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Of course, in a while we’re going to be reading more about the latest Russia Lottery game, we’re going to take a little break and find out more about the history of the Russia Lottery. Did you know that the game of lottery was regulated and operated in 1764 by the State Lottery of Russia?! Yeah, that’s a long, long time ago! Up until the year 1914, the Russian military gained lots of benefits from the lottery operated by the State, and thanks to its success in 1940; a Sports Lottery was introduced to the Russia Lottery’s catalog. The sports lottery soon became a benchmark because it functioned just like the lottery we have today. People were allowed to pick their numbers instead of using pre-printed number tickets. Today Russian Lotteries are as popular as other lotteries around the world with Orgot being the brain behind exciting lottery games like the GosLoto!

What is the minimum age requirement for playing Gosloto 749?

GosLoto – The Most Popular Game from the Russia Lottery

Unlike years ago, today the Russia Lottery is operated by Orglot, a private enterprise that was formed in 2003 by the now obsolete Gazprombank. Apart from being proud members of the European Lotteries Association, Orgot’s lottery games are fully authorized and approved by the Russian Federation Government. Being a private organization, Orgot was formed in 2003 with an aim to provide funding for Sports and Health by offering exciting lottery games to avid lottery players! The primary games or the most popular games offered by the Russia Lottery are the GosLoto 6/45 and GosLoto 7/49. What’s more, Orgot and GosLoto use cutting-edge technology developed and provided by Intralot, a Greek company whose presence can be felt in 53 different countries!

On the 10th of September 2005, the first draw of GosLoto 7/49 took place which created a massive jackpot. This game continues to produce the biggest and most massive lottery jackpots in the history of Russia Lottery games! Since Orgot’s GosLoto games are all Pan-Russian state lotteries, they’re playing in every corner of Russia, even online since April 2010! Then in September 2012, TheLotter introduced Russia Lottery to the entire world and made them part of their extensive lottery games. This only means that now whether you’re in Russia or in Australia, if you want to play the Russia Lottery, you can buy the tickets online and play to your heart’s content! So next time you’re in Russia, don’t forget to play the Russia Lottery physically and if you’re not, you know what to do!

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