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Allure Lotto Numbers

Allure Lotto Review

Allure Lotto Review

Cambodian lottery operators abound. The number of games is astonishing for such a relatively small country. Allure Lotto is one of the available options. Just like many other prominent lottery games in the region, it follows the standard and popular 4D format.

Unlike other lotteries in Cambodia, however, Allure Lotto does provide some useful information for those interested in giving it a try. Thankfully, you can discover a bit more about the operator and the specifics of the game before investing any money in the purchase of your tickets.

If you’ve played 4D games in the past, you’re already familiar with the Allure Lotto format and specifics. Let’s break down the essentials together.

How to Play Allure Lotto

Allure Lotto 4D is a live-drawing four-digit (4D) game that’s available in Cambodia. This Cambodian version of the popular lottery comes with all of the perks that other 4D games bring to the table. Players are free to determine exactly how much money they’re going to spend on a bet. Also, both big and small betting options are available.

Allure Lotto results are drawn live and broadcast online for complete transparency. You can view the latest drawings as they’re taking place by either visiting the Allure Lotto website or downloading their official mobile app.

We also feature the latest Allure Lotto results, as well as information for other lotteries in Cambodia and across the world. You’ll also access a detailed results archive that comes in handy for the fine-tuning of your gameplay strategy.

In Cambodia, you can play lotteries like Allure Lotto 4D if you’re 18 or older. To get your ticket, you will have to visit a physical venue because online ticket purchases in Cambodia aren’t available at the time being.

Your ticket entry will consist of a four-digit number that has a format like this one – 1495. It’s up to you to determine whether some of the numbers will repeat themselves or if all of the digits are going to be distinctive. Keep in mind that both the number and their order will matter to win an Allure Lotto prize.

When getting your ticket, you’ll have to decide on the bet amount and the bet type.

The minimum bet is $1. If you’re confident and you’d like to test your luck, however, you can spend a more substantial sum. The amount you place on the ticket bet will be determining for the payout you’re going to receive in the event of winning.

One additional thing you’ll have to do is decide whether you’re going to place a big or a small bet.

A small bet has only a first, a second, and a third prize. The size of these prizes, however, is more significant in comparison to the size of the big bet prizes. Big bets produce a first, a second, a third, starter and consolation prizes. Thus, there are more prize tiers, but the individual amount a player is going to win is smaller when compared to the same small bet prize.

Allure Lotto has daily drawings that are broadcast live online.

Allure Lotto Prize Breakdown

The size of Allure Lotto prizes depends on the amount you spend on the purchase of the ticket.

For a minimum bet of $1 and a small bet, there’s a first prize $3,500, a second prize of $2,000 and a third prize of $1,000. For big bet players, the first prize is going to be $2,500, the second prize will be $1,000, and the third prize will be $500. There are also 10 starter prizes of $200 each and 10 consolation prizes of $60 each.

Allure Lotto features three additional betting options – 4D A, 3D ABC, and 3D A. You can find a bit more about each one when you visit a retail venue to get your ticket.

When $1 is bet on 4D A, there’s one prize of $6,000. The 3D ABC bet produces the first prize of $250, the second prize of $210 and the third prize of $150. 3D A features only one prize of $660.

Unfortunately, much like other Cambodian lotteries, Allure Lotto 4D does not provide an awful lot of information about the prize claim procedure on the official website. You’ll only get a description of the prize tiers and the amounts you’re going to win when you bet the minimum amount.

Allure Lotto features contact information in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar where the entity supposedly operates additional games. If you have some questions or you’d like to learn a bit more about the prize claim procedure, getting in touch with the respective office may be the smartest thing to do. The official Allure Lotto website also features an online form that can be used to submit an inquiry. It’s questionable, however, if you’re going to receive a timely response.

The one thing known about Cambodian legal procedures about lottery prizes is that winners do not have to pay an income tax on the amount that they’ve acquired. The sum that’s being advertised by the respective lottery is the one that the player will get to take home.

Allure Lotto’s website does not have terms and conditions (other than a short line stating you have to be 18 to play). Still, the opportunity appears to be a legitimate one. There’s no reason to worry about playing Allure Lottery 4d a try, and you can confidently give it a try today to test your luck.

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