Zambian Lotto Review

Zambian Lotto is licensed for ten years of operating lotteries throughout Zambia. Incorporated in June 2007, the company began official operations on August 22, 2008. The services are in partnership with the International Lotteries Operators.

The philosophy that guides the Zambian Lotto is that of using processes and procedures that guarantee the highest international standards of integrity and transparency to ten people of Zambia. Nationwide, Zambian Lotto has established an online retail network that provides exciting games of chance to participants.

The hardware and software that the company uses to ensure quick and accurate processing of bets as well as prize claims. The vending terminals are easy to use, and this translates into easy to play games attracting a wide audience of participants. The draw is televised for transparency purposes. Tickets are stored in the central server of the Zambian Lotto to ensure security and transparency.

The Retail Network

Currently, Zambian Lotto has 400 vending terminals spread in different parts of the country. The terminals communicate with the central server through GPRS. Where terminals are not possible, Zambian Lotto has put in place a coupon-based retail network complete with playslips through which participants can place their bets. All information about promotions, winner ads, draw results, and jackpots can be sourced from the retail network.

How to Play Zambian Lotto

Players choose a total of 6 numbers from an array of 42 numbers. The cost per ticket is 5 Kwacha. There is a jackpot whose winner(s) are declared when draws are held. The draws are usually conducted 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursday, and Saturday starting from 2130 hrs.

Playing Zambian Lotto on MTN

For you to play Zambian Lotto on MTN, you must have an MTN money account loaded with a minimum of 5 Kwacha. On the mobile phone, you dial *303# to display the lottery menu. From the menu, select the Zambian Lotto and then confirm your age.

There are two ways of selecting your winning number: Quick Pick and manual selection. For the Quick Pick system, you allow the terminal to generate for you random numbers that constitute your lucky number. For the manual picking, you select your 6 winning numbers one after the other on the interface.

After you are satisfied that the numbers you have selected represent your wishes and luck, hit the confirm button after which you will receive a confirmation message from MTN and then another one from the Zambian Lotto. The message will show you the draw number, date, ticket number, your number selection, and any other information that is necessary.

Only people who are 18 years and above are authorized to play Zambian Lotto. The lotto is also available only to people within the geographical boundaries of the Republic of Zambia at the time of purchase.

Ticket Information

Once you pay for your playslip, you will be issued with a ticket that shows essential information regarding your participation in the game. Among the information contained in your ticket include:

  • The date of purchase
  • The date when the draw will be held
  • The serial number
  • The logo of the Zambian Lotto
  • The numbers you have chosen and the mode you have used to select them
  • The total amount of Kwacha per game and the grand total for all the plays you have entered.

The ticket is the evidence that indeed you have paid to participate in the Zambian Lotto. However, without signing the ticket, it is open to anyone to use it to claim a prize. Luckily, with the online play through the MTN Zambia mobile app, you don’t need to worry about lost tickets because everything is handled virtually on the app.

Zambian Lotto Draw and Prizes

Three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday starting 2130 hrs., the draw is held. For transparency purposes, the proceedings are aired live on ZNBC TV. This means you can follow even while at home or wherever you can connect to the television.

During the draw, the draw machine chooses 6 numbers and a bonus number. These are the numbers that decide who the winner is. Members of the public, auditors, lotto officials, and representatives of government are invited to oversee the process. This enhances integrity and trust in the lotto industry.

There are 5 prize categories on the Zambian Lotto as follows:

  • If you match all the 6 numbers drawn, you win the jackpot. There can be more than one winner of the jackpot in which case they share equally. In the event no winner is found, the jackpot rolls over to the next draw.
  • If you match 5 out of the 6 drawn numbers and the bonus number, you win the second prize. If there is no winner in this prize category, the prize rolls over to the next draw and subsequently until it is won.
  • Matching 5 correct numbers wins you the third prize which is 5,000 Kwacha.
  • Matching 4 correct numbers wins you the fourth prize of 250 Kwacha.
  • Correctly matching 3 of the drawn numbers wins you 30 Kwacha.

The amount of the jackpot and the second prize payout are determined by how many people participate and therefore how much is collected.

How to Claim Zambian Lotto Prize

If you are a winner following a draw, you can start claiming your prize. For you to successfully lodge your claim, the claim should be accompanied by a validated ticket that bears the bar code.

Winners in the fourth and fifth categories can claim their prizes direct from retailers nearest to them. Those who win in the third category can receive their prizes either from the head office or selected retailers.

Winning tickets of the second prize category together with the jackpot are paid straight from the head office. Winners have up to 60 days from the date of the draw to claim their prizes. After this period expires, unclaimed prizes are usually channeled to the unclaimed assets in line with the Disposition of the Unclaimed Properties Act. Once the funds are turned over to the authorities, Zambian Lotto has no control or liability to you for the funds. To reclaim your funds, you must get in touch with the authorities and argue your case.

Thanks to the automated draw machine, chances of human interaction and error are eliminated thus ensuring integrity and security. You must know that purchases of Zambian Lotto tickets are nonrefundable therefore you need to be entirely sure that you want to take part in the game before putting your money in. Zambian Lotto also has responsible play rules that ensure participants are protected against the harmful effects of betting and that they prioritize their individual needs.

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