Norway Lottery Review

If you know a little bit about the Norway lottery brought to you by Norsk Tipping in Hamar, Norway, you’ll definitely know that the Norway lottery offers a wide variety of exciting and thrilling lottery games for lottery lovers around the world! The surprising fact is that Norway lottery games can be played in Norway and throughout Scandinavia and Europe! Thanks to reputable online lottery agents, people worldwide can play the exciting games offered by the Norway lottery!

Norway Lottery Games

Being the world’s first multi-national lottery, the Viking Lotto is also operated by the Norway lottery. The Viking Lotto, which is also known as VikingLotto, Víkingalottó, Vikingu Loto, Viking Loto, Onsdags Lotto, OnsdagsLotto, and the Norsk Viking Lotto, is by far the most popular game in Norway. The Norway lottery also boasts a record jackpot of a whopping NKR 216.12 million, single-handedly won by a player from Troms. When it comes to the EuroJackpot, the multi-national European lottery, which was launched on the 23rd of March 2012, it is considered a great addition to the Norway lottery program. The EuroJackpot draws occur once a week every Friday evening, and jackpots usually amount to a whopping €10 million! If there are rollovers, a lucky winner or winners get a chance to take home a staggering amount of €90 million!

Various Other Norway Lottery Games

Apart from the Viking Lotto and the EuroJackpot, there’s Lotto, a game offered by the Norway lottery drawn every Saturday. This is a typical jackpot lotto-style game that contains a matrix of 7/34+1 and is incredibly popular in Norway and everywhere else around the world! The Lotto started in 1986, and the first draw took place on the 19th of April 1986. As for the jackpot, on the 22nd December 2012, a lucky winner from Akershus won a whopping NKR 47 million! There have been at least three occasions where at least NKR 20 million or more has been won by lucky lottery winners on the Norway lottery.

Then we have the Joker, a game offered by the Norway lottery that can only be played in conjunction with the Viking Lotto or the Lotto. By adding Joker to the previously mentioned games, a player can significantly improve their chances of winning a huge jackpot! The Joker, which began in May 2000, has held a record jackpot of a whopping NKR 4.9 million won by a lucky woman from Buskerud in 2004.

Then there’s Keno, a popular game launched by the Norway lottery in 2007, and the draws take place every day with results being displayed on the Norway lottery website. The amount of winnings you can take home will depend on the amount you wish to play, and thence, the more you play for, the more you can dream of taking home! Keno jackpots can rise to NKR 20 million! Apart from the games mentioned above, the Norway lottery offers various other games that include football wagering, league and international, hockey, handball, and Olympics wagering and bingo!

When in Norway…

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