Finland Lottery Review

You might think that the Finland lottery has been around just recently, but the truth is it’s been around since July of 1940! This is the year when the Tippaustoimisto Oy Ab - Tipp Lotto - was established to promote lotteries. In September of 1940, the Finland lottery offered the very first game of lottery called “Constant.” Since 1975 the Finnish Government and the State have owned the Finland lottery; hence all lottery games are sanctioned and licensed by the government and the state.

Around 70% of the entire Finnish population play the Finland lottery regularly, and thus the Finland lottery has become a traditional and entertaining part of Finnish society. The Finland lottery is geared towards development, and so as it produces €1.1 million daily, it diverts this amount to many good causes throughout the country. As for the exciting games offered by the Finland lottery, there are over 20 games offered, and they include Keno, Jokeripelit, Veikkausbingo, Scratch Out Instant Games, Sports Betting, Pool Games, the very popular pan-Scandinavian Viking Lotto, and the Finland Lottery flagship game – the Veikkaus Lotto.

The Finland Lottery – Veikkaus Lotto

Introduced in 1970, Veikkaus Lotto’s first draw was held on the 3rd of January 1971. Its exciting features and jackpot winning odds became the most popular game to be offered by the Finland lottery to its avid lottery lovers. In fact, it revolutionized all the activities and games provided by the Finland Lottery. The Veikkaus – Finland lottery 7/39 is a traditional jackpot, draw-style lottery game that is, according to Finnish lottery lovers, the heart and soul of the Finland Lottery. As for the jackpots, the Finland lottery jackpot starts at a minimum of €700,000 and can roll over to mind-blowing sums! As for the rollovers, the jackpot rolls over a total of five times, and if after five times the jackpot is not won, the prize money is distributed among the winners of the second-tier prize.

The Finland Lottery – How It Works

The Veikkaus Lotto uses a matrix of 7/39, which simply means that a lottery player would need to select seven numbers out of a pool of 39 numbers. If the lottery player matches all the seven numbers, he/she wins the top division prize offered by the Finland Lottery. In addition to the seven numbers, two additional numbers are drawn as bonus numbers. The bonus numbers are used to determine prizes on the non-jackpot levels of the entire prize structure offered by the Finland lottery.

Can I Play the Finland Lottery?

I bet this is the question you want to be answered before anything else, right?! Previously, only Finnish lottery players were eligible to play the Finland lottery. Still, today that’s not the case anymore. Thanks to reputable online lottery agents, anyone from any corner of the planet can buy and play the Finland lottery. You need to be at least 15 years old to purchase Finland lottery tickets from Finnish retail outlets, but when it comes to playing online, you need to be 18 and above to access and purchase the Finland lottery tickets. So what are you waiting for then? Buy your first lottery ticket from the Finland lottery, and climb your ladder to success!

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