National Weekly Winning Numbers

National Weekly is a 5 number lottery game. To win National Weekly jackpot, you have to match 5 main numbers.

National Weekly Past Results and Winning Numbers

The National Weekly result archive contains the results from 01-08-2015 6:30pm GMT up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Latest Week Month 3 Month
Saturday 6th July 2024, 6:30pm 13 33 46 22 90

Machine Numbers:

68 7 64 35 77

National Weekly Hot and Cold Numbers

Hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in National Weekly results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:

National Weekly Number Generator

The National Weekly generator provides FREE lucky numbers for National Weekly draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in.

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