Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 Review

The 5 out of 35 lottery format is widespread across the world because of the favorable odds. Slovakia has its version of the game that is called Slovakia Loto 5 z 35.

Loto 5 z 35 is an entirely legitimate local game. It is one of the entries in the portfolio of TIPOS. This company was set up back in 1992 to organize lottery games in the country, sell tickets, and distributing prizes.

TIPOS is granted a ministry of finance license for its operations. Hence, players can rest assured that legal protections are in place to ensure fairness and transparency.

Loto 5/35 is one of the oldest lottery games in Slovakia. Some form of the lottery has been available ever since 1967. While it has undergone several modifications and rule changes through the years, the Local Loto 5 z 35 has remained pretty much unchanged.

So, what does it take to play, and what can you win? The following Slovakia Loto review will give you the answers.

How to Play Slovakia Loto 5 z 35

Playing Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 is relatively simple. As the name suggests, you have to select five digits from a pool of 35 for a chance to win the jackpot.

Every single ticket costs 0.30 euros to acquire. This price makes Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 one of the more affordable games in Europe.

Drawings take place two times per week – on Wednesday and Sunday.

In 2012, TIPOS introduced one of the most exciting changes in the game. Before the launch of Joker, players could only win a fixed set of prizes. Joker has now made it possible to claim more significant rewards.

Joker is an add-on game that players can activate when getting their tickets. Joker makes it possible to optimize the wager and win a bigger sum in the event of matching all or some of the winning numbers for the weekly drawing.

Lottery ticket buying in Slovakia is possible in a couple of distinctive ways. There’s the traditional route. Players can visit the TIPOS retail network throughout the country and get their tickets. As of November 2004, it is possible to get tickets online. In 2009, an additional convenience feature was launched. It made it possible for lottery enthusiasts to get their Slovakia Loto 5 z 35 tickets via SMS.

In Slovakia, there are very few restrictions when it comes to who can play the lottery. You have to be of the legal age to get your tickets, and that’s 18. Other than that, just about everyone is free to test their luck. There are no restrictions when it comes to the nationality of the people who can play Slovakian lottery games.

When signing up for an online account (to buy tickets via the web-based platform), you have to provide your phone number. There are possibilities for entering phone numbers out of Slovakia, which means that players located in other countries are not restricted from participating.

Loto 5 35 Prizes and Payouts

As you’ve probably guessed already, Slovakia Loto 5 35 is not the most generous lottery in the world. Since the odds of winning the jackpot are pretty favorable, the top prizes themselves are modest.

The odds of winning the jackpot in a 5 out of 35 game are one in 324,632. These are spectacular odds, even when the game is being compared to another popular format, like 6 out of 49. Another cool feature worth mentioning is that in the event of no winner, the sum for the jackpot will roll over towards the next drawing. This way, Slovakia Loto 5/35 can generate some pretty lovely prizes over time.

The biggest ever jackpot in the history of the game fell on August 19, 2018. At the time, the jackpot amount had reached 275,159 euros. The sum was split between two lucky winners who had gotten all five numbers correct.

Another big jackpot fell 148,801 euros. Just one person won the sum on March 6, 2019.

Apart from the jackpot, there are two additional prize tiers. You can win a reward by getting four or three numbers correct.

Players have 35 days from the date of the drawing to come forward and make a prize claim.

Prize payments in Slovakia are processed quickly and effectively. Prizes of between 35 and 1,000 euros can be cashed out anywhere. The payout is immediate. For more substantial sums, players may have to visit a post office to make a prize request. There are also selected lottery establishments that handle such payments. Getting in touch with Tipos first would be the best way to request the money. For sums above 3,500 euros, players will need to go to the Tipos headquarters.

In Slovakia, lottery winnings are not subjected to an income tax.

Checking the Slovakia Loto 5/35 Results

If you’re interested in finding out the latest Slovakia Loto 5 35 results, you can get accurate information in a couple of ways.

For a start, the official Tipos website provides all of the data. You can check the latest drawing results, as well as an extensive archive. Those who play the lottery online wouldn’t have to worry about checking the results to determine if they’ve won anything.

Our website is also committed to providing accurate results for beloved international lotteries. Slovakia Loto is one of those. Please check out the respective website section to discover the latest information. A results archive is also at your disposal for reference purposes.

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