether you win a prize in the draw or not. Should you make a mistake and mark the wrong number or letter, do not cancel or erase the wrong marking. This will destroy the entire playslip. All you need to do is check the void box at the bottom of the panel. This will effectively cancel out the entire panel, but leave the others as valid. In case you want to take part in other subsequent draws in addition to the current one, you can do so by checking the advance play box. However, the numbers you choose at the beginning will be applied to all other upcoming draws because the system doesn’t allow you to choose a unique set of numbers for each subsequent draw.

Quick Pick

This is the other mode of participating in Airport Super Draw. In Quick Pick, you do not ask for the playslip, but rather inform the clerk at the retail location or booth that you want to play Airport Super Draw through Quick Pick. He will run the computer terminal number generation system and depending on the number of plays, charge you appropriately and give you the ticket. You could also elect to play through both manual and Quick Pick. In this case, you use the playslip and the Quick Pick checkboxes at the bottom of each panel area. For the panel you want to use Quick Pick, don’t mark any numbers, but instead just check the Quick Pick box. Whether you choose manual picking or Quick Pick, the bottom line is that Airport Super Draw is a chance game where winning is probabilistic.


Once you have filled up your playslip or made your request for a Quick Pick, you should hand in the equivalent amount based on the number of plays. The clerk will then generate the ticket for you. Each ticket has a unique serial number to identify it from all the rest. Also, the ticket will bear the logo of the National Lotteries Board as well as the name of the game which is in this case is Airport Super Draw. The numbers you have selected will be imprinted on the face of the ticket as well as the date of the ticket and that of the draw. Before you leave the booth, confirm that all details are correct and any query should be raised there and then. The ticket is the assurance and evidence that you have been booked into the draw. It is also one of the primary documents you will have to present if you win a prize. None of the tickets bear the name of the player in which case you have to be careful because losing it could mean losing your fortune to another person. Whoever picks the ticket and presents it wins the prize.

Airport Super Draw Prize Breakdown

For and accountability purposes, the draws are held in the presence of government and NLB official. Also, a representative from an audit firm confirms that the systems are working well and without any bias. Members of the public are also invited to witness the live draw which is broadcasted on TV. Airport Super Draw has a specified number of tickets which have to be sold first before the draw can be held.

Once the results are out, they are posted on the official NLB website, in select Sri Lankan dailies as well as pinned at the dealers’ outlets. This makes it easier for confirmation and prize claiming. To win the prize in Airport Super Draw, you must match the letter and the other 4 drawn numbers. The only prize is a super luxury car.

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