Zahlenlotto Review

Zahlenlotto is an exciting and versatile game that is offered by Win2day. It is worth your time out as you relax and ease the tension of day to day work life. Win2day is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and is available for every person all over Austria. The company takes players and participants seriously with the main goal of giving them an optimal and unique playing experience.

Zahlenlotto is a betting game with draws happening 3 times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This means 3 opportunities to win a prize every week. The Tuesday and Thursday draws are held starting 6 p.m. while the Saturday draw starts earlier at 5 p.m. What is more interesting is that the minimum amount you can buy a ticket with is 1 Euro. There are 7 types of games in Zahlenlotto where you are required to choose the type of game you want to play as well as the numbers you want to be entered in the draw for. The numbers range from 1 to 90. Unlike in other lotto games, Zahlenlotto doesn’t have a sharing of profits, which means all that you earn is yours.

Zahlenlotto Game Types

The 7 game types you can choose when playing Zahlenlotto include:

  • Extract – In this game, you tick a number which you believe will be among the 5 drawn. If the number is picked among the 5, you win 5 times the price you bet at. The probability of winning is 1:18.
  • Call – Here, you bet on the first call of your prospective number. This means the number you have played must be the first one to be drawn for you to win. The profit factor is 25 which means you win 25 times the price you bet at. The probability of winning in this game is 1:90.
  • Ambo – In German, Ambo means pair. This game type allows you to select two numbers when betting. If the two numbers are among the 5 drawn, you win a prize which is 125 times your bet. The probability of winning is 1:400.5.
  • Terno – This means a triple combination of numbers. Out of the 90 numbers, you pick 3 numbers and if they are among those drawn, you win 3,000 times your bet. The probability of winning here is 1:11,748.
  • Ambo Terno 3 – Here, you bet based on number combinations. You choose 3 numbers. If you get 2 numbers correct out of the 5 drawn numbers, you win 10 times your bet at the probability of 1:138.2. If you get 3 numbers correct, you win a prize equivalent to 2500 times your bet. The probability for winning is 1:11,748.
  • Ambo Terno 4 – Here, you choose 4 numbers in your bet. If you get 2 numbers correct, you win 7.5 times your bet at a probability of 1:71.6. Matching 3 numbers wins you 500 times your bet at a probability of 1:3,006.1. However, if you get 4 numbers right, you win 2500 times your bet. The probability of winning is 1:511,038.
  • Ambo Terno 5 – Whether you play via Quicktipp or you do a manual selection, here you choose 5 numbers from the set of 90 numbers. If you get 2 numbers right, you win 5 times your bet at a probability of 1:44.5. Matching 3 numbers wins you 125 times your bet at a probability of 1:231.1. Matching 4 numbers wins you 750 times your bet at a probability of 1:103,410. Matching all the 5 numbers you have chosen wins you 5,000 times your bet. The probability of winning here is 1:43,949,268.

When you finish selecting your games, you will see their total cost on the price field. There is also a credit field which shows how much you have as a credit balance before you play the game. If your choice of game and numbers is as you desire, then tap or click on the Tippabgabe button. This is the bet submission button. Once you do this, you will see your full list of games, the draw dates, and the price. If there is something that you want to change, you can change it right here by clicking on Change. Otherwise, you may click on Confirm Participation and thereafter you will receive a confirmation of participation notification which you print out. When you navigate to My Games, you will see all the bets you have placed during the last 6 months.

Your Receipt

When you pay the respective amounts which depends on your number of games and draws selected, you receive the receipt. The receipt shows the bets you have played as well as the bet type, the prize, and the numbers. With the receipt, you confirm participation in Zahlenlotto under the particular game or games you have chosen. Without the receipt, you cannot make a valid profits claim.

The receipt also has a code which identifies it in a unique way from the rest. It cannot be assigned to anyone else, but you. Only those receipts whose code is identifiable can be used as proof when claiming payment.

Zahlenlotto Draws

All the Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday draws are publicly done. Unless otherwise stated by Win2day, the draw days cannot be cancelled or altered. The draws are done through a drawing machine which picks the numbers and displays them via a mixing procedure. The drawing order is then made public and recorded for each game. Usually, the public draws are open for participants to attend and are supervised by a public authority, preferably a notary.

Zahlenlotto Rules

As mentioned above, Zahlenlotto has 7 types of games which you can choose to bet. The procedure is simple, you tap or click on one of the games and then select the numbers you want to play. Each game has a required set of numbers.

According to the rules of the game, you can play up to a maximum of 3 games per ticket. The games you choose will appear to your right as a roll of balls. At the selection point, you may realize that you have chosen a game which you want to delete and pick another one, you can do this comfortably as long as you have not submitted your bet.

Just like other lottery games, there is the option of Quicktipp. This is where you allow the computer to select the random number for you instead of doing the manual selection yourself. You can also play multiple games in advance. To do this, you simply select the duration you desire. You can participate up to a maximum of 10 draws in advance.

When marking your numbers on the work packages or betting slips, you must use a ballpoint pen which is either blue or black in color. If you mark in any other colors, especially red or green, your betting slip will not be considered. The marking of the numbers should be done by way of crosses which do not extend the boxes. No corrections are allowed such as etching or overwriting. If you make a mistake, simply go to the bottom of the panel and void the entire panel by ticking the void box.

Zahlenlotto Prize Breakdown

The only way you can claim your prize is through the receipt. Where your receipt shows that the numbers as drawn match those on it, then you win the respective prize. The first condition for you to be qualified to claim a prize is when the ticket code is recognizable and matches that in the company database.

Small winnings ranging up to 1000 Euros per receipt will be issued to the ticket holder without the need for an identity check. The payment period lasts 3 years and begins the day after the conclusions of drawing and prize determination. If the small winnings are several, span across 2 to 10 draws, and exceed 1000 Euros in total, they can be paid from the Win2day offices which are separately designated by the company.

Larger payouts exceeding 1000 Euros, but less than 80,000 Euros, can be collected from online accepting offices as provided by the company. These are large payment centers.

High profits exceeding 80,000 Euros are paid at the headquarter of the company which is located in Rennweg 44, 1038 Vienna. Any prize not claimed after 3 years will be considered expired and cannot be reclaimed.

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