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Sabah 4D Results

Sabah 4D Review

Sabah 4D Review

Sabah 4D is a Lotteries Corporation Sdn. Bhd. game. The locals prefer calling Lotteries Corporation Sdn. Bhd. as 88 because it was established in 1988. Over time, the company has been credited with the development of other popular games including 3D and Lotto games. In terms of agencies, the company currently has 40 of them, which means you have a wide coverage when you want to play Sabah 4D.

Understanding Sabah 4D Game

This game involves selecting 4 digits from an array of numbers starting from 0000 to 9999. To determine the winners at every draw, 23 sets of 4-digit numbers are drawn. Depending on how match the drawn numbers, you shall win a prize. Draws for this game are done on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There is also a special draw that is done.

Types of Bets

There are 5 different ways you can play 4D which include:

  • Standard Bet – This is the common mode of playing. It consists of small bets and big bets. The small bet gives you a chance of winning the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes from the top 3 winning numbers. The big bet allows you to win a variety of prizes from any of the 23 sets of 4-digit numbers drawn. Under the big bet, there are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 10 lucky prizes, and an additional 10 consolation prizes.
  • System Bet – This type of bet allows you to bet on all the possible permutations of your 4D winning number. For instance, the number 4477 has a total of 6 permutations. There is 4477, 4747, 4774, 7744, 7474, and 7447.
  • i-Play – This is a system entry bet that is priced at 1 Malaysian Ringgit (RM) irrespective of the permutations.
  • 4D Roll – This bet type substitutes one of the digits in the 4-digit number with an R. For example, you can have 5R78, R678, 567R, and so forth. The R denotes all the digits starting from 0 to 9. If you mark a number such as R678, you are essentially buying 10 ordinary entries as follows; 0678, 1678, 2678, 3678, 4678, 5678, 6678, 7678, 8678, and 9678.
  • Quick Pick – Here, the computer at the terminal generates a 4D number for you at random. You just ask the sales operator for a Quick Pick. You can purchase any of the above bet types through Quick Pick.

The cost per bet in Sabah 4D is RM 1.00, but this amount excludes state sales tax which is 15%. When it comes to system bet, the amount a player pays entirely depends on the total number of permutations of the 4-digit number chosen.

In the 4D roll, the total number of entries is 10 and this brings the cost to RM10.

The system bet has different types such as:

  • 4 different digits like 5678 which has a total of 24 permutations and costing RM 24.
  • 2 same digits, such as 5677 which has 12 permutations costing RM 12.
  • 2 pairs of digits, such as 5588 which has permutations for a total cost of RM 6.
  • 3 same digits, such as 5888 which has 4 permutations costing RM4.

On the i-Play, there are the same number of permutations as the system bet, but the minimum bet amount in each of the combinations is just RM 1.00. It is important to note that both i-Play and system bet are not available for 4-digit numbers that has the same digits such as 4444, 5555, 6666 etc.

Sabah 4D can be played at any of the betting outlets under Diriwan Corporation.in case you are wondering what the differences between Diriwan Corporation and Lotteries Corporation, Diriwan Corporation is a licensed member forecast company while Lotteries Corporation is the body in charge of market management and organization of gaming operations.

For you to take part in Sabah 4D, you must have attained the minimum betting age of 21 years. If you want to place a bet on Sabah 4D, you are free to do so until 7 p.m. on the draw day. After that, the sale will be closed to allow for the draw to take place and later reopened for future draws.

Lotteries Corporation Sdn. Bhd. pays state tax to the State Government of Sabah. It has also put in place mechanisms that ensure its customers are treated well both at the retail location and the head office. In case a player has complaints of whatever nature, he is free to furnish the company with details of the incident, including the place, time, and date when it occurred.

Sabah 4D Prize Breakdown

The odds of winning Sabah 4D are 1:10,000 for the first three prizes, 1: 1,000 for lucky and consolation prizes. The overall odds of winning any prize in Sabah 4D is 1:435.

  • The first prize category is RM 2,500 if you play the big bet and RM 3,5000 if you play the small bet.
  • The second prize category is RM 1,000 for the big bet and RM 2,000 for the small bet.
  • The third prize is RM 500 for the big bet and RM 1,000 for the big bet.
  • When it comes to lucky prizes and consolation prizes, they are only applicable on the big bet and they are RM 180 and RM 60 respectively.

Other than the above prize structure which is for the standard bet type, there is another prize structure specific for 4D roll and i-Play.

In this structure, the prize distribution is in 4 categories: 24 permutation (P24), 12 permutations (P12), 6 permutations (P6), and 4 permutations (P4). Under the big bet, the prize structure is as follows:

  • The first prize category is RM 105, RM 209, RM 417 and RM 625 for P24 to P4 respectively.
  • The second prize category is RM 42, 84, 167, and 250 for P24 to P4 respectively.
  • The third prize category has RM 21, 42, 84, and 125 for P24 to P4 respectively.
  • The lucky prize category is M 8, 15, 30 and 45 for P24 to P4 respectively.
  • Finally, the consolation prize category has RM 3, 5, 10 and 15 for P24 to P4 respectively.

Under the small bet category of 4D and i-Play, the distribution of prizes is as shown below:

  • The first prize category is RM 146, RM 292, RM 584 and RM 875 for P24 to P4 respectively.
  • The second prize category is RM 84, 167, 334 and 500 for P24 to P4 respectively.
  • The third prize category has RM 42, 84, 167 and 250 for P24 to P4 respectively.

You can claim your prizes from betting outlets which operate starting from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. on draw days and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on non-draw days. The head office of Lotteries Corporation is in Jalan Tuaran, Kota Kinabalu.