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How much do you know about Ghanaian lotteries? Well, you’re now about to learn some more. We’re here to introduce Alpha Lotto and everything that you need to know about it. Let’s start with the essentials first – Alpha Lotto is completely legitimate. The Alpha Lotto Company (Alpha Lotto Limited) is registered under applicable Ghanaian laws and it’s been operating ever since 1991 (under the Companies Code).

There’s a physical address and a telephone hotline you can use to get in touch with customer support and ask additional questions about Alpha Lotto.

Not only is it legit, but Alpha Lotto also generates funds for a good cause. Each time you buy a ticket, revenue is generated to support the welfare of service veterans. A portion of the proceeds is dedicated to other causes within Ghana, as well.

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How to Play Alpha Lotto

Alpha Lotto online offers lots of conveniences as far as playing the game goes. You can choose the option you prefer more – trying out Alpha Lotto online or submitting your lucky digits via your phone.

If you choose the online option, you’ll need to follow a few steps. Visit the Alpha Lotto website to find out what the game of the day is. Yes, there are multiple different opportunities. If you like the one you see, you can click on Play Now to acquire your ticket.

To participate, you will need to enter information about your preferred mobile network and mobile money number.

Next, you’ll need to decide on the type of bet you’d like to submit. The options include Direct 1, Direct 2, Direct 3, Perm 2, Perm 3, or Banker. Once again – more information about each one of these is available via the Alpha Lotto website and the presentation of the respective daily lottery. Once you choose your bet type, you can go ahead to select the lucky numbers you’d want to try out.

Finally, you’ll have to choose the amount you’d like to place on your bet. That’s a really cool feature, giving you full control over your finances and the amount you could potentially win by playing the Alpha Lotto games.

Alternatively, you can play Alpha Lotto games via your phone. For this purpose, you’ll simply need to dial *896# and follow the instructions to place the bet kind and choose your lucky numbers. You can also request more information about the daily game before deciding if you’re going to give it a try.

There are a few additional requirements for those interested in playing the Alpha Lotto games like Alpha Monday, Delta Tuesday, Omega Wednesday, Excel, Kenstar Saturday, and others. Each individual interested in giving the games a try needs to be of legal age (18 or older). There are no limitations as to the nationality of those who play Alpha Lotto, as long as they have a mobile money number.

Alpha Lotto Ghana Prize and Payout Information

The amount that you can win from Alpha Lotto depends on two things – the type of bet you’ve placed and the sum you’ve attached to your ticket. Well, actually three things if you take into account the fact that Alpha Lotto offers different kinds of lotteries on a daily basis.

In the Alpha Lotto 5/90, for example, the Direct 1 win will multiply the sum you’ve bet by 40. Direct 2 increase your bet amount by 240 times and Direct 3 – by 1920 times.

Unfortunately, the Alpha Lotto website’s FAQ section doesn’t work and you can’t find a lot of additional information about the prize tiers and the payouts. That’s a missing element we consider fairly important and hopefully, more useful tips will be provided in the future.

We also checked for information on actual winners and the amounts these people have gotten. Unfortunately, a news section is also missing from the site. The Alpha Lotto Limited Facebook page is also ineffective when it comes to mentioning some of the latest winners. There are, however, numerous posts from people who play the lottery and who claim it ranks among the best ones in Ghana. So, there are definitely players out there who have fun with the online lottery. Hopefully, these people have also managed to earn some good cash.

As per the Alpha Lotto Terms and Conditions page, all payments from the lottery to players are processed electronically.

The payouts occur via mobile wallets, simplifying the process of making a prize claim. Keep in mind that for some of the bigger payouts, Alpha Lotto reserves the right to carry out identity verification procedures before paying anything.

Keep in mind that in Ghana, lottery prizes exceeding GHS 2,692 are subjected to a five percent income tax. This is another important thing to account for in the event of winning a bigger sum from Alpha Lotto.

Alpha Lotto Results: Where to Get Them

You have a couple of opportunities when it comes to checking the latest Alpha Lotto result.

There’s a live drawing you can view online as it is streamed in real-time. The live stream is available via the Alpha Lotto Limited Facebook page. The winning numbers will also be published on the Alpha Lotto official website.

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