Super 5 Review

Malta, a charming little European nation made headlines in early 2019 because of one of its lotteries.

Have you ever heard of Super 5? While there’s nothing particularly exceptional about the lottery, it became famous in January of the year because 77 players won the top prize in the same drawings. Try to beat that, other lotteries across the world!

We will take a more in-depth look at this unusual occurrence later on. But right now, we need to dig deeper into what Super 5 is and whether this lottery is worth paying attention to.

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Super 5 Malta, as its name indicates, is a lottery that has players choosing five numbers out of a pre-determined pool. Drawings take place one time per week to determine whether anyone is going to become somewhat richer.

The odds of winning Super 5 are good, and there are three distinctive prize tiers. There’s a minimum guaranteed jackpot that grows each time a weekly winner isn’t announced.

Super 5 in Malta is a popular game organized by the national operator – Maltco Lotteries Limited. The entity has a portfolio of lotteries, instant games, and sports betting opportunities. The Super 5 draw, just like all of the other drawings is televised and broadcast live to ensure transparency.

How to Play Super 5

Super5 is very easy to draw, but there are several add-ons and specialized features you should get acquainted with.

A standard ticket features five numbers out of a pool of 45. To win the top prize, you have to match all five of the drawn numbers. If you don’t have your own set of lucky numbers you’d like to test out, choose a quick pick. This option allows for the generation of a random combination of five numbers by the Maltco Lotteries Limited software.

This is as far as you need to go when it comes to learning how to play Super 5. If you want bigger prizes or a chance to improve your odds of winning, you will have to take it a step further.

Super 5 Malta features system play. This means you can choose more numbers than the five required to win the jackpot. Having more numbers on your ticket improves your odds, and a system entry also provides an opportunity for claiming multiple prizes. These are the reasons why the cost of system entries is higher than that of a standard ticket.

A standard Super 5 ticket costs two euros. A system of seven, in comparison, comes for 42 euros because the seven digits can be used to create 21 distinctive numerical combinations.

If you want to, you can buy a ticket that features one or more standard entries and one or more system entries. It’s up to you to determine how you’re going to test your luck and whether you’ll opt for opportunities that improve your odds of winning a prize.

The final feature you need to acquaint yourself with is Ambo on Super 5.

Ambo on Super 5 is an add-on game. You have to choose two numbers, from one to 45. If your two numbers match any two of the five digits drawn, you will win the Ambo on Super 5 prize.

Ambo has an added option known as a multiplier that you can activate against an additional payment to improve your odds of winning. Stakes multiplication by anywhere between two and 500 is possible. This means that if you choose an x6 multiplier, your bet amount will be increased by six and that will also affect the amount you are going to (eventually) win.

In Malta, you have to be aged 18 or older to buy lottery tickets or participate in betting games.

Super Five Prize Breakdown

Do you want to know how to win Super 5? The answer is straightforward – match the five digits drawn that respective Wednesday.

There is a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 150,000 euros. If there’s no winner for the respective drawing, this sum will roll over toward the next one. Super 5 features jackpot winning odds of one in 1,221,759 – pretty good in comparison to some of the more significant international lotteries out there.

The second prize tier payment depends on the number of people who have bought a ticket for the drawing and the number of winners. Thirty percent of the funds generated through ticket purchases go towards the prizes of those who match four out of the five numbers.

Finally, those who match three out of the five digits will win a guaranteed amount of 30 euros. Depending on the number of tickets bought and the number of winners, the third prize tier payout could be higher.

In the case of Ambo on Super 5, the payout is 45 times the bet. The odds of claiming a prize are one in 99, which is super cool. Adding the flexibility of the betting amount determines the popularity of Ambo on Super 5.

Super5 has handed out many, many prizes over the years. One of the most interesting cases occurred in January 2019.

At the time, the jackpot had reached 350,000 euros – a nice step up from the minimum guaranteed amount. Anyone would be happy to win several hundred thousand euros but what would happen if there’s a record-breaking number of winners?

The official lottery operator announced 77 tickets featuring the lucky five numbers. This meant that every single winner would receive only 4,545 euros out of the total amount.

You may be wondering why so many people got lucky. The answer is simple – the winning numbers for the drawing were 5, 20, 10, 25, and 15.

Some people were so unhappy with the turn of events that they commented they wished that they’d never won anything. One of the 77 winners had always dreamed of buying a new car after claiming the jackpot. This became an impossible feat with such a small share to claim.

While this situation may seem discouraging, Super 5 in Malta has produced some great jackpots through the years. In 2014, the top prize reached a record-breaking amount of 1.35 million euros. In 2017, the top prize exceeded one million euros once again.

Claiming a Super 5 prize is relatively easy. Amounts of up to 5,000 euros can be cashed out at any Maltco Lotteries retail outlet. For more substantial sums, players will have to visit the Maltco Lotteries head office with a valid form of ID and the winning ticket.

Players have 60 days from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

Checking the Super 5 results to see if you’ve won anything is quite easy. You can watch the live televised drawing or visit the lottery’s official website. Our Super 5 results section also presents information about the latest weekly drawing, as well as a results archive.

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