SA Daily Lotto Winning Numbers

SA Daily Lotto is a 5 number lottery game. To win SA Daily Lotto jackpot, you have to match 5 main numbers.

SA Daily Lotto Past Results and Winning Numbers

The SA Daily Lotto result archive contains the results from 10-03-2019 9:00pm SAST up to the last ones. You only need to select the right date from the list.

Yesterday, Tuesday 29th November 2022, 9:00pm 05 06 11 14 27
Monday 28th November 2022, 9:00pm 01 02 11 13 29
Sunday 27th November 2022, 9:00pm 15 26 27 30 35
Saturday 26th November 2022, 9:00pm 03 07 13 32 34
Friday 25th November 2022, 9:00pm 06 13 25 28 36
Thursday 24th November 2022, 9:00pm 06 15 18 25 27
Wednesday 23rd November 2022, 9:00pm 06 07 16 29 34
Tuesday 22nd November 2022, 9:00pm 05 06 14 17 22
Monday 21st November 2022, 9:00pm 07 10 12 21 32
Sunday 20th November 2022, 9:00pm 04 17 21 25 35

SA Daily Lotto Prizes

The SA Daily Lotto features 4 prize divisions. To win any prize in SA Daily Lotto, you have to match 2 numbers. To see all the SA Daily Lotto odds, go to the REVIEW tab.

Divisions Match Payout per Winner
1 Prize 5 Numbers R510,772
2 Prize 4 Numbers R316
3 Prize 3 Numbers R20
4 Prize 2 Numbers R5

SA Daily Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

SA Daily Lotto hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. SA Daily Lotto cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in SA Daily Lotto results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

Choose the range of years for checking Hot and Cold numbers:

SA Daily Lotto Jackpot History

The jackpot history tool will enable you to see the changes in the biggest SA Daily Lotto jackpots over time. Use the data to carry out analysis, comparisons and predictions for the next SA Daily Lotto jackpot.

Estimated Jackpot

SA Daily Lotto Number Generator

The SA Daily Lotto generator provides FREE lucky numbers for SA Daily Lotto draws. All you need to do is to enter your name, your birth date, and the day of the draw you plan to participate in.

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SA Daily Lotto Review

Daily lotteries are incredibly popular across the world for several reasons. The first one is the most obvious – a drawing is available every day of the week. Daily lotteries are also more affordable than other options, and they come with better odds of winning. What’s not to love about such a game?

South Africa’s Daily Lotto checks all of the boxes when it comes to best characteristics of a daily draw-style game.

SA Daily Lotto belongs to the portfolio of Ithuba National Lottery – the national South African lottery operator that was appointed in 2015. The entity is registered and licensed by the National Lotteries Commission. What does this mean for you as a regular player? You can trust the Ithuba National Lottery and its games. Testing your SA Daily Lotto luck is entirely safe, and you could end up winning a nice sum.

The portfolio of Ithuba National Lottery is pretty diversified, and the SA Daily Lotto is just one of the picks. A few of the other games you can test out include Lotto, PowerBall (the game that has produced the biggest ever jackpot in the history of South Africa), SportsTake 13 and Raffle.

A lot more information about the SA Daily Lotto is available via the official Ithuba National Lottery website. There, you can check out the SA Daily Lotto results, and the SA Daily Lotto result history. The SA Daily Lotto payouts are also announced there (in the rules section).

How to Play SA Daily Lotto?

It’s relatively easy to test your luck and eventually end up winning serious SA Daily Lotto payouts.

To test your daily luck, you have to choose five numbers in the range from one to 36. A single Daily Lotto ticket will cost you three rand.

You can get your Daily Lotto ticket at any of the authorized Ithuba National Lottery retail outlets. When you visit the venue, choose your numbers, the lines you’re going to play and whether you’d like to continue playing for several upcoming drawings. Those who don’t have their numbers can go for the lucky pick option, in which case a random five-digit combination will be created for you.

Apart from visiting a retail venue, you can get your SA Daily Lotto ticket online, as well.

Ithuba National Lottery has an official online portal that’s accessed via phone number and a pin code. Once an account is created, you’ll be provided with more detailed information about how to add funds to your account, buy tickets and withdraw your prices.

To get SA Daily Lotto tickets, you have to be aged 18 or older.

There are no limitations as to the nationality of people who can play the game. Anyone who is legally on the territory of South Africa can give this opportunity a try.

SA Daily Lotto Prize Breakdown

Once you check out the SA Daily Lotto latest results, you will know if you’ve won anything. Apart from the top prize, numerous additional SA Daily Lotto payouts increase the odds of becoming at least a little bit richer.

Those who match the five numbers for the respective daily drawing will win the game’s top prize.

The jackpot is set at 201,314 rands or 35.6 percent of the prize pool. The odds of claiming the top prize are 1 in 376,992 – excellent in comparison to the odds for bigger weekly or bi-weekly national games. If there is more than one winner, the sum will be divided between these individuals.

It’s interesting to point out that the SA Daily Lotto jackpot does not roll over to the next drawing. If there’s no winner for the drawing, the jackpot amount will be rolled down to the second prize tier. Thus, the regular second prize pool (awarded to those who match four numbers) is 46,370 rand. In the absence of a jackpot winner, the second prize will increase to 247,684 rands. Once again, the tier is pari-mutuel, and the sum is divided among all of the individuals that have the correct set of numbers.

When three digits are matched, the total prize pool for the category is set at 92,740 rands. The estimated share per winner is 20 rand.

The lowest prize is estimated at five rands and it’s awarded to those who match two numbers. The odds of this happening are one in 7.6.

After the SA Daily Lotto results today announcement is made, players have 365 days to make a prize claim. For those who play online, the respective sum will be credited to their account and can be withdrawn. Larger sums and jackpots can be withdrawn after you contact Ithuba National Lottery and get instructions about the specifics of the procedure.

Anyone who has questions about making a prize claim can get in touch with Ithuba National Lottery by phone at 0800-484-822.

If you want to find out the newest SA Daily Lotto results or you’re looking for the SA Daily Lotto result history, you’ve come to the right place.

Just go to the top tab at the beginning of the guide and switch from SA Daily Lotto review to SA Daily Lotto results. You will get the latest information, as well as an archive that can be relied on to make accurate SA Daily Lotto predictions (that rely on a hot and cold number pattern). This information is also provided to simplify the task for you.

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