Cash 4 Review

Cash 4 (also known as Pick 4) games are popular in many states. The format has quickly established itself as a favorite for daily games of luck. There are several reasons why such games dominate the landscape.

For a start, they’re somewhat different from other draw-style lotteries in terms of the format. Also, players have control over the bet amount and the type of bet they want to place. If you’re looking for choice and flexibility, a Cash 4 game would be the one to try.

Numerous state lotteries have at least one such offering in their portfolio.

There’s a Cash 4 in Georgia, Cash 4 Arkansas, a Cash 4 Florida variation, and similar games in states like Tennessee, Maine, California, North Carolina, and various other states.

While there could be some regional variations, the premise of the lottery remains unchanged. Today, we’re going to give you an overview and some information on the game's generalities. If you’re interested in a Cash 4 variety from a specific state, check the local lottery’s website. There, you will find all of the details that pertain to how the game’s being played in the respective part of the US.

How Does Cash 4 Work?

Cash 4 is reminiscent of several other lotto formats that you may already be familiar with.

For a chance to win a prize, you will have to select a four-digit number in the range from 0000 to 9999. You can repeat some of the digits or go for a different number for each of the positions.

Apart from choosing your digits, you’ll also need to select your bet amount and the type of bet.

In most parts of the US, the amount you can bet on your Cash 4 numbers ranges from 0.5 to 1 dollar. Again – check in your area to ensure that the rules are the same as those mentioned in this guide.

Also, you need to choose the bet type. The type of bet you place will determine two things – the ease of winning and the sum you could gain in the event of matching the drawing numbers.

In Georgia, for example, there are five bet types. The straight bet means you are trying to guess both the winning digits and the order they’re selected. Since a straight bet is the most challenging one and has the worst odds, it’s also the one that produces the biggest prize in winning.

A box bet allows you to match the winning numbers in any order. You can also go for a combined straight/box bet in an attempt to improve your odds. Combo and 1-off exact order bets are also available in Georgia (and in most other states where the Cash 4 game is available).

Cash 4 is a daily game and not just that. There are three drawings every day of the week – a Cash 4 midday, Cash 4 evening, and Cash 4 night drawing. Ticket sales are discontinued shortly before the respective daily drawing is scheduled to take place.

Cash 4 Prizes and Payouts

Because there are so many ways to play the lottery, Cash 4 winners can claim a wide range of prizes.

In this section, we will check the amounts that players can win by betting one dollar on their ticket.

A straight bet of one dollar produces the biggest prize in the Cash 4 lottery – 5,000 dollars. If you are into massive games that produce gigantic jackpots, this daily lottery will not impress you too much. However, keep in mind that the odds of getting a correct straight bet are one in 10,000. That’s a tremendous probability in comparison to the nearly impossible odds for lotteries like Powerball and Mega Millions.

A box bet can produce several prizes—a 4-way box results in the biggest reward of 1,200 dollars for a one-dollar bet. A six-way box (two identical pairs in any order) results in a prize of 800 dollars. There are also a 12-way box (with a maximum prize of 400 dollars) and a 24-way box with 200 dollars.

In the event of a straight/box bet, players can also win several different prizes. Getting a 4-way straight/box correct produces a top prize of 3,100 dollars and 6-way box results in 2,900 dollars.

As already mentioned previously, several other bet varieties will give players smaller rewards than the main types mentioned here. Check locally to discover the full range of rewards.

You will also need to examine the local rules to find out what the prize claim procedure is. In some states, players will need to follow specific procedures, and they’ll also have to pay bigger local taxes than players in other parts of the US.

Cash 4 Numbers: Checking the Latest Results

Depending on where the Cash 4 results are being checked, there will be several ways to obtain the information.

You can watch a televised drawing or an online broadcast of the winning numbers being chosen live for a start. This is the best option for the most impatient players.

Local lottery websites will also feature the winning numbers as soon as the respective daily drawing gets completed. Alternatively, you can visit a lottery retail venue where you will get your ticket checked, and you’ll also request a payout in the event of winning something.

Lottery Pros is another reliable choice you have for checking Cash 4 winning numbers. We feature accurate results for a wide range of international lotteries, and Cash 4 is no exception. Just visit the website’s respective section and decide if you’d like to see the latest results or an archive. Both are readily available to give you convenience and an extensive reference database.

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