Ada Kotipathi Winning Numbers

Ada Kotipathi is a 4 + 1 number lottery game.

Ada Kotipathi Past Results and Winning Numbers

The Ada Kotipathi result archive contains the results from 31-08-2017 9:30pm IST up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Yesterday, Thursday 7th December 2023, 9:30pm 36 51 57 59 Y
Wednesday 6th December 2023, 9:30pm 22 38 41 62 E
Tuesday 5th December 2023, 9:30pm 22 24 41 68 Q
Monday 4th December 2023, 9:30pm 23 53 54 60 I
Sunday 3rd December 2023, 9:30pm 28 61 63 69 C
Saturday 2nd December 2023, 9:30pm 11 22 26 52 M
Friday 1st December 2023, 9:30pm 24 32 40 75 Q
Thursday 30th November 2023, 9:30pm 08 52 64 76 T
Wednesday 29th November 2023, 9:30pm 02 34 60 68 I
Tuesday 28th November 2023, 9:30pm 17 19 40 42 S

Ada Kotipathi Hot and Cold Numbers

Ada Kotipathi hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Ada Kotipathi cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Ada Kotipathi results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

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Ada Kotipathi Number Generator

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Ada Kotipathi Review

Ada Kotipathi is a lottery game offered by Development Lotteries Board (DLB) in Sri Lanka. The aim of DLB is to enrich the lives of people in Sri Lanka and it has been doing this since January 1983. Over the years, DLB has made a tremendous contribution through prizes to participants and monetary contributions from their profit to the President’s Fund.

To ensure transparency and innovation, DLB uses state-of-the-art technology in printing tickets and all prize payments are done publicly and are available for scrutiny. This applies to Ada Kotipathi as well as the other lottery games under DLB.

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How to Play Ada Kotipathi

This lottery game is one among the 10 played under DLB. Playing Ada Kotipathi is very simple and anyone can participate as long as they are above the legal age. You can only play through an agent and DLB has enlisted over 2,000 dealers and agents across Sri Lanka to help in the distribution of lottery tickets and redemption of prizes.

DLB has gone a step ahead to appoint 74 lottery distributors who work closely with the dealers and agents to ensure they have the lottery materials and all the essentials they need. For a full list of the agents, head to the official lottery website.

The first step once you get to the agent is to ask for a playslip on which you mark your 4 favorite numbers. You have a total of 75 balls all marked with numbers. From one machine you select 4 numbers and from the other, you select an English letter out of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Once you are done, you give the playslip to the clerk who then issues you upon payment with a ticket. This is your only evidence that indeed you are participating in this game. The cost per ticket is 20 rupees.

Once you receive your ticket, confirm to ensure the numbers you have selected appear in the same order on the face of the ticket. Secondly, check the draw date and the date of the purchase to ensure they are correct. Any anomalies should immediately be reported to the clerk. Missed out details reported later may make it difficult for you to prove your case.

Since the ticket you have is a bearer document, anyone picking it can present it for prize collection. It is therefore important that you ensure it is signed at the back. You should also keep the ticket safely because folding it or careless handling can deface it and make it difficult to claim a prize.

The ticket also has a serial number and color code to represent the day of the draw. The red color is for Monday, dark blue color is for Tuesday, the green color is for Wednesday, the purple color is for Thursday, the orange color is for Friday, the pink color is for Saturday, and the light blue color is for Sunday.

It is important that you buy your tickets from a recognized and authorized dealer because there are unscrupulous businessmen who may want to take advantage of your naivety to sell fake tickets. All the tickets should have the logo of DLB and the name of the game printed on their face.

Ada Kotipathi Draw

Draws for Ada Kotipathi are held daily from Monday to Saturday. This means you have an opportunity to win daily. You can decide to play all days or some of the days depending on your preference. However, it is important to play responsibly so that you do not spend all your resources on lotteries.

It is recommended that you play for fun and not for livelihood. There is a support line just in case you feel hooked onto lotteries and can’t seem to get out of it.

The draws are conducted as from 9.30 p.m. and televised live on Lanka Rupavahini Channel-1. This is done to ensure transparency. During the draw, government officials are invited as are auditors and members of the public.

The sale of tickets ends before 9.30 so that the draw can be held. Immediately afterward, people can buy tickets again for the next draw.

In the draw, drawing machines are used that are clear and visible to all present. The numbers are generated at random and pop up from the machines one by one until they complete the four required numbers. From the other machine that generates letters, the same happens and the first letter to pop out is paired with the four-digit number.

The machines are usually inspected to ensure they have no bias and function well. There are standby machines just in case those in use get spoilt.

Ada Kotipathi Prize Breakdown

There are 9 prize categories in Ada Kotipathi. This means everyone participating stands a high chance of winning something even if they match a single number or letter. This is very important as it instills hope and ambition among players.

  • In the first category, any player who matches a single number wins Rs 20. This is similar to the second category where players who match any single English letter win the same prize.
  • In the third category, a player who matches any two numbers walks away with Rs 100.
  • In the fourth category, to win the Rs 1000 prize, you have to match any 3 numbers.
  • In the fifth prize level, matching all 4 numbers gives you Rs 1 million.
  • In the sixth category, matching one number and an English letter wins you Rs 40.
  • In the seventh category, matching any two numbers and an English letter wins you Rs 1000.
  • In the eighth category, matching any three numbers and an English letter wins you Rs 100,000.
  • The ninth prize level is the jackpot prize where matching all four numbers and the English letter wins you Rs 50 million.

The jackpot prize is divided equally among all players who win in this category. If by any chance no one wins, the jackpot is rolled over to the next game.

Immediately after the draw, the winning numbers are announced live and sent to print for the following day’s newspapers. Dealers also get a list emailed to them which they pin on their respective noticeboards where you can check and confirm. You can also visit the official website and check your draw number for the winning numbers.

Once you establish that you are one of the winners, you should immediately start the process of claiming your prize. Smaller prizes are claimed from the dealers while prizes starting from Rs 100,000 are claimed from the headquarters. This is to ensure convenience and safety. If you do not claim your prize well in advance, the monies may be wired to the President’s Fund and this means you miss out on your prize money.

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