Pink Lotto Review

Pink Lotto has a name that sounds super cute but we hope that a fierce lottery is hiding behind it. If you are in Zimbabwe, you’ve probably heard of the game. Maybe you’ve even given it a try. For everyone else who’s interested, we’re here to discuss the most important details.

Pink Lotto is a game of luck operated by Presidents Fund – an entity that was set up in 1990. It’s interesting to point out that the fund was set up to mark 10 years since Zimbabwe’s independence. Through its activities, it generates funds for charitable and social causes, providing players with a feel-good reason to give Pink Lotto a try.

Presidents Fund obtained a license from the Lotteries and Gaming Board in Zimbabwe in 1996. That paved the way for the setting up of a weekly lottery game. As you’ve probably guessed already, that game is Pink Lotto.

Pink Lotto has been around ever since 1999. Since its inception, it has grown exponentially and today, Pink Lotto is the biggest one in the country. In the beginning, the game was known as Original Lotto. Unfortunately, a hiatus had to take place because of economic slowdowns. The lottery was relaunched under the name Pink Lotto in 2019. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

How to Play Zimbabwe Pink Lotto

You can either do a Pink Lotto app download or play the lottery via its official website. Alternatively, you can visit one of the numerous retail outlets that operate in the country and sell lottery tickets offline.

In order to participate, choose six lucky numbers in the range from one to 45. You can either play your favorite digits or choose a quick pick to have those generated at random. In each drawing, there will be six main numbers plus a bonus number selected.

An individual entry into the game is going to cost you ZWL 80.

Pink Lotto weekly drawings occur each Saturday, at 2:30 p.m. local time. Ticket sales are discontinued approximately 30 minutes before the drawing commences. Drawings take place live and they’re audited by professionals to ensure fairness.

Anyone who is of legal age (18 or older) can play Pink Lotto in Zimbabwe. There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of players. People who are legally staying in the country, regardless of their nationality, can play the game and claim prizes in the event of winning.

Zimbabwe Pink Lotto Prizes and Payouts

Pink Lotto has a guaranteed jackpot and a number of additional prize tiers that all make the lottery worth checking out. It’s also important to mention the odds of winning. They’re much better than the chances of winning comparable games from other parts of the world. You have odds of one in 181,001 to win the jackpot. And on top of that, it’s a guaranteed one.

The Pink Lotto jackpot prize comes at a guaranteed sum of $250,000. It has been claimed numerous times already. In May 2020, for example, five people shared the top prize. That’s how “easy” winning the Pink Lotto jackpot is. Through the years, there have been multiple instances of more than one person getting lucky and matching all six of the weekly digits.

Additional prize tiers are available for those who match five, four, or three of the main digits.

Players who win a prize will need to make a claim within 30 days of the respective drawing. The prize claim will have to occur in person. Those who play online or through the app will get lower prize tiers credited to their account automatically. The procedure to be followed when larger sums need to be claimed is outlined in the app’s terms and conditions (as well as on the Pink Lotto website).

In-person claims can be made at all retail outlets for sums up to $500. Retailers are authorized to make such payouts immediately. For larger sums, players will need to visit the Pink Lotto prize payment center. A prize claim form will also have to be filled out for sums exceeding $25,000.

In Zimbabwe, lottery prizes are subjected to an income tax. Currently, the rate is set at 10 percent of the winnings.

If you need some additional information about making a prize claim or following all legal requirements, you can get in touch with the Pink Lotto call center. WhatsApp contact is available, giving Zimbabwe players ease and convenience.

Pink Lotto Results: Best Ways to Get Those

There are several reliable options you can count on if you want to get Pink Lotto results.

For a start, the Pink Lotto website publishes this information as soon as a new drawing is completed. You can also access a result archive there. The Pink Lotto app also features information about the lucky numbers. The Pink Lotto Facebook page holds live video streams whenever drawings occur if you want to get that information immediately. Drawings are also televised and broadcast live on ZBC TV.

Retailers in Zimbabwe can also provide you with details about the latest drawing. Choosing this option is convenient because, in the event of winning, you can also make an immediate claim.

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